Ninja 400 Pricing: Proof of How Kawasaki India is Being TOO GREEDY

Ninja 400 vs Ninja 300 Price difference in various markets reveal a grim picture for India…

It is happening too often now! First it was the Versys X300, followed by the Z900RS and the new Ninja 400 (launch article) – all of them have been priced absurdly. Specially the ADV and the sports Ninja were really anticipated motorcycles in India but Kawasaki just killed all the three with its absolutely senseless pricing strategy!

The fizz has probably fizzled out for the 49 PS beauty not because the motorcycle is not desirable or there is some flaw with it – simply because Kawasaki India seems to have gotten terribly greedy. Let me give you some numbers…

Ninja 400 vs Ninja 300 Price Comparison

USA –¬†Kawasaki launched the all-new Ninja 400 in USA at $ 4999 or about 3.17 Lakh in INR, which is what is also the MSRP of the outgoing Ninja 300 there (Kawasaki is throwing in some discounts on the 300 probably to clear out stocks).

India does NOT get this orange colour theme

Canada – Ninja 400 starts at $5799 and goes up till $6399 whereas the Ninja 300 costs $5499-$6099. For all corresponding variants the price difference is $300 between the two siblings ONLY (or about 13000 INR).

Thailand – Ninja 400 KRT costs 205,000 Baht whereas the 300 KRT ABS can be had for 197,000 Baht corresponding to a difference of 8000 BAHT or 17,000 INR ONLY!

So, as you can see either the price difference between these two models is zero or they are very close to each other in these countries. For your reference, in India, Kawasaki is charging a premium of whopping 1.09 Lakh on the ex-showroom price of an already expensive 300!

Extrapolating a similar differential – in USA Ninja 400 would have costed $6670 or upto $8550 in Canada etc.

This means that for the price of one Ninja 400 in India you can buy…

  • 3 Dominar 400 ABS models or
  • 2 Apache 310 + Bajaj Platina or
  • 2 KTM Duke/RC 390 or
  • 1 Ninja 300 + Apache 200 FI or
  • 1 2018 Yamaha R3 + Pulsar RS200

Reason/Proof 2: Bajaj is out of the scene and there is no payout/profit sharing with them anymore. So, ideally prices of ALL the motorcycles should come down (and not be absurd as this)!

You may question – the source of import of CKD kits may be different for India?

The bigger Ninja 400 is also probably being made in Thailand – the same country where we receive Ninja 300 kits from – Thai pricing also confirms that.

You can get TWO Duke 390s or RC390s for the price of one Ninja 400!

So, unless Kawasaki India is importing the 400 from somewhere else (why would they do that?) there is no real reason of such a price differential. For your information they have not clarified anything on this and the press release did not speak about it.

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Let’s hope Kawasaki issues some kind of a clarification or a justification of their outlook on why the Ninja 400 costs ridiculously high for us Indians and for everybody else it is about Ninja 300’s price away! Otherwise its a pure case of greed!

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