World biking community considers even a 200cc machine, a commuter. Scenario in India is different. We consider 150cc+ bikes as performance bikes, and 100cc bikes fall into commuter category. Wait! Does a 125cc manages to mix both the elements? Well yes! Most of the owners of 125cc bikes are young people who want performance and also need fuel economy.

125cc segment is growing at healthy rate, breaching the gap between 100cc and 150cc segments into it. Various companies are trying to churn more Horses out of it without compromising on fuel efficiency. A 125cc bike serves needs of a particular class who is a budget customer wanting to taste the budding adreline rush of the machine.

We will be putting a total 12 machines head to head in this shootout. Comparisons are made over 5 different departments. More you read, More exciting the shootout gets!

Our Contestants Are:

  1. Bajaj Platina 125
  2. Hero Honda Super Splendor
  3. Yamaha YBR 125
  4. TVS Flame
  5. Hero Honda Glamour
  6. Hero Honda Glamour PGM-FI
  7. Suzuki Slingshot
  8. Honda CB Shine
  9. Yamaha SS 125
  10. Honda CBF Stunner
  11. Honda CBF Stunner PGM-FI
  12. Bajaj Pulsar 135LS

Lets begin a healthy comparo between the beast machines, with description followed by a scoresheet!

1. Bajaj Platina 125

Bajaj and its experiments! Bajaj has always been an innovative company, which being Indian, we all are proud of. Bajaj has done numerous gambles in 100cc and 125cc segment, Platina is the product of the same.

Marketed as ‘Dumdaar Sawari’, The Platina 125 is not that Dumdaar after all, But is sure to Stun you with mileage figures. Platina is simple on looks, though a recent facelift made it quite interesting.

Platina makes 8.5 PS @ 7000 rpm with max torque 10NM @ 4000 rpm with its 124.6cc engine. Very few bikes feature 5 speed Gearbox in 125cc segment, Pl6atina belongs here. All black styling impart a rugged look to the bike. Bike features both kick start and electric start. Though, built quality is not that good and can be improved a lot. Bike takes your cash on maintenance, a peculiarity of Bajaj.

If you want a basic bike at cheaper price, can compromise on looks and maintenance, and expect sizzling mileage figures, Go get a Platina!

Official Link | BikeAdvice Review

Design & Looks: 6/10
Engine & Performance: 7/10
Comfort & Ergonomics: 6/10
Maintenance & Reliability: 6/10
Fuel Efficiency: 9/10

Total Score: 34/50

2. Hero Honda Super Splendor

Elder brother of the Legend, Spelndor. Super splendor is a pure commuter, sharing genes with HH splendor, and on its way to prove its value for money in every aspect. Super Splendor makes 9 BHP @ 7000 rpm with max Torque 10.35 Nm @ 4000 rpm with its 124.7cc engine. 4speed ‘Quantum Core’ Engine is nicely refined, thanks to the Honda technology.

The bike is simple in looks featuring black engine theme, tripmeter, pass-switch and large utility box. Hero Honda offers a 3years/40,000kms warranty which is sure to serve you better!

Bike doesnt impress you much with its performance, but is reliable and easy to ride for a-to-b commutes. If you want basic but reliable bike,with simple looks and superb mileage figures, Trusted Super Splendor will serve you well.

Official Link | BikeAdvice Review

Design & Looks: 6/10
Engine & Performance: 7/10
Comfort & Ergonomics: 6/10
Maintenance & Reliability: 7/10
Fuel Efficiency: 9/10

Total Score: 35/50

3. Yamaha YBR 125

YBR 125 is a basic bike in the segment from the Yamaha stables. It makes 10.88 PS @ 7500 rpm with max Torque 10.4 NM @6500 rpm with its 123cc engine. YBR features 4 speed gearbox with basic style elements.

Yamaha launched this bike to target executive customers in the segment, but YBR failed to report it on sale charts. Though Yamaha means good build quality, still needs to improve on aftersale service area.

This is another simple bike at cheaper cost and good mileage, having healthy competitors which is a downside for YBR.

Official Link

Design & Looks: 7/10
Engine & Performance: 8/10
Comfort & Ergonomics: 6/10
Maintenance & Reliability: 6/10
Fuel Efficiency: 8/10

Total Score: 35/50

4. TVS Flame

Flame is a decent bike with Sporty radical design which is surely attractive. Flame is a sporty commuter targeted at youngsters. It makes 10.5 BHP @ 7500 rpm with max Torque 10 NM @ 6000 rpm with its 124.8cc engine.

The engine is 3 valved, and bike’s performance is enough to tackle city traffic, but the bike’s vibrations can drive one crazy, especially if one is a stickler for refinement.

The Flame’s handling is quite all right, nothing to elaborate upon. It allows you to throttle out of city traffic and bad road conditions without much effort, that is, if you don’t mind the vibrations. Its gearbox and suspension are also quite satisfactory.
Bike features digital console, On-tank storage, electric start, tachometer etc.

TVS aftersales service is a downside for Flame. Flame serves as Sporty commuter compromising Engine refinement and services, but with impressive mileage figures.

Official Link | BikeAdvice Review

Design & Looks: 8/10
Engine & Performance: 8/10
Comfort & Ergonomics: 7/10
Maintenance & Reliability: 6/10
Fuel Efficiency: 8/10

Total Score: 37/50

5. Hero Honda Glamour

Hero Honda Glamour is hot selling bike from HH stable. Bike is goodlooking and reliable with HH service backup. It makes 9 BHP @ 7000 rpm with max Torque 10.35 NM @ 4000 rpm with its 124.7cc engine.

Glamour features a 4speed gearbox, all black body frame, and impressive graphics. Rest of the features are common and basic. Engine refinement is very good and maintenance is low as well. If you are interested in a a quite attractive bike with basic performance, reliability and good mileage figures, Glamour is worth a thought.

Official LinkReview

Design & Looks: 8/10
Engine & Performance: 7/10
Comfort & Ergonomics: 7/10
Maintenance & Reliability: 7/10
Fuel Efficiency: 8/10

Total Score: 37/50

6. Hero Honda Glamour PGM-Fi

Fuel injected version of Glamour. Glamour PGM-FI features same Glamour engine with 0.1 BHP increase, but Fuel injected.

Bike comes with set of advanced features like real time mileage indicator, bank angle sensor, malfunction indicator lamp, LCD fuel gauge etc. Bike is pricey, and not worth a go for a budget commuter. If money is not the problem, It could be a choice.

Official Link | BikeAdvice Review

Design & Looks: 8/10
Engine & Performance: 7/10
Comfort & Ergonomics: 7/10
Maintenance & Reliability: 7/10
Fuel Efficiency: 8/10

Total Score: 37/50

7. Suzuki Slingshot

A snazzy machine bearing weird name, ‘Slingshot’. Suzuki’s 125cc offering is a remarkable machine in terms of looks and performance. The design of this motorcycle is somewhat indicative of its bigger sibling, the GS150R. It makes 8.5 BHP @ 7500 rpm with max Torque 10 Nm @ 500 rpm with its 124 cc engine.

Slingshot features 5 speed gearbox, all black styling, uniquely designed alloys etc. The gearshift is also as smooth as the engine and doesn’t let any unwanted feedback come through. Handling of the SlingShot is quite impressive as the bike is utterly easy to ride and is capable of tackling city traffic with utmost ease. Its overall a good bike, but low on performance.

Official Link | Suzuki Slingshot Review

Design & Looks: 8/10
Engine & Performance: 7/10
Comfort & Ergonomics: 7/10
Maintenance & Reliability: 7/10
Fuel Efficiency: 8/10

Total Score: 37/50

8. Honda CB Shine

Shine is trusted engineering marvel from Honda Stables. It may not attract youngsters due to its subtle design but the bike is full of practicality. It makes 10.3 BHP @ 7500 rpm with max Torque 1.1 KGM @ 5500 rpm with its 124.7cc ‘Optimax’ engine. CB shine features 4speed gearbox, elegant graphics, maintenance free battery, viscous air filter, 3D Honda Emblem, TuffUp Tube etc.

Build quality with Honda tag is the key selling factor of CB shine. Almost every aspect of this motorcycle is enough to satisfy the needs a commuter. CB shine is a worthy buy having balanced statistics and features, but simple looks.

Official Link | BikeAdvice Review

Design & Looks: 7/10
Engine & Performance: 8/10
Comfort & Ergonomics: 7/10
Maintenance & Reliability: 8/10
Fuel Efficiency: 8/10

Total Score: 38/50

9. Yamaha SS 125 (a.k.a. Gladiator)

SS 125 (formerly known as Gladiator) is one of the top ranked bikes of the segment. SS 125 is powerpacked Sports commuter with Superb Design. It makes 11 PS @ 7500 rpm with max Torque 10.4 NM @ 6500 rpm with its 123 cc engine. The bike features Airflow filter, Stylish Muffler, Dynamic Sporty Graphics, Attractive Engine cowl etc.

5 speed gearbox allows the rider to make the most of a wide power band to experience excellent performance in both around-town and high-speed riding. With the Aerodynamic racy under-cowl, SS125 is ergonomically designed. Sporty Tachometer, Lowered front cowl, Lightweight Aluminum wheels and powered front Disc Brakes gives it a dynamic yet sophisticated feel.

The headlight cowl with a raised visor and its indicators and the retractable aluminium footrests, the exhaust muffler, the toe shift gear lever, all of them clearly give it a racing bike look. As per following the looks tradition of other bikes, as well the gladiator has a size like the 150cc bikes. The kerb weight is less around 128kg, making it easier to control.

SS 125 has a big bike feel, and does have cruising abilities. If you want a great looker, with optimum performance and build quality, SS 125 will do the job.

Official Link :
Review :

Design & Looks: 9/10
Engine & Performance: 8/10
Comfort & Ergonomics: 8/10
Maintenance & Reliability: 7/10
Fuel Efficiency: 8/10

Total Score: 40/50

10. Honda CBF Stunner

Stunning looks and Honda build quality. Honda CBF Stunner is an international standard machine which now after a facelift , looks even more ‘stunning’ than before! The CBF makes 11 BHP @ 8000 rpm with max Torque 11 NM @ 6500 rpm with its 124.7cc engine.

Stunner has basic but well sorted suspension, a wider tyre making it good at cornering. The CBF has a great Honda engine which is smooth and peppy, but vibrates at high speeds due to short gearing. After long term use, vibrations reduce considerably. The Stunner has good low down power and can even pull from low rpms in a higher gear which makes it a good city commuter.

CBF features 5 speed grearbox, tachometer, handlebar weights, ornamental undercowl, maintenance free battery, viscous air filter, half chain cover, Black engine treatment etc. CBF Stunner is the only bike in the segment to feature Both rear and front Tubeless Tyres, adding to its reliability. CBF is also the only Faired bike of the segment.

Stunners Stunning looks, big bike feel and sharp rear, comfortable split seat are enough to call it one of the Sportiest looking bikes of India. It also has a strong sales and service backup and not to forget Honda’s quality assurance. A great buy for the yuppie generation.

Stunner’s presence cannot be neglected while it passes by you, and is very low on maintenance. If you want a Sporty feel with your bike, and want low maintenance with impressive performance, CBF is for you!

Official Link | BikeAdvice Ownership Review

Design & Looks: 9/10
Engine & Performance: 8/10
Comfort & Ergonomics: 8/10
Maintenance & Reliability: 8/10
Fuel Efficiency: 8/10

Total Score: 41/50

11. Honda CBF Stunner PGM-Fi

Fuel injected version of CBF Stunner. It had an upper hand in terms of looks over old CBF version before Facelifted CBF was launched. The bike features bank angle sensor, malfunction indicator lamp, golden Engine treatment, etc.

Bank Angle Sensor automatically switches off the ignition & fuel supply when bike tilts over a certain angle. Engine is the same but tuned to 0.6 BHP increase making it to a total of 11.6 BHP.

Only noticeable advancement over carburetted CBF apart from FI is the fuel injected variant of the Stunner is free of vibrations thanks to the taller overall gearing. The Stunner Fi feels extremely refined even at high speeds. Honda has overpriced this bike which is the downside of the machine. Otherwise, its one of the best machine of the segment.

Official Link | BikeAdvice Review

Design & Looks: 9/10
Engine & Performance: 8/10
Comfort & Ergonomics: 8/10
Maintenance & Reliability: 8/10
Fuel Efficiency: 8/10

Total Score: 41/50

12. Bajaj Pulsar 135LS

Since when the LS has been launched, it has revolutionized the segment. Pulsar 135LS is a 4valve marvel from our very own Bajaj! Pulsar 135LS made bike enthusiasts raise their eyebrows by delivering 150cc like performance. It makes 13.5 BHP @ 9000 rpm with max Torque 11.4 @ 7500 rpm with its 134.66 engine. Astonishing! Isn’t it?

Pulsar features LED tail lamps, clip on handle bar, split seats, 5 speed grearbox, gas charged rear suspension etc. Basically, 135LS is styled over XCD Sprint. It has mixed style elements making it an awkward design.

Pulsar 135LS needs to work on build quality. 4 valves in same engine size made each valve smaller than conventional valve, so required performance is not achieved. Apart from this, Pulsar 135LS Outperforms every bike in this segment!

The Pulsar 135 LS shakes up the competition by delivering class defying performance, thanks to its light weight. Bajaj has priced this machine aggressively. Pulsar manages to give impressive mileage figures both in city and highways. Most of the owners confess that they neglected the looks for its performance.

If you want a performance machine with lots of gadget goodies, but a compromise on looks, maintenance and build quality, Pulser 135 LS is for you!!

Official Link | BikeAdvice Review

Design & Looks: 8/10
Engine & Performance: 10/10
Comfort & Ergonomics: 8/10
Maintenance & Reliability: 7/10
Fuel Efficiency: 8/10

Total Score: 41/50

Score-Sheet Analysis

  • Design and Looks department is shared by Honda CBF Stunner and Yamaha SS 125.
  • Both are promised to give you Sporty big bike feel.
  • Bajaj Pulsar 135LS rules the Engine and Performance department. Its actually outperforms many 150cc machines.

  • Comfort & Ergonomics crown is shared by our top 3 contenders.
  • Gas charged suspension does the job for P135LS.
  • Maintenance & Reliability is coined by Honda machines namely, Shine and Stunner siblings.
  • Fuel Efficiency department is ruled by Bajaj Platina and Hero Honda Super Splendor.

Overall Scores

As top 3 positions share equal points, We have different winners for different people with different taste. CBF Stunner PGM-Fi scores over carb version but not denoted the same, because Honda’s insane overpricing ruined the presence of this bike on streets.

Fuel injected version is impractical for Indian market and scores good on a piece of paper. Performance wise, Pulsar 135LS outperforms all 125cc bikes of the segment, but it lacks decent aftersale service, build quality and maintenance issues. Honda CBF Stunner is all about looks and build quality, but lags way behind in performance to Pulsar 135LS.

As Pulsar 135LS is priced aggressively compared to CBF Carbed version, its the most Value for money amongst top 3, and sale charts say the same.

We do not have a clear winner here, but by a whisker, Pulsar 135LS is the winner!

We hope you enjoyed our 12 bikes shootout! We would like to say that personal choices may differ over some subjects in the shootout. Kindly comment below about the article and your opinions.

Thanks & Regards
Pranav Kelkar

Edited by Deepak Raj

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  • Akhil

    No way ! pulsar 135 ? Yeah may be it last 2 years at maximum ! No bike can over rule Cbf Stunner . . . . Apart from the performance !

  • Not too good review as i feel…!!

    coz information is lack and error at some places….!! Specially in Yamaha bikes…!!

    that mine opinion regarding this review..!

    anyways it was nice reading this review coz i was waiting for this..!!

    • Pranav Kelkar

      If you mention some errors, Please feel free to do, We are always ready to rectify them 🙂

    • Pranav Kelkar

      Yamaha :
      Aftersales service is not impressive
      No Tubeless tyres.
      Nothing great in batteries and other maintenance aspects.

  • Kedar

    The concept is good. But it does not give a good description for all bikes; also analysis is somehow conflicting. Although, clear winner is pulser135LS, but there are two more contenders – YAMAHA Gladiator/ss125 and HH Stunner,which needs to be mentioned specially.
    now i would like to read about 150 cc shootout. good luck!

  • Pulsarboy

    P135LS is clear winner here.. beats the pants of Stunner & it’s FI version effortlessly. SS125 comes as close second.. Reviewer seems to be bogged down by medieval opinion on Pulsars, there are no maintenance issues with P135LS.. not even a single major problem is reported..
    Stunner at the top is simply unacceptable.. it’s nothing but a glorified Shine in different clothes.. both are pathetic bikes on highway.. as long as you maintain the speed within 60kmph.. it’s good.. otherwise they shake like there is an earthquake.

    • Sachin

      P135 is less then a year old bike,so u cannot expect maintenance issues at this stage as all bikes under warrenty & most under free for problems read xbhp forum.

      • Pulsarboy

        You go and read xbhp ownership thread. I own one and I post actively in that forum.. there are no issues with the bike. One year is enough to determine reliability of a bike.. there are people who have already done more than 10k kms on this bike.

        If the reviewer feels that less than a year makes bike unreliable.. then he should have given a blank for reliability instead giving points randomly. Anyways.. do you know any issues with Glamour/Super splendor bikes.. no right?? so why should they be given 7.. IMO they should have got minimum of 9.. they are very reliable bikes as per my knowledge.

    • Ashish

      Dude, have u ever ridden a Stunner?

      I ride at 80 Kmph and it doesn’t shake at all. It vibrates a little around 60-65 Kmph but above that the vibrations vanish and the bike is very smooth.

      And the Stunner looks 100 times better than the Pulsar 135 LS. Come on man, what is with the pathetic rear trye hugger, the hideous headlight, the awful silencer?

      • Pulsarboy

        Substance is more important than style.. besides looks are subjective.. I’ve ridden stunner & shine.. and I don’t need anybody telling me how they behave..

    • Pranav Kelkar

      Bro, Why do you want top performing bike to top a shootout?
      this is 125cc segment, customers want to manage their budget.. P135 maybe an awesome performer, points justify the same. but performance cannot be sole factor to decide best bike.
      Stunner is not shine in different clothes.
      I guess you havent read the article.
      Stunner features tuned Engine , tachometer, Tubeless tyres, Handlebar Weights etc
      Isnt there any difference? 😀
      And vibrations tend to diminish after 2000 kms significantly.
      Its just the resonant frequency which is there in every bike.
      As Ashish mentioned, Vibrations reduce at speed higher than 60-65.
      P135 is no match in Looks and maintenance department to Honda CBF Stunner, And Stunner is no match to P135 in performance.
      P135 looks (hold on, i should say it now) Ugly :/
      What kind of design is that, looks like bicycle with engine.
      But no doubt about its performance. Its unmatchable.
      If you want performance, Shift to higher segment, Simple.
      Standard 125cc customer want to balance all things giving a slight importance to quality and maintenance.

      • ramesh

        thanks for ur valuable review on vrious bikes.can u review the ignitor bike?

    • abhinav raj

      the bike does not shakes it’s just the engine vibrations which are high…. but although the bike is very well balanced…

    • ARGHYA


  • harrie

    Honda – – Reliability , stability , resale nd less maintenance

    Bajaj – – Affordable, more electronics , performance but unreliable and short lifespan

    Yamaha – – Classy machine, trendy design but nothing else..

    King(s) of the segment will be— Pulsar 135LS(for mere performance)
    Evergreen “Honda – shine”(for others, dnt mean its nt performing)

    • abhinav raj

      like harrie’s comment….vry true!!!

  • Hem

    The Yamaha YBR 110 Photo is there instead of Yamaha YBR 125 , please don’t repeat such a silly mistake.

  • Saurabh Patel

    Comparing all these other bikes with P135….just a bit too much for them from sheer performance angle 😀

  • Arka Prava Bhar

    quite a good effort of Comprehensive Shootout of 125 segment, may be not 100% perfect review as it’s also very difficult to make it 100%. We get different outcome from 2 different bike from same model due to ride quality and some time for machine quality.
    But for this review I’m very surprised in reliability section as Yamaha consider less than Honda and same with Bajaj. as we all know Yamaha means ultimate performance and reliability also honda gives very hard competition to Yamaha. But Bajaj has always a big question about reliability and longeblity . For performance and engine no one can rise any question about P-135 as it’s better than 150 sibling, after that must be SS-125 for super smooth engine, but stunner can’t be as same as SS-125 as we all know even it’s mention over that it vibrates lots above 60km/h and i felt it really very much.
    Again for looks i think P-135 and HH Glamour can’t be get same rating as P-135 has far better looks, glamour is very normal looking bike. In looks segment stunner is a genuine winner.

    • Anupam_MGP

      Yup.. The SS125 is a very good bike but underrated.. I own it’s ancestor, the Gladiator.. U are absolutely right about its reliability.. It is at par with Honda or maybe a little bit more, but definately more than Bajaj’s.. My bike is very much less demanding an very much providing…

      And u are absolutely right that the P135 luks bettr than the HH Glamour.. Even if the P135 is disproportionate, it looks much better than Glamour.. I dont know what HH was thinking.. But the Super Splendor, even if simple, Looks better than Glamour.. Glamour is over styled in all the wrong way..

  • the P135 with its awesome performance should’ve won the shootout easily. Except for the rear tyre hugger, i think it looks pretty good. At least it looks different and much better than its elder siblings.

    BTW, is the platina still in production ? I thought bajaj has stopped everything except pulsar and the discover families.

  • fas

    I think the best bike is undoubtedly the Passion.

    • Nagamani

      Bro passion is not listed here.Its in a different category.

  • Gaurav

    Its a great comparison 🙂 & I feel the Pulsar 135 to be a clear winner as Bajaj had introduced an upgrade version of it long ago changing the rear mudguard & the chain ring which removes all the faults it had earlier committed in the styling of P135 & that makes it look great now 😉

  • Kedar

    @ fas: are uncle, passion is definitely a winner uncle type bikes!

  • arif

    where is discover 135cc?

    • Arka Prava Bhar

      It’s discontinued from Bajaj, they stop the production of this Bike as offering 150CC model below price range of 135CC. Sometimes I’m surprised by Bajaj’s marketing strategy 🙂


    Hey Pulsar Boy!

    I know about your pulsar bike. When me and my friend went to bajaj showroom in our city, we saw this P135ls and by performance wise, I accept dude.

    It beats Stunner. But looks, maintenance, engine life and re-sale value pulsar p135 is a mess.

    Sorry to say this. But it is the truth. Accept or reject. Its not gonna change.

    And in the rear, it looks ugly. Can you tell why bajaj is making worst designs like this?

  • uday

    Raj Y U Not putting HONDA TWISTER Comparison in this, u didnt put honda twister in 100 cc comparison also., y u doing this . what os your purpose behind that

  • hardeep

    Hi, All…. Well Stunner is Best in Looking, Reliability, Fuel Economy. Tubeless Tyres and I noticed That Stunner only vibrates around 60-65 kmph speed.. after pass 60-65 its totally smooth u can enjoyed the evrykilomtr of driving…. but P135 is also a gud bike… bt questions arises on Reliability, maintenance, Engine parts…… coz bajaj bikes have a very short lifespan…

    So… I bought the stunner after comparison and riding quality of Honda and Bajaj…

    And Honda Rocks!!!!!!! Coz of International Honda CBF is Honda Stunner CBF in India….

  • Harry

    I think Yamaha gladiator 125 is winner

  • aravindan

    discover135 is currently not in market

  • Siddhesh Hande

    I agree with this article i like my CBF STUNNER! It is flabilious bike at all!

  • Pankaj

    How much a performance matters for an average Indian?
    In India,bikes are meant for mileage.
    For performance there are bikes in category ranging from 160 cc(RTR) till 500 cc(Bullet Classic)
    So what is use of performance in a small 125 cc engine.
    125 cc is meant only for slight performance than a 100 cc with decent fuel economy
    Can you tell me how much fuel is guzzled by Honda Stunners,Yamaha Gladiators,HH Glamors etc

    I mean to say that when reviewing a 125 cc bike,stress more on mileage than performance.There are many bikes meant for only performance.

    it is always better to buy a bullet 350/500 rather than going for stunners,gladiators and glamors because if a bullet 500 engine is well tuned,it also gives mileage upto 35 kmpl so whats the point in going for 125 cc bikes with mileage upto 45 kmpl.
    A 4 times larger engine(500 cc bullet) clearly gives good performance and decent mileage as compared to few 125 cc bikes.Hence some 125cc precious petrol guzzling bikes are useless.

  • bobby

    what is top speed of stunner fi version

  • Dr.M.V.Narasimham

    Its a real good analysis. I have a Bajaj Caliber 115 since last 7 years and am planning to change it. In fact I was in a confused state and your verdict will definitely help me in deciding for my future bike. Probably I might go with bajaj pulsar 135 for it good looks, overall performance and low maintainence.
    Dr.M.V.Narasimham, M.D

  • Akhil

    Pankaj . . . Wisely said ! I had thought about it too . . . But the only thing why we wont do that because , bullet costs almost two times a stunner . . . . But . . I cant agree more because I know my neighbour who goes around 90km per hour getting 40km as mileage on a bullet with super pleasure and if we drive like that in such 125 cc bikes , the mileage is as down as 40km and we dont get much pleasure from riding 125 ccs like that and later we may even begin to notice that our mileage of the bike is constantly decreasing . . . My opinion is that we got for 150 cc bikes like cb unicorn and all which gives more mileage than 125 cc bikes at certain speeds . . . . . Some thing that is in between the best and the worst are the 150cc bikes . . . My brother have brought a stunner 2 months before . . . . . Nice bike . . . But not a very nice one . . . . The mileage and the performance ratio arent same till 4 service . . . Till that time you will have a great headache thinking about your bike . . . Besides pulsar 135 , every one in this country knows that bajaj produces the coolest bikes in the country and the coolest bikes has maintainance issues like no other too . . . . And the warranty for the digital instruments simply is for 6 months ! Is that all ? 😛 . . . Cbf stunner real opponent are gladiator and glamour ! Glamour is a legend ! Bcoz i promise you , the bike is up to the great standards incompromising with Indian road conditions . . . . And gladiator . . . Yamaha bikes are the bikes that gives the most pleasure while riding bikes . . . . But still issues are there . . .

    • Rajiv

      I agree, ride at 55 – 60 kms and u get the best average. I used to get 93 to the liter on my Discover 125 till i changed to fatter tubeless tyres. Average still above 65+. Newer bullets – twin sparks give better averages, 40-45+.

  • Binu

    If all the bikes made by Bajaj has problem they may not exist tough competitive Indian market. I my self own a 6 year old Bajaj Discover 125 with 1,22,000 + kms. It still gives me 57+kms

  • Lumen Shawn

    I have 2010 version of Stunner CBF carb which is now 5 months old. Initially i had this problem of bike engine vibrating at the peeds between 55-65. Now my bike’s crossed 4000 kms and I swear this is a gem of a bike. I agree even the carb version is a bit overpriced compared to other bikes. but the overall honda reliability backed up by excellent service and low maintenance of stunner the price you pay is worth it. Even when you ride the bike you feel like you’re riding a bike bike. The braking system is perfect, and the maximum mileage i got from my stunner was 72kmpl (odo reading 2500+ kms). The average mileage (city plus highway) as of now is somewhere between 53 to 57 kmpl. Remember it’s the winter season now, and the engines cant deliver the optimum fuel efficiency in the cold weather. You got to warm up the engine. The things I missed in this bike were the pilot lamps and engine kill switch. I dont miss the digital meter, as I have always loved the conventional analogue meter because while riding you got to look at the road ahead than admiring the digital meter. Any biker who wants to know more about stunner can call me on +91 98866 14319.

  • Akhil

    All bajaj bikes have maintainance issues compared to honda . . . . Whether its performance is high or the mileage is high , the maintainance is high too . . . . . . Every body wants a bike that dont wants to be taken to the workshop every week . . . . And honda gives you definitily the bike you desire for . . . .

  • Ruban

    this is not nice as 150cc bike comparison……….
    sorry dude………:-(

  • speedabout

    The photo is of yamaha ybr 110
    you can get photo of ybr 125 from yamaha india website
    it looks like gladiator without disk break

  • Rajiv

    Surprised why Discover 125/135 was not added to this list. Have a 125 for last 6 yrs and have covered over 1 lkh kms on it. After the 1st 3 yrs started using 20W/50 oil and usually run the engine slow for abt 4-5 kms. after that the hotter it gets the better. Ran it nonstop from Bangalore to Mumbai in one day with just 1 stop for dinner. Runs like butter on a hot plater. Planning for another ride to Rameshwaram this 12thFeb 2011. Fingers crossed. Pray for us.

    Bike serviced monthly, oil changed every 2nd month and each part changed if theres a problem, no repair and refitting. Never raced the bike over 60 kms till 4th year. Ride even on half clutch and it sings. NO issues like they say ‘Half clutch spoils the Clutch plate’ etc nonsense. I believe that if u treat it like a queen it will never let the king down.

  • vsr

    hi ,Deepak
    I ve been watching bikeadvice for quite sometime & find it very interesting &useful.
    I m planning 2 buy a bike preferably 125 cc .
    Budget 60000/mostly for commuting (25 – 30kms/day)
    I want a solid rugged bike with decent mileage low maintenance and excellant riding comfort for self and pillon rider too, with disc brakes electric and kick start
    I ve shortlisted shine(but 3 months waiting time @trichy,some reviews say it vibrates beyond 40km) is it true?
    SS125( toe shift& open chain- whether this can b modified)is a.s.s. a problem?I cud see lot of Fazers but not other models here.
    3. Slingshot( yet 2 b proven & A.s.s?)
    4. Glamour ( I ve not seen much)
    I ve a passion plus for 6 years poor road grip & not happy with brakes
    I m not interested in bajaj & TVS.I eagerly await u r reply.

  • Kedar

    Go for SS125 (blue color is better than red). I have touched 112 km/hr and no vibrations at all.
    Ride it around 6000 rpm and you will get 62+km/ltr mileage. Eye catching looks, ride quality, handling, nice seat cushion and most important – gear ratios are superb. No fatigue, backpain etc.
    But you need to be at least 5.6 feet tall.

  • vsr

    thnx for ur reply
    I m just 5.64′
    Can the toe shift can be modified to toe & foot gear shift
    Is open chain is not a maintenance problem?pillion riding w on t b problem( my mom/wife sits on oneside as they wear only sarees)

    • Kedar

      Mr. vsr,
      You can definitely modify the toe shifter and foot gear.
      As per my observation, the open chain is not a problem except in heavy mud in rains. But then you can attach mud flaps for it.
      Pillion seat is not so high and well cusioned, my mother also sits one side and feels comfortable.

      I would like to add one thing. The front mudguard is not so useful in rains. Altough you can mount a mud flap on leg guard, but that is not recommended coz it prevent air to reach the engine easily and engine heats up rapidly, Instead mount it on mudguard itself with some efforts.

      AND, there is no storage in the bike; The only drawback. Otherwise, this bike is perfect packege of performance, mileage and comfort.

    • Arka Prava Bhar

      @VSR: you can modify the toe shift gear to toe & foot, but it might be affect your Warranty. Though toe shift is not a big problem, just you’ll take it 2-3 days to be habituated. Open chain is not a problem at all, maintenance is same as cover chain. My mom is a regular pillion rider of my bike and she has the same sitting posture and wear only sarees. She never faced any problem. Just you have to change the Saree guard as company fitted one doesn’t have the foot rest which is very essential for ladies.
      Performance and quality of this bike is superb almost feel like a 150cc bike, fantastic pick up and comfort engine is butter smooth, you’ll be surprised that how smooth and fast this bike goes over 60-65, once i touched it at 105-108kh/hr. fuel service is quite nice, around 55-58 Km/L in Kolkata’s worst traffic condition. Handling is the best part of this bike as it’s better than many 150cc bikes in city and also high way. Only thing which felt me sad that why company doesn’t offer more color variation and leg guard? also some time i don’t like the position the front number plate as it fitted on Visor.

  • vsr

    Kedar&Arka Prava Bhar
    u r very positive replies drives me 2 take a test ride and book one at the earliest.
    by the way, is it not possible 2 add a side box and a tank bag for storage( though i hate its odd look)itz a compulsion for a family man
    reg toe shift i m already used 2 it ( I ve driven Rajdoot 175 d during my late teens)
    but presently i m more worried about my formal shoes
    If a Culcuttan says itsz fine to ride this bike in kolkatta ,then it is be the best bike for cities
    As u said more color variations wud b nice

  • Seelan

    Yamaha the best

  • vsr

    I ve visited both the yamaha show rooms at Trichy (one couteous & one rude),called them twice, only to be told SS125 is temporarly & may be permanently stopped &they talk about YBR125/SZ series only .When they stop a very good product, should it not be replaced with a better ?they r trying to sell something pppl don t want.
    Yamaha & Suzuki are excellant bikes , but the market strategy seems to be poor, sales and service is pretty bad.

    • Arka Prava Bhar

      @VSR: I don’t know what is wrong with these dealer!! SS 125 is not stopped at all. Even In kolkata one showroom told me the same thing. But I’m very lucky that Yamaha factory store is just 5mins away from my residence. And there SS-125 is just readily available or hardly 15 days waiting times. When i bought my bike i was surprised that nearly 20 SS-125 ware there and how that showroom told me that it’s discontinued??. You should insist them to bring you one, or try to go for nearest Yamaha factory store ( price is low and too good service). Another surprising thing is, suddenly demand of SS-125 is got too high, earlier it was not so popular. You can go for SZ-X/R too, as these are nice bikes and very fuel efficient as 150 cc bike. But YBR-125 is not so impressing , though it has the same engine of SS, but lack of quality and style.

  • vsr

    @Arka Prava Bhar
    thank u. I ve written to Yamaha india reg.this & awaiting a reply.
    SZ R lacks many features of ss125.
    In case it s not avl.(I dont mind a waiting period of 1 month or so), I ll go in for SZ-R.

  • vsr

    @Arka Prava Bhar
    I sent the following mail to yamaha india

    and got the following reply

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Back Office
    Date: Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 8:54 AM
    To: Rangan Sundaram
    Dear Sir
    We apologise for the inconvenience caused. We are sorry to inform you that due to huge demand the waiting period for the SS 125 is 4 to 5 weeks from the date of booking. Please confirm from the dealership regarding the delivery date.
    If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.
    Thanks & Regards
    Back Office Operations
    Toll Free : 1800-420-1600
    I plan to wait for some more time

    • Arka Prava Bhar

      see these dealers are just pathetic, and suddenly what happened with SS-125? that it gets huge demand!! as earlier it has no hype. Even in kolkata people ask me is it a new yamaha bike? when they launched it? it seems that now this bike is justifying it’s earlier name “GLADIATOR”. People are getting old Yamaha faith due to R-15, FZ etc. Hope you’ll get your SS very soon. as please share your feelings and experience with us. 🙂

  • Kedar Gokhale

    This news is great.

  • vsr

    @M/s Arka Prava Bhar&Kedar
    Thank u .Today I booked my yamaha ss125 blue one(more impressive) as suggested by Kedar(without having a chance for a test ride…which I ve never done so far& only by seeing 1 or 2 vehicles that too spotted very rarely here).I was told I ll ve 2 wait for 45 days.
    I could see a few sz/sx/sz r these days thanx to R-15, FZ etc as you said.
    Yamaha makes excellant vehicles but awfully bad in selling They have to give a rigorous training for their dealers (right from receiving a customer to selling)
    I eagerly awaiting the delivery date so that I can share my feeling.


    Very good discussion .Liked it

  • vsr

    I ve booked a ss125 based on reports on the net (I couldn’t ve a bike for test drive).Now can you plz clarify which is more comfortable SS125 or SZR (with ES& kick start) ( for me as well as pillion)—-mostly commuting 30 km/day + occassional outing on weekends 100-200 kms or the fazer/fz16

  • Nikhil

    I think we are missing very important factor while comparing 125 CC bikes.
    That is Price tag of the Bike. Comparing 60K Pulsar135 or Stunner with 45K Platina or 54k Slinshot does not make sense.
    Both are ment for different purpose.

    I think one should take care of these factor while reviewing next time.

  • vsr

    @Arka Prava Bhar
    I m still waiting for my blue ss125% may be i may ve to wait for another 2-3 weeks here.Of late on seeing Fazer and other bikes ,I want to change to bigger tyres .Is it possible to change the rear tyres in ss125 to bigger ones?(ofcourse there may not be necessary.I just fancy them)
    Are Cramster tank bags ,back packs good?
    Why not much of info reg. storage and other bike accessories in bikeadvice?

  • Arka Prava Bhar

    @VSR: you can easily change the tyres, but i doubt if fazer or FZ’s rare tyre will fit it or not, but you can easily go for bigger tyre like pulsar or hunk. Nut it might be affect your fuel service. I think any day back packs are more stylish.

  • subeesh

    The winner is Yamaha Gladiator ……

  • vsr

    @M/s Arka Prava Bhar&Kedar
    got my SS125(blue) last week.
    simply superb.
    U r suggestions made me a make decision.
    Thank u.
    I will share my experience soon.

    • Arka Prava Bhar

      @ VSR: Sorry for late replying 🙁
      It’s fantastic you got your blue stallion, and really it’s my pleasure that my suggestions were help you to make the decision. Please share your experience and doubt.
      Thank you

  • Kedar

    @vsr: Its a pleasure and feels good when someone makes decision based on your recommendation! Now enjoy and I hope you will not be turn down by this bike.
    Good luck!

  • Which bike is the best buy in terms of good power, mileage, and Maintenance good performance for long time ? And I want mileage 70-80 kmpl
    And daily use 80 km every day

    i confuse on this bikes plz suggest me
    Honda Shine 125
    Suzuki Slingshot 125
    Bajaj Platina 125cc
    honda cb twister
    bajaj discover

    • sameer

      if u r in Delhi NRC u can easily go with bike LPG gas kit for good mileage

  • sameer

    hi frnds
    i wanna purchase pulsar 135 but my friend who is mechanic in bajaj service center stickily says no to 135.

    plz advice…

    • Sangram

      yep..stay away from it.

  • Siva

    Mr. VSR, what was the price in Trichy for Yam SS 125? Also pls share your exper. I am planning to buy one. thanx.

  • sahil

    i m also willing to go for Yamaha ss 125 !! its a best bike with better quality,performance,reliability,milage,price,style,looks, etc no doubt about confusion in ss125 with any other bike….

  • Varun

    Hi All,
    Its really great to read all your comments . I am planning to buy my first bike and a bit confuse to choose one. Yes fuel economy is must but look and price surely matters:) , and i really don’t want to take my bike workshop often.
    please advice bike owners. thanks

  • abhijeet

    Dear Friends,
    Can U please Guide Me to choose from YAMAHA YBR125 or SS125?
    Please detail technical experience and mileage factor with comfort.
    Have a Great Time!

  • shantanu

    hi guys , i am looking for 125cc bikes. I am confused in Honda shine and HH glamour (carb/fi).
    I am machinery service engineer and have to carry heavy “machinery service kit” every where along with me . I have learnt that i cant attach rare hook to honda shine which is available with glamour to hang our luggage loads if any. Please guide me in this.

  • Raunak

    Wheres the new glamour model… no match at all…..????

  • Raunak

    I want to know something about glamour’s new model PGM Fi ….someone there to reply…..

  • V P

    Hi, I am Planning to get Yamaha YBR 125 , Is it a Right Decision ???? Can any one tell Me Pros and Cons of Yamaha YBR 125, Thanks in Advance ….

  • naseeb

    sabse best yamaha ss 125

  • Dron

    Good comprehensive review.
    But, 2 things cannot be accepted.
    1. Reliability – Bajaj pulsar 135LS “7” , Yamaha SS125 “7” .
    Do you really feel reliability of Bajaj & Yamaha bikes are same ?
    2. Comfort – Bajaj pulsar 135LS “8” , Yamaha SS125 “8” .
    Yamaha SS125 is known for one of the most silent bike and awesome comfortable riding. Do you feel same for Bajaj pulsar 135LS also ?
    And one question to ask. What are the parameters for points of “Engine” ? Is it only based on Performance ? is Durability issue there ?

  • Utkarsh

    How is Bajaj Discover 125 cc and Honda shine

  • ashutosh khanna

    Can we have some sort of voting to justify our opinion ?

    Lets have a voting !!

  • iqbal

    Hai,I ve been using Yamaha ss 125 for 2 years. 30000 kms of trouble free performance confirm my decision to choose Yam. The open chain, silent is not good if the road is muddy.
    Pillion comfort is good.It is a disaster in Stunner and Hunk.

  • baby websites

    How can I transfer firefox settings from one computer to another?

  • vijayanand

    Suzuki was providing excellent bikes heat and zeus but could not attract buyers, Ride suzuki and u will feel the comfort, sling shot is excellent.I FEEL SUZUKI AND YAMAHA ARE BETTER BIKES NOW.why dont you mention hig maintanence expenses at premium selling bikes,

  • Rahul

    YAMAHA 125SS is better than other. i am using ss125 from 2 years. milage is 55-60 km/lt. in city

  • akhil

    I AM planning to buy a 125cc bike & after all the research of almost 1 month, i found yamaha ss125 bike as the best. the pluses of ss 125 is the ride quality, comfort, decent mileage, good styling, and of course good engine.

  • thahir

    I’am planning to buy ss125 bike…is it possible to add storage box in that bike ????

  • Avinash

    My vote is for yamaha ss125. I got this bike one week before. Very nice bike..i like it…good comfort when driving and mileage also 50-55 in city driving…just go for this bike blindly…

  • Mahmud

    Y ss 125cc is best among the segment of 125cc

  • dbregmi

    i too planning to buy Yamaha SS 125 but will it perform better in hilly regions like us……i.e. in sikkim…… i too is confused bout it as i first going to sell my FZ 16…

  • all these are good. but i confused. please rate your view

  • shall i buy p135

  • Paul

    In case of bike review, we have to consider the price also, here I have found that some people had said that stunner & ss125 is best, but the cost of the both bikes are
    Stunner- RS. 61000, stunner PGM Fi – 76000, ss125- 62000, shine- 62000. If I have to pay this much money for a125cc bike then definitely I will go for 150cc segment. there is a lot of choice. In case of BAJAJ bike they are having a lot of maintenance problem as all of know, basically 125cc segment is for those who r looking for a bit powerful bike in a cost of a 100cc bike. I think here SUZUKI sling shot is the best of choice, its cost-55000. look is very nice, and definitely no maintenance issue.

  • Avinash

    Dont buy this bike from Venkatesha motors, Hyderabad(erragadda)..Their service is too worse guys….I struggled with those guys and now looking in another servicing centre which is too long for me……


    Hai i am planning to buy BAJAJ PULSAR 135LS or Honda cb shine..I want mileage and looks..And i want long life and less maintainance of my bike..

    Can i change the toe end gear shift pattern to toe and foot gear shift pattern in PULSAR 135LS do i have to weld the bike gear for this does it affect its looks.. SOMEBODY PLEASE REPLY ME……….

  • Satyam bajaj

    The all new bajaj pulsar 135 decals is the leader in 125cc segment.. Pulsar rocksss…

  • Badhree

    I dont know why this guy has rated the reliability and comfort of Yamaha so low. I have been usisng yamaha ybr for more than a year now and i have not faced even a minor issue.
    As for comfort , I am a 6 footer and this bike suits me very well. I ride 30 kms daily and i never had back pains after i opted for ybr. YBR will suit the tall ones very well. And as for pillion rider, ybr offers a single seat model wich is also broad compared to most of the other bikes.
    And the handle bar is so awesome as it has a wider turn angle which is xtremly useful in traffic.
    Mileage is around 58-61.
    Ybr is for those who expects comfort, mileage, ease of handling and reliability. Not very stylish like others though. Teens and style hot shots wont prefer this humble monster.

  • abhijeet

    Yamaha YBR 125, very comfortable, smooth bike I ever handled. Mileage 50 in Mumbai before 1st service.
    YBR125 is rare on the roads. It got handsome conventional looks.
    Anybody buying YAMAHA bike please do not opt for servicing by Yamaha people. Yamaha India people are very bad n careless. I heard from all blogs and also experienced the same.

  • Amith

    SS125 is the best….

  • Lijo kurian

    Guys after reading all reviews i decided to buy Yamaha SS 125, im looking a bike with good mileage, pickup,no vibration and good style in 125 series. please tell me friends, that my decision is right or wrong . lijo 81231045258 ,

  • Barun Dey

    Hi all,
    I’m a rookie & am planning to buy my first bike. After a lot of research, I’ve zeroed in on the following:
    1. Yamaha SS125
    2. Yamaha YBR 125
    3. Bajaj Discover 125/150
    4. Honda CB Twister
    5. Honda Shine 125
    My office is about 15 km from my home. I’ll not be going to office in my bike everyday as I take company transport. My bike will be used for weekend trips with a pillion(sometimes between 150-200 km). Expect it to run for approx. 400-500 km a month. At the same time, performance,comfort for the pillion and engine longevity is a must. My height is about 5ft 4inches and weight is about 63 kg. So height & weight of the bike is also a very important point for me.
    I think Disco 125 & SS 125 suits me most. I’m divided between the styling and performance of ss125 and the mileage of Disco 125 though. Ive heard that Shine and Disco vibrates above speed of 60km./hr. – is that true? Will SS 125 be a good choice for the long run? One of my friend who works for Honda has suggested me SS 125/ Ybr 125 but has also cautioned me about the cost of spare parts of Yamaha. Can anybody give me an idea that between SS or YBR, which one is better value for money(YBR is fairly cheaper than SS)?I’m not too keen about the top speed but initial acceleration will be welcome as I have to move within the city of Kolkata mostly.
    Now that I’ve given a fair bit of idea about my needs, I’m looking for your valuable suggestions because, I firmly believe more than the ads, its people like you who can give an honest suggestion to a first timer.
    Thanks in advance!

    • abhijeet

      Dear Friend, Disco is better for mileage, SS125 n YBR125 has the same engine n structure, but SS125 has more power. I bought YBR125 (City Mileage:50) and it is the smoothest bike I ever handled. Please test ride any bike before buying. It will give you an idea which one suits you. Twister/Shine/Diso r not so smooth.
      YBR is for taller people. SS125 appears to be comfortable for your requirements.
      Note: If you buy Yamaha bike, do not give it to authorized service center, they are not good.
      Buy any bike as per your own requirement. Do not follow.
      Good Wishes!

      • Barun Dey

        Thanks a lot for your suggestions Abhijeet!

  • Manish Bharti

    I w 125cc bilks

  • Kushal

    Prsnt discover 125 sports tourer is having dashing look and average 🙂 is to 4 value cylinder:) 🙂 so pulsar 135 light sports cancel

  • javed iqbal

    Dear readers,
    Yamaha Gladiator aka SS125 is a reliable bike . I have been using it for 3 years and has clocked 51000 KM .It has the slickest gear box and the only 125 cc bike that will not vibrate even after 90 km/hr.I get between 60-65 mileage also.Weaker sides are the cold showrooms and poor resale value.If you are looking forward for a troublefree comfortable bike,go boldly for YAMAHA 125.

  • kamal

    haha …. 125 cc battle won by 135 cc bike……..

  • binu

    hi friends,
    Now am using h.h splendor bike. but now i’ve plan to buy a new 125cc bike
    free from back height is 165cm.give me advice

  • mani