TVS launched its Flame CCVTi to compete in the 125cc segment. Right now the 125cc segment seems hot as many bikers are upgrading from 100cc. Lets review on the pros and cons of the bike and what is special about it.

TVS Flame 125cc

Flame’s design is unique, per se. But does it look good? It depends on your perception. So far people have told me that it is different but not outstanding. Some people like it and some do not admire it, but looks are just a minor aspect of biking in non-youth, non-sporty audience. People are more concerned about mileage for 100cc and 125cc bikes.The ‘shoulders’ in the tank looks like its been copied from the Hunk. I do not want to talk too much about the looks because picture speaks a 1000 words 🙂

When I took the bike for a test ride, I doubted whether it is a 125cc one. The pickup is not as good as its competitor, the Hero Honda Glamour. Although TVS claims to have incorporated a 3-valve technology instead of the regular 2 valve one, there does not seem to be a significant difference. I wish that companies will stop featuring, ‘hey this bike has this, it has that, this is better’ and instead focus on the real performance of the bike. As the famous saying goes, action speaks louder than words.

TVS has tried something new and innovative in the dashboard called the IMI – Instant Mileage Indicator. The digital console has a real time fuel efficiency indicator and lets you know the approximate mileage your bike is giving and you can adjust your riding to give the maximum mileage. Such features were available only in very high end cars till now.

Would I buy this bike? No, because in my research I have found that even though some models may be good, the service is not of good quality. This does not mean that it is the same everywhere, but I have noticed that there is not much pressure from the head office of TVS to maintain quality standards in the service centers.

The mileage of the bike in our test drive was 60 kmpl in normal city riding and upto 70 kmpl in the highways. If you want a 125cc bike, go for Glamour instead of Flame. (Hey! I am not the marketing manager of Hero Honda, but I really feel that Hero Honda bikes are much better than the other bikes in the market in terms of quality).

TVS Flame 125cc Specifications:

Top Speed: 95kph
Engine: 124.8cc, CCVTi
Maximum Power: 10.5Bhp@8250rpm
Maximum Torque: 10Nm@6000rpm
Gears: 5 Speed
Length: 2030.00 mm
Weight: 121.00 kg
Ground Clearance: 165.00 mm
Fuel Tank: 9.50 ltrs
Wheelbase: 1320.00 mm

Price: Rs.46,000

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  • Adi

    Correction : The IMI technology was originally used in the HH Glamour PGM FI so it is not a first on the Flame…

  • Ramesh Ojha

    My comment is very bad for your observation!!!
    Since your specification about FLAME is false-
    This bike is in 4 Gear Speed, with 7.5Ltrs fuel tank capacity etc.
    Like that ur other comments are also prooved FALSE.
    I am using this bike and it’s Fantastik.
    After reading ur comments it seems that TVS has not given MONEY for ur valuable words…
    Think…. more… and give right opinions.. pls
    Don’t missguide byers… pls

    • tirath

      Yes ramesh ibuy this bike after two years i faced many problem in it very viberation in body cylencer also damaged average is also not ok i sugession for all do no buy any tvs bikes.

  • Praks

    Yup..I am with you Ramesh completely…this bike is exellent yaar…but as you know how the tipical orthodox thinking of our people have…if their neighbour has bought a Hero Honda..then they will all go for Hero Honda…..I Just Love My Flame..When I ride my bike..people will start to look at my bike..wat a bike it is..

    After i’ve purchased Flame In my area..many of them has opted & recommended Flame….Good Job TVS….We are satisfied…now the monopoly of HeroHonda…has started look for some other models also..besides Onlygoing Blindly for Hero Honda….

  • Viswanadh

    Hi all,

    I am Viswanadh from Hyderabad.Actually i am willing to buy TVS Flame flattened by its looks,But every one is saying that TVS service is very bad,service people dont know how to handle it in service centres. Even some are saying that its performance is degrading per service. What i have to do now?Is it True about service? Reply me fast if u can.


    • Bipin Pandya

      Please dont Purchase this Bike. Because I have purchase this bike May-2008 within 2 years silencer break and rasted and all plastic parts getting noise. Company show its average 105 KMPL but its received in 2 liters of Petrol.

  • Deepak

    Hey Viswa, this is a real quick reply!

    Service differs from place to place. I would recommend you to visit your local TVS dealer and have a look on the quality of response and customer service in the front end. If it is good, then go ahead.

    If you are looking for 125cc bikes, why don’t you go for Stunner of Glamour.

  • Viswanadh

    Hi Deepak,
    Thanks for ur quick reply!! 🙂
    Ya i have checked it, but i cant say with much confidence that they may do good.Then i have some other questions,some are saying its worst in performance-wise,startup problems,and problems while gear shifting too… it correct? my height is 5.5″ and lean,so i cant opt for stunner r pulsar!


  • leonard

    i want to know wats the exat mileage of tvs flame cause i ve a flame bike ive problem shifting gears . how to check the mileage . please give me a genuine answer you can mail the answer to me to my mail id please reply soon

    • Nimith

      run bike in main……wen te fuel runs out check the meter reading note down kilometre(x kms) reading…den fill tank with exactly one litre…after dat note kilomnetres wen u reach reserve again(y kms)…… (y-x) will be ur mileage….run in economy mode during dis period………

  • umang


    can any one say true mileage of Flame as i want to buy it within 2 days but only if gives more than 70 kmpl else. as company demo person says me TVS claim to have more than 100 kmpl but in city it gives around 80 kmpl

  • Deepak

    Unmang, you can find customer reviews of flame at

  • Anoop Dixit

    I have purched this bike all good but have more problem in the morning it is shemfull to me it not started in the morning with kick. i tried more & more kick but it not start.if nay one have the same problem then pls suggest to what i do becoz it is myu first bike. everythig is very good in this bike but starting is Maasa alla.
    Please suggest and mail me

    • ajay

      Hi Anoop,

      I have also this bike & faceing same problem. silencer is also faulty in short the bike is faulty, i never suggest anyone to buy this bike

    • Nimith

      try with choke on in the morning…………….

  • About the review – I don’t think HH Glamour is a better option than the Flame, HH Glamour never makes any heads turn when you pass on road, Where as The flame has got the Big bike looks will make at least a few heads to turn. Test driven the bike, feels as if it’s younger brother of RTR, and the Utility box in tank is just helpful.

  • umesh

    hi, i really need to purchase a 125cc bige. can i go for flame.? what is the mileage it is providing. My height is 5.2″

  • Nadeem

    I tnk the best bike in 125cc segment is none other than TVS FLAME its having greater looks than any other 150cc.just go for TVS FLAME

  • naushad

    hi i am naushad and i disagree about ur comment,
    flame is good bike for me,bcoz i am ysed i and i know about her its good for midale class its mileage is good
    and look is very outstnding for uth

  • raajesh

    hi i think TVS FLAME is one of the better looking bike in india right now …i been using this bike for a year it is great.. in 125cc segment this is great bike to have! ((FLAME))…i never had any problem like worst in performance-wise..startup problems..and problems while gear shifting too…..for the starting problem put the choke..then self start the engine and leave it for 10 seconds so that the oil gets heated up….maintain it and enjoy the bike ((FLAME))

    this review is a FALSE observation!!

  • mayur

    hi I’m looking forward to buy tvs flame 125 ccvti , but I’m in a state of confusion about the vibration problems with the bike.

  • Amit

    Friends Hi!,
    I am using TVS FLAME from last months and yes i am not at all satisfied with the over all performance of the bike, Reasons –
    – Pickup is so weak to dought is it a 125cc or not
    – Gear Transmission is not smooth
    – Gear Ratio is also wrong if u r riding double seat its really a heal.
    – Fuel Average is Best + point
    – Starting trouble is there
    – Service major issue, though i am in Pune facing same problem
    – My advice for the people int. in 125 cc pls dont go for Flame

    All above are based on my own experience as i am using TVS Flame , WIND 125 , Splendor , Activa.

    If anyone knows the solution for my above problems pls. guide.

  • Amit

    mayur: hi I’m looking forward to buy tvs flame 125 ccvti , but I’m in a state of confusion about the vibration problems with the bike.

    Mayur Vibration problem is there but its not a great issue, major thing is over all performance , gear ratio , transmission , service , starting trouble… always think for best value for your money

  • Yash

    Hi friends,

    I have been riding flame since last 6 months but the major drawback i felt is the bad service provided by the tvs.
    The company donsnt take pains 2 improve the service. Plus the mechanics are not able to tune the bike properly and it requires frequent atendence to the service center.

    The problem which i faced is
    gear shifting noise & problems.
    Knocking frequently even at optimum speeds.
    What i was suggested was to place an extra
    Trust me it really worked & reduced the engine noise & knocking.
    Hope it helps.

  • sss

    Anoop Dixit: Hi,
    I have purched this bike all good but have more problem in the morning it is shemfull to me it not started in the morning with kick. i tried more & more kick but it not start.if nay one have the same problem then pls suggest to what i do becoz it is myu first bike. everythig is very good in this bike but starting is Maasa alla.
    Please suggest and mail me

    throw your bike

  • Rajesh Patel

    I want to buy bike of 125cc to 150cc . My budget is around 60k max. I heard honda shine having vibration problem.
    Honda stunner is very stylish i dont like much style. Herohonda Glamour having mileage problem(It is giving 35 to 45 kmpl). So, now i want to buy any one among TVS Flame, BAJAJ XCD 135cc and YAMAHA Gladiator ss. Can anyone help?

    • Nimith

      go 4 gladiator ss

  • sri

    what is ccvti , rtr and three valve working

  • bharat

    TVS bikes have starting trouble, and its very much true,
    one of my classmate has got TVS bike and he has spent very much on it but with no result, he has to put his best efforts to start the bike after the classes are over.

  • karthickram

    Hi this is karthick, i am having the TVS flame 125cc.The top speed of my bike us 110 kmph.pickup of my bike is good then hero honda glamour.if you have any question about this or any objection regarding this tell via email its true

  • suhail

    hi friends. i want to buy a bike.can any one suggest which is better, tvs flame or honda shine.

  • Shankar


    Any one please let me know what is the mileage we can expect from TVS flame Sr 125 in city roads?

  • Vijaykishen

    I am using the flame since Jan,09 and facing problems with gear shifting, pickup and mileage. Now that the twin spark technology is introduced in the new DS 125 model, will it improve the performance if the engine is suitably modified?

  • vijay

    what is the dimention of TVS Flame .. Width, Height, seat Height, Length.. Can anybody provide these information …pl.

  • udara

    Hi………… this is about tvs flame ??????
    what is the latest model — DS 125 or sr125

    • hallo

      Hi the latest Model is DS 125 , since TVS won the case against BAJAJ…. Till then TVS was selling SR 125

  • ab

    I bought a flame ds125. It had starting problems and a mileage problems too(55). I tuned the bike myself and now has no starting problem. Starts in one kick without choke and also has a mileage of 74. Nothing to beat suzuki heat though 83.

  • ab

    Again tunes now gives mileage of 78. Great bike.

  • hi

    To the above person, what did you do in the process of self-tuning ur bike..let me know yaar.. i too have the same problem

  • Mouli

    i have bought ds125 it costed 54000(on road)

    i get a mileage of 66 kmpl……….

    good and comfort

  • bijoy

    it has only 4 gears…

  • Manoj

    Hi friends

    since i read all the feed back and comments of my dearest bike FLAME. since i am using two bikes of tvs apache(from 2 years,25,000 km) and tvs flame (from 11 months 11000 km) i have no problem with the servicing of tvs motors.. the do there good job.. and satisfy the customer. but all the dealers are not specified. namely frazertown (megadooth mobikes is a worst tvs service dealer) and saying the performance of tvs flame it is a funtastic bike. I never feel any problem in flame.. the performance of tvs flame is more than 150cc bike… but little bit morning start will be the problem use choke and self start it.. it works… please dont underestimate any bike which is with us.. how we take care and ride it. the performance will be similar to that.. first learn how to take care a new vehicle … again tva flame is a funtastic marvellous bike…

    thanks and regards mail me at:(

  • Vijaykishen

    Is it possible to convert the Jan.,09 model Flame to TWIN SPARK (ie DS type) model? If so, will the performance improve? What will it cost for the modification?

  • Vijay Karla

    TVS has launched new avatar of this bike, TVS Flame DS 125 (With twin spark system).
    Does anybody knows the exact or approximate mileage of this new version of the flame? Is that starting problem eliminated from this new version of bike? What about vibrations? Do they still exist in Flame DS?

  • deep

    i want to buy flame ,, but i am in hill area is it suitable for hill ??????plz advice me

  • Rajiv

    Hello Friends,
    I own a CCVTI Flame bike and riding since last two years, some of the points said r true above as it have some vibration but u take any bike (with fiber) it will vibrate after 1 year. Mileage is great as compared to any other 125 cc bikes. Style is great too. I have some Engine problem after about 1yrs 3 months of my purchase but that was claimed in Warrantee as my servicing was regular. I have gone more than 25000 kms in 2 yrs as i love riding bike our group goes more than 400 kms a day and goes to some hilly place. i go to myanmar with this bike and climb upto 4000 ft in height in Pansuipass Mela at the border of Myanmar & India..

    Tinsukia, Assam

  • vibin

    hi i am vibin tvs flame is verr gud look so dont change model but cc change maximum. but indicator look not apperciate pls change indicator style pls

  • Mozammel

    Some one can help me to give Bajaj pulsar 135cc motor bike price in bangladeshi taka. Thanks.

  • Mozammel

    Bajaj Pulsar minimum stoke how much?


    I have purchase this bike jan-09 within 1 years silencer break and rasted and all plastic getting show is awrage-85kmpl but ist recevied in 50kmpl 1 litter of petrol.

  • abhishek

    I have a flame bike n its really good powerful bike , gadget box is very useful n unique feature in this bike specially to keep mobile n wallet safe . the only problem of noise is cos of more fiber used that i came over by putting rubber between . looks r damn good n overall a good bike , thanks TVS for adding gadget box , very useful . my bike gives average of 48 on-road .

  • manish jha

    I have a tvs flame. i always creat a problam with pick up. this is so poor bike . sound is so bed.
    and i always feel slowly. so please don,t buy bed product of tvs.


    i like this bike very much but this bike not runs success fully y? reply me………….

    • gannu

      I got flame sr125 as a b’day gift in Aug 2009, and I don’t use it much, has run less than 15k kms, but one thing is for sure, I rode it like hell. First thing you need yo know, if you need power I.e. Pickup, you must shift gears properly, for any bike… For this you must keep the engine in high revs, so when you shift to next gear the revs don’t drop considerably so you don’t lose pickup , don’t mind the engine sound , it sounds nice to me. But this way fuel economy is very much reduced. If you want good mileage, ride in medium revs and shift gears slowly. First one year, mileage was good, after that I never cared for mileage. The gear shifting is poor, use good oil. I did only 5-6 service in 2 years, since I don’t use it much frequently . The fiber makes noise after 1.5 yrs, unavoidable. Now since my warranty period is over, I am going to rebore and adjust my carb and air filters from outside mechanics. Cold start is problem, but use choke, it will start easily. And for pickup, tighten your accel cable freeplay and adjust carburetor air screw and fuel screw… Beginning mileage in city riding was around 60-65, now around 55-60 because I ride very fast, sudden acceleration and breaking. I have ridden at 100 kph, but if the winds are strong, it will be difficult to reach 80-85 kph. 0-60 In 10 seconds, under full throttle. Don’t modify or change anything in your bike before warranty period is over, that is for 2 yrs

  • Ganesh kumar

    Hi guys this is Ganesh frm Chennai, i bought this bike 2yrs back from the beginning itself i heard more noise on the engine, which is nt giving smooth ride,, if u go more than 65 or 70 u will feel more more more more….. vibration not 1ly that, pick up also too bad like 100cc bike, and also re-sell value also too low. so, PLS GUYS DON’T PURCHASE THIS BIKE ITS TOTALLY WASTE NOT AT ALL WORTH FOR HARD EARNED MONEY. IF you have idea for buy a new bike go 1ly Japanese brand like Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda they are the masters in the technology. DON’T GO TVS BRAND!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zeeshan

    pathetic bike..
    After owning for 2 has started to annoy me..
    Very bad parts quality and even worse their service center!
    Parts are of degrading quality..
    Most of engine and other parts started to rusting just 2 years..this shows their parts quality

    Everyday in morning this bike takes hell of a time to start..
    Bad pickup..
    Low Mileage..not even upto what they claim..

    Dont buy this bike…
    Still regretting decision of buying this garbage…

  • ritesh

    yes i have also bad experince

    the silncer is break within 2 year

    and not given good avcrege

    dont purchase

    look and go fot hero honda

  • Karthik.S

    IT seems like there is nothing in this bike to boast about. Its just an ordinary 125cc. I will go for SS125 which is time tested and proven bike or Glamour.

  • Anop Rajput

    Dear All,
    I want buy the TVS Flame 125cc Kindly uggest to me that my decision is right or wrong kindly reply on my E Mail ID anoprajput_woodland ASAP.
    I wait for your reply.

    ANop Rajput

  • jithin

    new dual sparking plug ds 125 model is good.this give more pikup and milage.i am using 1.3years and 16000km.till this tme no problem .i changed clutch cable only.this is very silent bike.

  • vamsi

    worst bike of the year, utter flap show , useless of spending even a penny on this bike, thanks to tvs srinivasan who had created history of discovering bike like flame without fire in it.

  • Raja

    Dear Riders,

    I want to purchase bike in 125cc segment,

    I’m confused between Glamour, Honda Shine and TVS flame.

    Need feedback…

  • Vivek

    Very nice bike with good mileage.

  • Samuel Satish

    Hi friends,

    I am using TVS Flame for quite some time, lemme point out few points about TVS Shame sorry Flame

    1. Unable to identify the mileage till now [differs]
    2. Bad quality silencer which gets rust and ll see lot of holes and cracks in it
    3. Starting problem [Bad self]
    4. All plastics ll give weird sounds while riding
    5. Engine struggle to touch 60, tough its a 125 cc engine
    6. Either plastic lid ll not close or Key ll not help to open
    7. Time in the digi meter box ll display on its own
    8. Worst and cheap switch

    1. Good bright head light
    2. Good in look

  • Pardeep

    Hi friends myself pardeep i buy this flame ds 125 in august 2011. Bike in good very smooth and great pickup flame give me milage 65 kmpl Good looking and great comfort no vibration and stating problem. Thanks tvs

  • Daljeet Singh

    Flame a crap produced by TVS..
    A wrong commitment by TVS for flame..
    My bikes silencer got damage aftr 10k kms. and engine parts are so much costly…
    Starter and bearing of self also damaged before 7k kms…
    It has got so much vibrations after 45 km speed..
    engine got dump after service within 500 kms..
    its a crap of tvs..