Hi, I am Pranav Kelkar, from Thane. I own the New refreshed Honda CBF Stunner, and I am fully satisfied with it and this is my first ever bike review. After our Kawasaki KB100 stopped roaring like it used to do early, there was a purchase decision made in my family. Finally dad agreed to buy me a new bike! And most importantly, I was going to enter the biking world with that new bike. I was a beginner in biking about 3 months ago or so. I tried Bajaj Pulsar 150 and wasn’t comfortable with it at first hand itself.

Then my Dad came up with a rule: “No 150cc & above engines” I tried convincing him but resulted in no use. But, after that I agreed to that term, looking at economical side of the stipulation one must look at Fuel Efficiency also if you have someone ‘Dear’ as pillion. Being a young blood, I hesitated on sporty looks, and performance. Finally we decided on 125cc segment but with a rule to give Fuel economy near to a 100cc, but now my task was choosing a bike which comes near 150cc in performance and Sporty looks.

The options I had shortlisted were:

  • Yamaha Gladiator
  • Honda Shine
  • Honda CBF Stunner
  • Bajaj XCD125 & XCD135
  • Suzuki Zeus
  • Hero Honda Glamour and
  • TVS Flame

After Long research, I found Gladiator, Shine and Stunner worth buying, considering both my dad’s and my needs. I personally prefer Honda and Yamaha over other companies considering the Brand, Quality of parts, and almost zero maintenance. When I personally visited showrooms of Honda and Yamaha. I was in love with the beauty of ‘Honda CBF Stunner’. Then something struck me, why would I choose shine if I have similar 125cc engine, with awesome looks and add-ons? So, my dad took a test drive of CBF Stunner, and was quite comfortable with it (it was an old model but still loved it.)

Decision Time: As the competition was really tough, with both the stunner and Gladiator had their own pro’s and con’s. We finally chose CBF Stunner over the Gladiator for many plus points which will also be discussed in the review. After all I had to choose a 125cc which comes close to 150cc in performance, and looks sexier than regular day-to-day bikes! Finally I booked Honda CBF Stunner, and paid 2k more on the price what I’d booked it for. But it wasn’t a wrong decision for sure. I got the new refreshed Honda CBF Stunner which is the First bike delivered in the state.

Honda CBF Stunner Specifications:

Displacement: 124.7cc
Engine: 4 Stroke, Air Cooled, OHC Single Cylinder
Maximum Power: 11Bhp@8000rpm
Maximum Torque: 11Nm@6500rpm
Gears: 5 Speed (1 Down-4 Up)
Weight: 128kg
Ground Clearance: 173.00 mm
Fuel Tank: 10.00 liters
Suspension (Front): Telescopic front fork suspension
Suspension (Rear): 3 step spring loaded hydraulic shock absorber with box type rectangular swing arm.
Brakes (Front): 240mm Disc
Brakes (Rear): 130mm Drum

New Features:

Tachometer: Finally something that was only owned by Premium Bikes in the past!
New Engine cowl: Pure element of Attraction.
New Graphics: Made me keep drooling over my bike.
Half Chain cover: Sporty Trend amongst the Young Generation.
Sporty RVM’s: Haven’t encountered such amazing RVM’s till date.
Black Engine theme: That’s what I was looking in for old Stunner.
Bar End weights: less Vibrations.
No Kick- Lever: Again borrowed from the premium segment.
Maintenance Free Battery: No more electrolyte topping up or leakages in the battery.
Viscous Air Filter: Less maintenance

I was very much happy and satisfied with the features I got at the price of 59k OTR. I chose the best 125cc in almost every aspect. I have completed 1000 kms till date, and I think I am the first ever reviewer of New Stunner! Here is what I feel about my machine till date.

Styling: The best looking bike in its segment. Probably the best looking bike in Indian market. Though reviews are personal again and Yamaha R15, Hero Honda Karizma and few high budget bikes are better though, but what more you want in 60k? While riding I encounter lot of questions from various people asking; “Is this a new 200cc? From where did you modify your Stunner? And what’s the cost? Whopping 80k? And more questions. The bike is a pure reason for a Head turn! I have seen very few new stunner’s on road; it feels so unique to have a machine which most of the crowd doesn’t own one now. Overall Black theme attracted me the most added with the new Engine Cowl is a cool add-on. Overall Styling is the key feature of CBF Stunner. A must have for every college hunk!

Handling: Only bike having separate Handlebars from dashboard in its segment.As I was very much in a need of a easy to handle bike and as Honda’s CBF Stunner 125 has proven it ability by winning the ‘Best Machine For New Riders award (14th Motor Cycle News (MCN) Awards.) It’s truly an easy to handle machine as both my dad and I found it very much comfortable. Separate handle makes it easy to ride in the traffic.One can turn the bike with the slightest force because there is no dead weight of the dash board and headlamps clinging on to the handle bar. Seating posture is sporty with those rear set foot pegs but even after continuous long runs the bike feels relatively comfortable. I have done a 150kms ride with pillion; it was a comfortable and joyful ride. Bike feels much planted while cornering. Both shocks are fit for their work and do their job pretty well. Fuel tank is well constructed for knee placement with which long rides are much more comfortable but being 125cc, bike isn’t much powerful, but is best in its class.

Performance: Highest bhp Churner amongst bikes available in market, in its segment. CBF Stunner roars 11BHP @ 8000rpm, with an acceleration of 0-60kmph in 5.2 seconds. Gears shift are smooth and gives exactly the same Roar I was looking out for. On the other side, the engine is not that smoother on high speeds, but for 125cc, its best one can get and I have managed to touch 105kmph.But being a new engine I’m not putting all that pressure as I feel it has to still run-in. Braking is excellent and works like charm. Another feature is the Tubeless Tires that made my Dad say yes to this beauty.

Fuel tank capacity is 10 liters having 2 liters of reserve. CBF Stunner has 5 speed-gears, which is rare in 125cc segment except the new platina. If you are at high speeds, you’ll surely think about having a 6th gear, but it’s better than having just 4 gears. As bike has a heavy-duty maintenance free battery, absence of a standard kick lever shouldn’t make you worry and neither did I. I start my bike without choke at morning, and it comes to life at first crank! Newly Added Tachometer helps in maintaining proper rpm getting utmost performance out of the engine at the right rpm. Tachometer is most wanted feature in old stunner, and Honda just got it at right time now. Stunner is basically categorized as a commuter bike, but I see nothing wrong categorizing it as a performance bike in its category. The bike comes close to gladiator in performance. But 5 gears, tubeless tires, maintenance free battery surely makes Stunner worth buying.

Mileage: My CBF Stunner has served me with about 60kmpl during city rides and very much satisfying of 65kmpl on highways. As I always try to maintain 45kmph when I’m low on fuel, I save 20% fuel by this method. Overall Mileage, though not best in its category, but is worth if you consider Stunner’s power and performance.

Few More Things about the Bike:

  • CBF Stunner has got an all Analogue dashboard, so if you are a digital Speedo-fan, it’s a big disappointment for you guys.
  • I’m quite ok with the conventional display, dashboard is all new due to new addition of Tachometer and lights enough at night.
  • Beneath the split seat, a small compartment is secured by a lock, which opens with the all-in-one key plus the compartment has a small space to accommodate, say a wallet plus a mobile which I’ve tried it. Additionally the compartment also has separate space for tool-kit and first aid kit provided by Honda.
  • Beneath the split seat, there is also a helmet lock. One doesn’t need to pay extra for a helmet lock.
  • Choke lever has a separate position.
  • Trip meter helps in calculating mileage with which I was very much impressed.
  • Rider’s seat just looks high, due to higher pillion seat, but actually is lower than Unicorn, and it ensures sporty position, which is not at all stressful.

My Verdict: CBF Stunner is a perfect blend of Style, Performance & Economy. Though it’s the costliest in its category by few thousands, but is worth a buy because of its key features. Honda has done a brilliant job by introducing this international model in India. Finally if you are looking for a bike that has awesome looks and great Fuel Efficiency (in awesome looking bikes) and great power (in 125cc category) then this one is for you, But be aware that this is not powerful enough for die hard power craver’s. If you are on a budget like Rs.60k, and want a truly great looking high performance bike in 125cc category. New Honda CBF Stunner is a must buy as I enjoy the quality!

– Pranav

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  1. Nice review. With a mileage of 60+ and hot enough looks, wonder what Honda had in mind while launching the CB Twister. No wonder there’s no ad campaign yet for the refreshed stunner….

  2. Congrats Pranav Kelkar for your new ride!!!

    And a great review of the bike too.

    I agree with you completely that the new Stunner is the best 125 cc bike there is.

  3. be aware ! The free handle may put you in trouble at any time. I think it is not for indian roads. And you shouldn’t have purchased it if your father also drives it(guess you know why?). It can’t even come close to 150 machines in terms of performance. You had better purchase a PULSAR 135. As pulsar is the king of indian roads.

  4. Congratulations on your new bike, and this is indeed the best choice that you made. Being a Honda, you dont have to worry about its reliability. It just works. Tachometer is a welcome addition to this neat package. It will be even more popular now. The bike looks more meaner and aggressive with certain additions that you have mentioned. Enjoy your rides and do post some trip logs of long drives, will be interesting to know how it performs on the highways. Thanks, enjoy riding!!

  5. A good review. But a few factual mistakes. Stunner isn’t most powerful in its class. Discover 135 makes 13.1 bhp and Pulsar 135 makes 13.5 bhp. And both are cheaper than Stunner so they definitely qualify in the same segment. Stunner is actually difficult in traffic due to big fairing and I have experienced it. The power figures are obviously nowhere near 150cc bikes. Step seat isn’t most comfortable and I have faced the pain. Overall, the bike is good but is priced too high. A 125cc bike does not deserve 60k on road price as 150cc bikes are available for 5k more.

  6. I don’t think your bike has front disc brakes like you say it does… as per the pics it looks the front brakes are drum too… Please confirm.

  7. @Anand,
    60+ mileage is just because my 45kmph funda.. otherwise it gets lowered 🙁 , and riding at 45kmph is no fun actually.. but it saves $$$ :D, CB Iwister is expected to give about 70kmpl though. I guess, there was no ad for old stunner also, neither for new, nor for twister.. HMSI just launched a new combined ad for all their two wheelers.

    thanks :p

  8. @Vijay Iyer

    I have mentioned im just considering 125cc class,and not 135/145/150cc. Also, Price is NOT decided by only CCs, R15 is a 150cc, Do u think its price is justified? there are many criterias on which price is decided. Stunner is like R15 in its class.

    My bike is Drum Brake version, cuz dad is not so comfortable with Discs. Those specs are as given by Honda. and the snap of the bike with spec-chart is shot in honda showroom,In general, disc is considered as standard.

  9. Good Choice………….but as Arvind said u’ve included abt disc in the specifications which ure machine didnt get one, no probs with that, but be sure ure not speeding up while riding in city & streets as u can’t stop the bike in secs. & also u may lose control………..it would hav better with the disc. brake, try to install one if u can…

  10. @Pranav
    I have mentioned im just considering 125cc class,and not 135/145/150cc. Also, Price is NOT decided by only CCs, R15 is a 150cc, Do u think its price is justified? there are many criterias on which price is decided. Stunner is like R15 in its class.

    OH.. wow.. donno what to say.. then why did you mention xcd135 in your list?? also Stunner is like R15!!! how do you justify that even in it’s class.. R15 beats the pants of all 150 cc bikes without any effort.. and mind you makes the 220 cc’s sweat in it’s presence. Stunner is using same engine of shine with some tuning here and there.. otherwise I don’t see anything special in that bike..

    But after all Congratulations on your new ride.. hope it’ll be a long and sweet one.

  11. @pulsar boy

    hmm, its my mistake to inclode xcd135 after mentioning xcd125.
    Stunner beats 125cc segment bikes, as R15 beats 150 segment dude.
    R15 makes 220cc sweat? XD LOL!
    Stunner has much better engine than shine, almost 1 bhp increase, better torque and better performance.(also tubeless tyres, 5th gear and what not!)
    and mate, Why many of bikers still think bikes price means Engine and CCs??
    I have listed many features which hike the price of CBF Stunner.


  13. Dear Pranav,

    Honda is well known for its world class petrol engine but we can’t ignore the other manufacturer too.

    I own Pulsar 135 LS and I am happy with the bike. It meets all my requirement giving mileage in the range of 60-70. I am really amazed with this figure of Fuel efficiency in city ride condition. Above all performance is not at cost of Fuel efficiency.

    Not only this but ride and handling is superb with eye catching looks.

    I am much worried about clutch & gear box but here comes another strange almost Honda quality (This is the part where Bajaj is lacking much compare to Competition). Smooth power transmission. Something I must note that Honda’s engine don’t make much noise and the same thing here no noise.

    All is coming at 58K only.

    If we talk about maintenance it all depends on how you ride. My one friend ride in such a way that no engine can last more than 2 years and one friend has 5 years old Platina which is still well maintained and giving average of 70 KMPL.

    So dear mind this thing and then say this is the best because today it is very difficult to maintain leadership where every month a new bike is launched.

    Last thing dedicated to Honda lover. Honda makes engine keeping horizon of 10-15 years in mind best example is Honda Activa and Hero Honda Splendour. But with Indian manufacturer pushing very hard on Technology front and constantly upgrading product not only from outside(graphics & look) but inside (Chassis and Engine) also it is getting more and more difficult to maintain leadership.




  14. @Pranav

    R15 makes 220cc sweat? XD LOL!

    Chill dude.. it certainly does. R15 does 0-100 sprint in flat 10 seconds.. pulsar 220 cc(faired version) makes it in 12-13 secs.. and one more thing it’s not about engines and cc’s.. it’s what you are getting at that price.. would you pay 60k for 100 cc bike? certainly no, right? I still wonder why you didn’t consider Pulsar 135 LS at all.. may be you didn’t take a test ride.. may be you are not comfortable buying a Bajaj.. may be you were all set for Stunner. It’s fine if Stunner serves your purpose.. but why not take it if you are getting something more for less??!!!

    • @pulsar boy
      I like d pulsor150.. but p135 sucks man dnt hv good looks… IT looks ugly frm behind as well as front.. its like a crab headlight…Stunner is far better than pulsar 135.. after 1 year the parts of pulsar makes loose SO go for stunner n nt d sucking p135

  15. All said and done, I see no reason why anyone would overlook Pulsar 135 in favor of Honda Stunner. P135 is cheap, better equipped and much more powerful.

  16. I agree that p135LS cheap , better equipped, and has better power. i still want to say, Just the engine and power things are good. Stunner is far better in looks thaN P135LS.At the time of purchase, i didnt want to risk myself by buying p135LS, Stunner is a bike experienced and recommended by masses. What if p135LS fails?
    I think we all seek for the beauty and looks in almost all things we want to own. Does p135LS has tubeless tyres? Tubeless tyres are important to have. if you mount tubeless tyres to p135LS, its price is gonna hike way above 61k.
    Basically, i didnt go for p135LS, cuz i was not comfortable buying bajaj bikes. i took advice from some bike experts too. i think its better to go for such companies, selling products which cause less maintenance. IMO , Bajaj sells cheap, and covers the cost from maintainance (in abt 5 years). Bajaj uses cheap/lower quality parts, its a fact. I knw, that why i never said Stunner is a value for money bike. Its an overall bike.

  17. @Pranav

    See that’s the point.. you are not comfortable buying a Bajaj.. save for the fact that Bajaj commands 50% of market share in 125+ segment!! you still are not comfortable buying a Bajaj!! sounds funny to me! it’s not about tubeless tyres.. there are not many two wheelers around with tubeless tyres and punctures are very rare scenario in urban areas. You didn’t even take a test ride.. I don’t believe that cheap quality crap about Bajaj. No one can maintain leadership position in a segment with cheap quality.. that’s simply not possible and for almost ten years.. it’s certainly impossible. I’m not trying to say Stunner is a bad bike or your decision is wrong. You are comfortable with Stunner and you got it.. it’s that simple.. but the way you tried to justify that by comparing it to R15.. doesn’t go down well..especially when disco 135 & pulsar 135 are available at discount to your budget.

  18. Dear Pranav,

    One thing you must note that Honda’s Maintenance is much more if you are going to use original parts.

    We also own Honda Eterno and you know every 3 months we have to spend 1000 Rs behind every service so that the vehicle run smoothly. That will 4000 rs each year within 2 years we have spent 8000 rs. All these started after it became two year old. No doubt its running good but we have to pay these expenses every year. Now let me tell what’s difference if you speak about quality wear and tear parts must be changed regardless of company.

    Do you think pulsar would have sustained leadership in the market if Bajaj had used low quality parts.




  19. Bajaj bikes sells more ,that doesnt mean they are best bikes. for an example, Parle-G is a largest selling biscuit. Does that mean its better than hide-n-seek?
    I still dont see anything wrong if i call Stunner as R15 in 125cc category.
    R15 #1 looker and #1 performer and hence costliest in 150cc segment.
    So is Stunner, in 125c segment.

  20. All right Pranav. I like my Discover 135 and you like your Stunner. Nothing wrong in it. Whats important is that the bike is maintained properly and taken care of. Have a nice time with your bike n happy riding!!

  21. @Pranav

    That was clever comparision.. biscuits to bikes.. lol..
    compare apples to apples man.. how about Honda Unicorn to Bajaj Pulsar 150cc?? or any other 2-valve 150 cc to Pulsar 150cc..does that make sense to you?? despite Honda’s chest beating about “I enjoy quality” Pulsar is still the best selling 150cc in the country till date!! mind you it’s not the cheapest 150cc around, it’s certainly costlier than Unicorn.. and what do you mean largest selling doesn’t mean best..then least selling is best?? or the one which is priced out of segment is best?? (leave out R-15 here.. the kind of technology built into that bike puts it altogether in a different league– and that’s why it can give a run for 220 cc bikes and pricey as well..so if you only consider 2-valve engines). The fact is Pulsar is best.. for what a 150 has to offer.. atleast for majority of buyers.. if not for you. One thing you have to always remember is “You can’t argue against success”.

  22. 0-60 in 5.2 sec not possible
    @pulsar boy r15 doesnt do 0-100 in 10 secs…only wid racing kits it is marginally faster dan p220 arnd 13secs

  23. Prasad tu sala sabse bada chutaa hai bajaj not parle-G biscuit don’t compare ………..bajaj
    honad kaya hai re india mai.. bike to kuch bagti hai nahi … vo shod perfoumas hai kya ??? aur comoare kar raha hai r15 oukat hai kya !!!!
    jo such hai vo such hai……….
    aur bajaj gand mar dega.. dega nahi mar raha hai. hond ki aur sabake ke samene mar raha hai hid -nseek nahi khel raha…….

  24. Hi Pranav, You cant simply say Stunner is like R15 in 125CC Segment, Have you ever Heard of R125, Thats a real R15 in 125cc Class.

  25. @pulsar boy

    in my honext opinion, best selling is Not best, best means best, period.
    its fine, you like bajaj bikes, fine with it. i like non-bajaj bikes. fine with it too. This is my own userreview with personal opinions, might be wrong. But still i havent seen better bike than stunner in 125cc and less, category.


    Thats what company has specified. I dont want to try that out myself, I love my bike 😛


    Mate, You have a beautiful language. cheers to your language, and your knowledge.

    I wonder how, who and why that comment got approved??

  26. you kids dont fight here..
    go out and ride your so called “best” bikes..
    saala jab dekho..jhagda..like kids..
    mera bike best..tera bike best..
    what frivolous activity..

  27. @Pranav

    LOL.. what a loser… prefer splendor over Pulsar.. absolutely love it..
    and by the way you might have heard of this.. “Honda – of uncles.. by uncles.. for uncles”
    Now I get it.. you just can’t take that there are better bikes than the one you got. Get a life.. loser.

    “looks very bad!!” so that’s another reason to degrade the bike you didn’t buy anyway.. what a loser… One of your pals might have got Pulsar 135.. go take a ride.. Then feel like uncle on your beautiful Stunner!!

  28. @pulsarboy

    i have tried p1235LS, it isnt comfortable as stunner at all.

    I prefer good looking bike.. so Stunner anyday, over p135LS.
    And yes, Splendor is simple, where p135LS is ugly duckling.
    I do not degrade bikes i havent bought .. its your fallacy.
    I love gladiator. And if Stunner didnt exist at all. i wouldve bought gladiator over p135LS. Gladiator is very good for touring , even stunner is very good, many people have toured Leh-Ladakh on stunner comfortably. P135LS sucks big time on touring.
    Accept the facts. Or just wander around calling other peoples loosers.

    • my brother’s p135ls gives 42kmph…n my stunner gives me 58kmph on city road…so just fuck you p135ls…nd its parts is very low quality…Bajaj sucks…

  29. Hey Pranav,

    Please read the Feb 2010 issues of Bike India and Overdrive magazines.

    The Pulsar 135LS beats the 125 cc CBF Stunner and also the 150 cc Honda Unicorn and 153 cc Yamaha FZ16 in the performance comparos done by those magazines with V-BOX!!

    What say now?

  30. @Pranav..

    Chill kiddo.. Pulsar 135LS is a new bike.. and hardly 3 months have passed since it’s release. Nobody said it’s a tourer.. and nor is your stunner.. of course people can go tours even on a star city.. tvs scooty.. just to prove a point. But the truth is they are not tourers in the true spirit.. Can your stunner touch three figures on the speedo.. let alone three figures.. can it maintain 90 without losing breath?? P135LS can do that.. It’s you who has to accept the facts.. lift your head from where you buried it.. and just go through some reviews that came on Pulsar 135 LS..

  31. Dear Pranav,

    Following is quote from BS motoring

    Bajaj’s latest offering in the sports segment, the Pulsar 135LS, is a huge hit with a record 50,000 units sold in its first 75 days since launch. This is a new volume benchmark for any performance bike launch in this country.
    The Pulsar 135LS, where LS stands for Light Sports, is available at a price of Rs 51,000 (ex-showroom Delhi).

    The Pulsar 135LS has been the most appreciated bike by Auto-Experts this year. S. Sridhar, CEO-2Wh, Bajaj Auto Ltd, said: “With the launch of the Pulsar 135LS, our aim was to democratise the thrill of biking by making performance accessible. Not only have expert bikers and specialist auto magazines and channels greatly appreciated the bike, the response from customers too has been overwhelming.”

    Pulsar 135LS is powered with a state of the art 4-valve DTS-i engine delivering 13.5 Ps power. With its chiseled lines and aggressive stance, a sporty split-seat, aluminum clip-on handlebars and a host of other features propel the 135cc Pulsar to deliver a power packed performance

    Another quote from economic times

    MUMBAI: Two-wheeler major Bajaj Auto today said it has set a record by selling 5,00,000-units of its new model Discover DTS-Si in 225


    The auto-giant’s new offering in the 100 cc segment has also carved a leadership position in West Bengal and the entire North-East region by becoming the highest selling brand in the overall two-wheeler category, a company press release stated here.

    “The twin successes of the 100cc Discover DTS-Si and also the recently-launched Pulsar 135 LS has boosted our marketshare to 27.3 per cent in February,” Bajaj Auto’s Chief Executive Oficer (Two Wheeler) S Sridhar said.

    “We were unable to meet the demand in February and there was a stock-out situation in some dealerships,” Sridhar added.

    Discover DTS-Si was launched in July last year. The company has already ramped-up production from the earlier 75,000 units to 1-lakh units per month to meet demand, the release said.



    Mahavir Kothari

    • That’s what i am saying.. every one buys pulsar these days…& street are full with pulsars..

      so what makes ur pulsar unique?

  32. @pulsar boy

    Well, I said it at first, Pulsar135 looks ugly..
    I wont put 60k on a thing which looks bad though it has good performance.

    Imagine “Bajaj CT100” having 180cc , 17bhp power at the cost of 75k..
    Would anyone here buy such CT100? over other bikes in 180 segment available in market???

    I never said Stunner is better than p135LS in performance. I know P135LS performs good. But Stunner is not that bad in comparison to it.

    I have touched 105 kmph on my Stunner, that too for constant 1-2 minutes.Nothing like loosing breaths and all. First of all, Im just comparing 125cc bikes and not 125+ bikes.

    i have personally tried p135LS, and i didnt feel any large noticable difference. It has lil more power and a typical bajaj roaring sound. I prefer Honda’s smooth engines lol

  33. here is short comparison to stop this fight between pulsar boy and pranav. 1)all of us know about honda engines smoothness but the india youngs find a thrill in the sound made by their bike , so riding such a honda engine feels like driving an activa. 2)stunner is one of the most beautiful bikes in india but we should know that it is not a scooty and boys don’t want beautiful looks, they want their bike to look a monster (thats why we see so much black pulsar).
    3)you said that free handle bar makes handling easy but if it is true then why only four bikes having this???? The truth is that it makes handling very difficult and also it looks ugly in stunner. 4)anybody who says that the quality of bajaj bikes is cheap ,they should once get the stunner fall , you will found all the fairing broken it will cost you about 5k . 5)however good stunner may be but it can not finish the love for pulsars in indian youth. 6)when you tell anybody that you have a PULSAR he/she gets impressed but when you tell that you have a Stunner , he puts some pressure on mind then ask you WHAT THE HELL IS STUNNER?
    7)stunner’s design make it uncomfortable for city ride and little 125cc engine through it out of the performance category. So what is the right use of this machine?
    8)when you stop at red light , people impress by your stunner’s style but when the signal is green , they laugh at you . When they see your stunner , from their rear view mirror ,weeping to come near pulsar’s rear tyre (overtaking pulsar is just a dream of stunner owner).
    9)now the serious thing that the lake of digital meter and led tail lamp is very big disadvantage .
    I REQUEST PULSAR BOY TO WRITE A TEST RIDE REVIEW OF PULSAR 135 AND NEW 150 UG4.With some good pictures. AT BIKEADVICE TO PREVENT OTHERS BY REPEATING THE SAME MISTAKE Done by pranav. Please tell me what you think about my comment !!!!

  34. @ Raj.

    1) Right.

    But i do not like to rape a bike which im gonna buy. Different people, Different views. All are right.

    2) Right.

    But i do not like monsterous bikes, Again, Different people, Different choices 🙂

    3) WRONG!

    Only four bike have such handlebar, means its not comfortable? lol! There are few bikes having Fuel Injection. So does that mean FI is a fail? I enjoy Uniqueness 🙂

    4) WRONG!

    Ask some bike-experts, Parts used by Bajaj are cheaper than honda’s and yamaha’s . Its a fact.
    And stunner’s fairing cost Rs.500/-(For both sides! Amazingly cheap , isnt it?? )
    I have confirmed it from showroom.

    5) Right.

    Bajaj’s marketing is amazing! And i never said pulsar’s performance is lesser than stunner. STOP COMPARING PULSARS AND STUNNER over performance. Pulsar is definately a better performer. Though 135LS is close to stunner. 150 180 200 220 Are uncomparable..

    6) RIGHT.

    Nowadays, Pulsars are so common, even wadapavwala has it.
    I enjoy the uniqueness 🙂

    7) WRONG.

    I leave in mumbai, crowdest city in india. I really do not find it difficult to ride it. though i feel like having more power as im also a young blood. i agree that 125cc is not that powerful, i have mentioned that in my review.


    11bHP is goodenough power.
    Nobody laughs lol.
    “overtaking pulsar is just a dream of stunner owner” Again comparing stunner and pulsar.. WTF LOL
    We have many other better dreams than raping the bike we own with racing with the bunch of morons 🙂

    9) Right.

    Its a disappointment. I have mentioned it in my review too 🙂

    “MISTAKE Done by pranav” lol its your fallacy, i have replied to every fallacy clearly, pointwise, appropriately.



  35. Hey Raj, Your comment is too much biased towards Bajaj. If in case Pranav starts to Hate his Stunner after reading your Comment then he can sell his bike without much difference to the Price he has invested. An Year old stunner will cost you anywhere between 40-50K, Where as an Year old P220Dtsfi will yield you <55K only. And this Reliability is the only factor in which Stunner out performs Pulsar's.So Pros and Cons are in the way to think. Lets Put a Stop to this and enjoy BIKING.

  36. pranav don’t you know that k stands for thousand not for hundred . Example : 5k means 5000/- . I think now you understood very well. And what a punishment you gave your father by making him ride a red stunner…….! the seat for pillion rider is just horrible. Well your (father’s) money your decision but the true thing is that stunner is not a successful bike in indian market.

  37. hey Pranav

    if something is cheap doesn’t mean it’s of less quality.. Honda is using this mindset of Indians to it’s advantage. Go and check spare parts cost of Honda.. they are costly (very).

    @Captain Obvious..

    resale value of Honda bikes is high.. agreed.. why don’t you try to buy a second hand Karizma.. it will also come for <55k.

    Brand commands a premium in resale value.. so it's not actual product. As of now Bajaj lags in this space.. with time it'll catch up, we shouldn't forget that Bajaj was a late entrant to bikes.

    • Hey PULSAR BOY!

      I want to tell one thing about your pulsar.

      Many people had died in my city due to this bike called “pulsar”. Because of its power. Even I had driven this pulsar bikes and yes I agree, it has high performance. But, this is not European country or U.S.

      This is India. Safety is first more than speed.

      SPEED THRILLS, BUT KILLS. – (These words were written in an auto)

      Drive safe and reach home safely, because people who loves you must not miss you due to some man made machines.

      It is designed for your transportation. It must not destroy your life.

      Yes, Every bikes has its disadvantages. I believe every bikes has its advantages and disadvantages.

      I am lover of cars, but seeing you guys fighted for your bikes, I just posted these advices to all.

      And all of you enjoy your ride and drive safely.

      THANK YOU.

  38. Dear Pranav,

    Hero honda splendour sold more than 11 million units in the market.

    Honda Activa still dominating Scooter segment.

    Would you say every wadapavwala has that?

    If you talk about uniqueness I will definitely look after your bike if you have Honda CBF 1000, Kawasaki Ninja, Suzuki Hybusa, Suzuki 1600 GSX R, Yamaha YZF R6, Harly Davidson which is well known for vtwin engine.

    And now most of above bikes are available in India.

    Honda is well known for ergonomics as well nothing has to speak about ride, handling and engine. Overall it is designed by world class engineers.

    But please let it stop here we will not get anything out of this discussion. Be professional and use very diplomatic language rather then engaging into discussion. Give true and fair view with support of the Data which you can take from megazines, Newspaper, Auto Experts column because nobody can argue on that.




  39. After all the stunner is rollin in european roads as CBF125.Its a global bike..and it s delivered as it is sold globally..nothin can beat it..

  40. Well, after all this discussion, i think commenting here is pointless, even though we are talkiing about an international bike, which is full of quality, we ahve a bunch of biased pulsar maniacs here, who think pulsars are better than any bike lol

    pulsar135LS may have more power than stunner, but is an unstable XCD.. bajaj might be thinking it can attract youth by branding its new XCD as pulsar and giving it more power than stunner. But its weight is lesser than stunner.. The bikeis unstable at high speeds.. i appreciate that it has more power, but is unrequired if you consider its kerb weight.. nevermind..
    Im used to crowded biased pulsa walas.. haha..

  41. its not charismatic….its hero honda karizma-tic….lol…btw i am stunner supporter….pulsar looks good i feel but its a lil ruf….thats wat i felt….

  42. Many say stunner is ‘copy’ OF Karizma.

    Let me clear few things. Karizma is a prodcut of Hero Honda.
    Hero Honda is a collabration of Hero?( a cycle company) and Honda.
    All HH bikes get Honda engines. like CBZ Extreme, Hunk, Achever and few more got engine lifted from Honda Unicorn. So basically Honda is the backbone for HH bikes.

    CBF Stunner is derived From CBF1000 , And not Karizma.

    Actually Karizma is possiblY derived from CBF1000.
    CBF1000: http://www.disuperbikes.co.uk/images/Road%20Bike%20Links/CBF%201000.JPG

    So dnt say Stunner is copied from karizma. Karizma is copied from CBF1000,so as stunner is copied from cbf1000. Actuall ‘derived’ word suits more cause all the things of borrowing and all is happening within same company , Honda.

    check Honda CBR1000R, http://motoaus.com/images/stories/Hondacbr2008/cbr1000r-2008-honda.jpg

    Yamaha has Copied its design into its FZ-S..

    Now that is called a copy 😀 😀

  43. Dear Pranav,

    Great Going! now you got the valid point to fightback. I appreciate this.

    Some quotes from mydigittraffice.com for you to clear the doubt about If pulsar 135 LS fails?

    Bajaj Auto, India’s second largest two wheeler maker by sales, on Monday said its latest Pulsar 135cc light sports motorcycle launched in December last year, has become the second largest selling bike in performance segment within 100 days of its launch.

    At present, the company’s Pulsar 150cc bike is the number one brand in the performance segment, selling over 26,000 units per month. “The Pulsar 135 is selling around 25,000 vehicles every month, boosting the volumes of the Pulsar family to 70,000 units, including exports per month in the domestic market”, S Sridhar, chief executive officer, two-wheeler, Bajaj Auto, told Financial Chronicle.

    The motorcycle has helped Bajaj to completely dominate the performance segment, he added. Last year, the company sold on an average 45,000 units of Pulsar bikes.

    “Pulsar 135cc and Pulsar 150cc have hit high sales growth, completely dominating the premium motorcycle segment,” Sridhar said.

    He said the overwhelming response from the college-going buyers had contributed in achieving the sales landmark.

    “The Pulsar 135’s cutting-edge technology combined with great looks, features and performance will help us to cross sale of one million mark of Pulsar brands in the financial year 10-11,” Sridhar said.

    According to Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (Siam), in the motorcycle segment of engine capacity between 125cc and less than 250cc, Bajaj Auto sold 761,993 units between April and February this financial year, compared to its rival Hero Honda’s 213,743 units.

    In February 2010, Bajaj Auto sold 75,679 units and Hero Honda sold 23,712 units in this segment.

    The total size of this segment in February stood at 165,779 units and in the present fiscal to February it stood at 1,674,287 units.



    Mahavir Kothari

  44. @mahavir kothari

    bajaj’s marketting is awesome. Branding new XCD as a pulsar was a great move.
    Pulsar135LS sells awesome! im not surprised at all..
    But what was the main purpose of your post? waht it signifies? when did i say pulsar135LS fails?
    huge sells doesnt mean its good..
    though its good in performance, but not that good considering its performance level and its kerb weight.

    • Xcd 135 and Pulsar 135 are far different. only side farings and taillights are same.

      Pulsar is 4 valve, 13.5 bhp, xcd is 2 valve and 10.5 bhp.

      You know nothing!!!!!!!!!!

  45. @ captain obvious.
    I know fzs is picked from FZ. But i think FZ is oicked from CBR1000R
    i havent checked details. as such bikes are just a dream to have/ride 😀

    acc to your first link, Link itself says its a 2009 model.

    FZ’s wiki link shows the pics ike YZF series(full fairing) and not naked FZ series.
    So its still unknown to me (from links you shared) that which came first. CBR1000R or FZ ?

  46. Dear Pranav,

    First i will clear your doubt. This what you said before.

    I agree that p135LS cheap , better equipped, and has better power. i still want to say, Just the engine and power things are good. Stunner is far better in looks thaN P135LS.At the time of purchase, i didnt want to risk myself by buying p135LS, Stunner is a bike experienced and recommended by masses. What if p135LS fails?

    This is just power of branding if the same bike would come under XCD Sprint it would have not done that much well what pulsar 135 LS is doing. Today pulsar and discover is giving very tough fight to Hero Honda Splendour and passion. Bajaj is facing stock out situation.

    But pulsar brand name is so established in the Indian market that nobody can beat it even bajaj knows that it survive due to pulsar only which is all indigenous product.

    Believe me only bajaj got guts to fight against Honda at international level. Soon you will see First indigenous V-twin engine from bajaj.



    Mahavir Kothari

  47. Kudos to bajaj even im proud to see an indian company to set such goals..

    But when it comes to a common man buying a bike having conditions like i had.. i would say NO to bajaj..
    cheap price and then big maintenance..
    Honda > bajaj
    to me.

  48. Dear Pranav,

    You are right we can’t change anyone’s mindset. That’s what India is! That’s why splendour and pulsar are leader in their respective market.

    I am waiting for the day when any bike or scooter will come up and break the sales record of these two bikes and our beloved Honda Activa.



    Mahavir Kothari

  49. @Hari

    yes, even m getting less mileage after 1st servicing..
    im getting about 52-53 now..
    i have completed 1500kms .. i think till 2nd servicing, it will be like 1700kms.. i hope it gets better after 2nd one 🙂

    i have done numerous long drives in these 1500kms.. Completely testing abilities of my machine.. it needs a good refreshing servicing now 🙂

  50. I feel vibrations between 55-65.. thats just obvious. the engine is 125cc..
    Every bike has its resonant frequency.. Thus it vibrates.. after 65 the bike is smooth till 90.. After 90 to 105 engine Roars!! with a bit of loosing its breath..

  51. hi pranav

    i also purchased black grey refreshed stunner on 24 march at ludhiana punjab.


    amazingly i was confounded with same choices like u and same budget limitations like u . but my basic criteria was a 125cc engine and a 5th gear. looks came second. then came price. now what makes this situation interesting. as i rode 100cc HH passion earlier for 6 years and i loved it but always felt the need of bit more power and a 5 gear, so i decided to buy a new one. Now my collegue brought a bajaj 135 dtsi model recently and it is very good bike, i rode it many times and felt engine and power was great and a nice cool digital speedeo too but looks wise didnt capture my heart. so then i checked out 135 ls pulsar hmmm… lots of praises in press, reviews, news shows and also got a great package like digital speedeo,new engine,new looks etc but didint looked right to me. AND final nail in coffin was the rear mudguard OMG! UGLY plain UGLY. it reminded me of back of old my bajaj sunny scooty which i truly hated it .

    even then i didnt had a final decision so i took advice from very neutral person who has very little knowledge of bikes and automobiles. My mom. yes its true.

    i took her to showroom and showed her all bajajs, honda stunners. and she said something very useful and interesting:-

    well buy something which u like and which looks worth the money u spent not just bcoz it has some few gizmos in it. how would u like when got a bike which rides well but looks not worth the money and u look a fool with it.

    then she asked me if stunner is in contention?

    i said yes,

    then she said it looks nice and worth the money u’ll spend on it.

    well that was how i picked my bike.

    and for rest of all pulsar maniacs, yes pulsars are good but … its like falling in love with ur bike. and i fell for stunner and it hasn’t failed to impress me yet.

    cheers pranav

  52. @malkeet singh

    Thats a good decision 😉
    Im sure you wont regret your decision of buying this bike with international standard, recognition and quality.
    More aggressive power is not always required, its the performance and duration of delivering it, is much more important, that too, in average speeds.
    Congrats for your New Machine 🙂


    • H Pranav,

      Since you have completed one year with Honda Stunner, i would like to know few things from you.

      1) what is mileage that you are geting now.
      2) Do you feel the need of kick start? (during rainy or winter season)
      3) Kindly provide me some information about its maintenance.
      4) How is the after sales service in your area.
      5) Also do you think that Yahama SZR which almost the same cost (65K) and more or less same mileage (55 -60) and less maintenance, would be a better choice? SS125 is 62K so SZR is better as i feel.

      My mail id is jigargangar@gmail.com.

      Please reply, as i am planing to buy soon


  53. guys,. i too own this bike,. its jus amazing,. u get a good rider seating position,.. and its really comfortable. for city riding,..gear shift is really smooth,..overall,. a nice smooth bike,. for this segment,.

  54. I came here for a review of new Honda stunner cbf 2010. After reading all the comments and reviews. Here is my decision I AM BUYING THE STUNNER

  55. Hey pranav grt to hear abt the bike CBF STUNNER. but wats d diff btwn pgm-fi n normal stunner? now wat milleage u r getting.
    n will it really vibrate at speed of 60+….
    how is ur dad’s or any girl’s feeling after seating on pillon seat?
    as am also thinking like u to have a bike with restrictions from home….. suggest me dear………

    I already own a bajaj discover 115cc (2007). really fedup of dt bike no comfort of bike if u ride constly for 40km but milleage is good abt 70kmpl. but if u go cross of 40 kmph continously lower back bone starts paining terribly. no sudden pickup at all wn needed.starts vibration after 55+.

  56. Baracuda,.. cheers for entering HONDA FMLY,.. B a proud owner of the honda stunner,. u can see pple gvng a stare at u whn u start riding ur stunner,. never own an pulsar,.. u dont need a horn in a pulsar coz,.. inspite if the loud horns in the indian traffic,. pple can still hear the gear box of an PULSAR RATTLING,…2 d core,..

  57. @ananth

    PGM-Fi is fuel injected, its very costly, and in my opiniojn, not really needed for indian roads.

    Go for carb version (the one i own) cuz now there is hardly any difference apart from Fuel injunction..

    Bike vibrates a lil at 60ish speed, but vibrations are very much reduced due to handlebar weights.

    Vibration of bike in some speed-range is totally normal, And every bike has vibration range, due to its own resonant frequency.
    After 70-75, stunner’s vibration reduces as compared to at 60.

    And dont forget its 125cc bike afterall, You cant really expect 200cc performance.

    Dad n all girls sitting behind me are very much comfortable :p
    Pillion has wide view at the road.. so that he is aware of the situation and feels comfortable.
    My mom is 4’10” and daily sits on my bike 😉

    Im getting about 60ish mileage.

    CBF Stunner is a great overall package ..

    And dont forget, Its HONDA Afterall 😉

  58. i bought the bike today. good pick up. great looks . one thing though the dealer was an asshole. poor customer handling. and some tuning problems r there. my bike dies if i leave the throttle idle. any suggestions ?

  59. @Barracuda

    Obviously its gonna die if u leave the throttle idle.
    If u drive ur bike say for 1km while starting your day’s driving.. then if u stop at once, then start ur bike again, it wont die on idle.
    Engine needs to get lil hot and used to.. at early morning, Engine is calm and cool, so it dies if you keep it on idle.
    Thats perfectly normal. Dont use choke unless you live in extreme cold conditions.. My bike starts at first push at eletric start.
    Biek can be tuned so that it remains On in idle, But i think its not really required.. If u runin ur bike for sometime, it stays on idle for minutes without throttle 🙂

  60. guys i own dis bike for last 1 month all features are good.
    my bike hav also crossed 1500km and i have also touched a top speed of 95-100 kmph but only thing which is missing in dis bike is rear disc brake.
    honda has also launched a new bike called cb unicorn dazzler
    which has dis feature so plyz suggest me how can i put rear disc brake in my bike.
    i live in mumbai eastern suburbs.
    plyz guys if u know any good mechanic who can help in putting rear disc brake 2 my bike den plyz give me his information and contact no.
    or mail me his information on my email id prasad.gawkar@gmail.com

  61. very good review….
    how much tym you have wasted oops…how much tym you have used to write such a long n interesting review…
    Really I liked it…

  62. @ pranav.
    Hi pranav now i own a new cbf stunner of date 06-05-2010. bike is really awesome.liked a lot while driving single goooood controlling. removed d rare view mirrors bcoz dy making out of d bike.more out dn dt of handle.

  63. @ashish
    It took me like 20-25 mins to write it 🙂
    Im kinda used to write long posts yeah lol

    Rear view mirrors are MUST!
    If you dont like stunner’s mirrors, then buy Apache’s
    But mirrors are MUST for your safety 🙂

  64. hi pranaav

    i wanna buy a new bike & i am looking to buy stunner but ‘m litle bit confused about mileage & lack of kick start.

    my friend have stunner & his bike give mileage of 48kmph & my some other friends also told me the same & does the lack of kick start create any problem?????

  65. Honda is known for it’s quality world wide & honda stunner their new bike sport segment it’s good to ride b’coz i am a proud owner

  66. i wanna buy a new bike & i am looking to buy stunner but ‘m litle bit confused about mileage & lack of kick start.

    my friend have stunner & his bike give mileage of 48kmph & my some other friends also told me the same & does the lack of kick start create any problem?????

  67. I own stunner 2010 8 months ago… superb engine. After 80 kmph it will gives you vibrations. I live in Bangladesh due to traffic jam we can’t keep more than 60kmph. So as a college student its perfect. It’s my first bike so I fell down quite times. Now the body kit keep making noise when riding.
    I’m gonna fix it soon. Millage is decent. Superb riding position. Won’t give you back pain. It is better than pulsar 135ls. Bajaj is lack of quality. If you wanna smooth riding than go after Stunner.

  68. I am from Sri Lanka. I just bought a Stunner 125 after reading all the reviews on BikeAdvice.i’m very happy with the bike, but i have one problem, i ware a full face helmet and girls call me big brother, when i remove my helmet they call me Uncle,(iam 56 years old and still young at heart) My moto is 4wheels moves the body,2 wheels moves the soul.

  69. i want to bay a bike in 125 cc segment,so stunner is absolutely fine with my requirements.and thanks for your advise.
    but in new stunner bike,company remove the kick,so is there any problem regarding self start with battery.

    one of my friend have pulser 220 cc with out kick,& now he faces the starting problem due to bad wireing.is there any kind off problem do u face in ur bike..?

  70. See Pranav Your choice is good that guys look performance and u like looks k dont mind its uncomparable b/w bajaja and stunner k just leave it ur choice is urs and der choice is ders but stunner is a gud bike…

  71. My first Indian Bike was a TVS GLX 125, next i went in for a TVS Flame, I just bought a CBF Stunner and have done only 2000kms, but i must say its the best bike i ever rode in the 125 segment.Sri Lanka Roads are like the roads in India.

  72. I have a HONDA STUNNER CBF 125CC NEW BIKE. that is great bike. easy control and many sporty look. as well as fuel economy is good. km-pl. this bike for good on srilankan road.

  73. itz awsome bike…
    finally i had it…..
    on my 1st service.bike gave me an average of 64kmpl on highway,,the figures are true…

  74. I have purchased honda shine recently. It has so many problems in engine. A jammed sensation and vibration disappointed me,- never expected this from honda.

  75. Guys… I own a Stunner (New Version) crossed almost 14k Kms.it is Obviuos that the bike is Stunning for its Sexy Sharp looks and riding Quality 🙂 I would always ride the bike at an average speed between 60 to 70 Kmph. It gives me a solid mileage between 55 to 60 KMPL. I just wanted to share with you one thing which i noticed recently. Handle Bar Vibrates after 60 KMPH with the mirrors fixed on both sides. Please try riding the bike without side mirrors as it reduces much more vibrations,makes it feel easy and lighter 🙂

  76. i want to buy a stunner…but few ppl are suggesting to buy unicorn..which one shud i go for ???
    please help….is stunner more cheaper?…i would like the bike to stay with me for long and long…which one gives more mileage?…say i wud ride it every day for around 15kms at 55km/hr max…

  77. Hey,stunner & honda lovers…….please check the new color launmched for stunner by honda web site…..i love to buy this bike awesome color Candy palm green StunnerCBF……i will book on the day after tomorrow,after that 10 or 12 days to take it…..

    Also thanx to Pranav & all other bike lovers…..your review & comments are very usefull to decide…………Tkae care.

  78. yaar pulsar or honda,…i think its the biker on whom the love for his or her ride depends morover,…whats the use,look at it,pulsar lacks quite features where honda excels,such as sleek engine,tubeless tires,…and ultimately its a HONDA,…well i dont mean pulsar is useless but many cant afford it coz of its cost and also after sales economy in which pulsar is poor,.thats where honda is strong in, I think getting a 60-65 kmpl in a sporty bike is better than getting 50-55 kmpl on city traffic,..no one races here and i hope no one should.

  79. pulsar “THE MOST UNSAFEST BIKE OF THE YEAR” will be causes the youth to become speed demons and then crash ,not even having tubeless tires,gives 50-55 kmpl on city traffic,…

  80. hiiii dude……. nice review. n most of them are saying lot about pusar but they dont know that bajaj needs more maintenance the honda.and after all honda rules dude

  81. Ya i own cbf stunner 2 yrs ago ,it vibrates at 60’s nd ,self start is giving much more probs,beter think bfor buying,i dnt want u 2 do the same mistakes what i did ,dont go for d luks only


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