With the market getting hotter from every nook and corner with some sizzling products in offering, it is important that we move ahead in the technology department as well and not just a permutation and combination of the same old tech implementations on different versions. In the same bid, Honda launched a scintillating looking Fuel Injected version of Stunner a few months back which was unveiled at a grand function where two bigwigs also made to the curtains, the naked monster CB1000R and the super sexy streetfighter CBR1000RR

Honda Stunner PGM-Fi

With the presence of such massively accorded bikes many would feel a small 125cc bike would get overshadowed, but contrary to this perceived notion, it held onto its own with a distinct appeal and a glorious aura. Lets dig out what difference had a Fuel Injector made to the overall behavior of the bike from its elder sibling.

STYLING, BUILD AND DESIGN: I am yet to come across a sane man who doesn’t like the looks of the carbed Stunner and then what better when it comes in different and more appealing clothes. Essentially, Stunner PGM-Fi remains the same old body with changes in the overall designing and colors. The linearity of the whole bike is maintained with lines flowing in a particular well defined manner. Even the contours are pretty well sorted out. The uniformity of the design, right from the fiery front fairing all the way uptill an upswept tail surely reflects the detailed eye which went into the making of the bike.

The bike comes in two tone paint scheme borrowed from the liter class sibling CBR Fireblade and needless to say they look simply superb. The front fairing is indeed the best looking perfect fit on any semi faired bike in India and doenst look an odd fitting as is the case with some of the bikes in the market. Honda has decided to deploy two color tones of the CBR series, the CBR Red and CBR Silver Metallic on this 125 cc machine and the bike certainly oozes out style in both of these color tones especially the metallic red complements the overall theme pretty well.

Honda Stunner PGM-Fi (4)

The rear shock absorbers are also painted red which, incidentally, look good. Seating posture is sporty with those rear set footpegs but even after continuous long runs the bike feels relatively comfortable. The seating is split type and broad enough to accommodate even fatter butts comfortably. Handle bars are the same high placed ones as the older stunner which also aids to the comfortable seating posture.

The engine gets a golden treatment which lets the bike exude a lot of class. The bike now sports a half chain cover to add to the sporty feel along with a premium key and a maintenance free battery. Build quality is top notch with very little to complain about. Paint quality is one of the best we have seen on Indian bikes and the fit and finish is just awesome. As a design element, the bike also gets a silver finish heat shield instead of the chrome plated one on the carbed Stunner. Overall, we would class this bike as one of the best looking bikes in the country.

Styling, Build and Design – 8/10

RIDE & HANDLING: The bike runs on the same Diamond frame as the earlier Stunner. The overall chassis and suspension setup remains the same which means that this bike also handles like a dream and cornering is a cake walk on this fantastic setup. On the contrary, ride quality of the bike is not as plush as some others in this engine segment (read Yamaha Gladiator) but still is pretty decent. What we would like Bajaj to learn from Honda is how they design their knee recesses. On the Pulsar 220, driver’s knees have a hard time with that semi fairing, as it touches them causing a displeasing irk especially on long runs for people who are a little long on scale. On the contrary, Stunners knee recess has been so well sculpted that it can accommodate any normal to large knees with absolute perfection.

Honda Stunner PGM-Fi (3)

Zipping through the traffic on this bike is not as easy as (say) its other sibling, Honda Shine, but manages pretty well but the best on any half or full faired bike in India. The worse part we found was that some bikes had TVS Tyres. We really don’t understand why, even after taking such a premium, Honda doesn’t provide them with MRF Zappers, or better still soft compound tyres. This is the only deterrent to a knee scratching cornering abilities of this bike. Just that TVS tyres do not feel as attached to the road as some good quality tyres.

As has been the major complaint with earlier Stunners (and Shines), the vibrations, which creep in at mid and higher rpms, have been taken care by Honda. The bike now sports end handle bars to reduce those saddening vibes. Second, the bike has taller gearing which means that the bike runs at lower revs in turn helping in reducing the vibs. Compared head-on with the earlier Stunner, the vibrations are still there but a lot lesser and don’t come between the fun factor which this bike returns.

Ride, Handling – 7.5/10

PERFORMANCE, BRAKING & FUEL EFFICIENCY: With an increase in power by almost half a bhp from its earlier sibling, the bike is expected to be faster. Let us, at first, inform you that there is not a very noticeable difference between the two bikes. The FI surely has a better and crispier throttle response majorly attributed to the inclusion of a Fuel Injector. Essentially, both the bikes are near about similar on figures with this FI being less than half a second faster to 60 kmph clock ticking a tad over 6.5 seconds. When we checked out the top speed of the bike, speedo showed us 105 kmph after which the bike was totally dead. Compare this with the 102 kmph we managed for the carbed stunner. But the way this bike reaches that top speed is way better than the carbed one.

The carbed Stunner runs out of steam at anything over 85 kmph and after that it’s just your time and extra road which carries it over a ton. The marginal better top speed is majorly because of the fact that Honda has shed one tooth of its rear sprocket which means that the bike is now taller geared than carbed version. We wonder how would the carbed stunner behave with the same sprocket (Hope you understand what we mean!). However, the mid and top range of both the bikes did not leave us impressed very much, just that the FI is little bettered. Talk about low end and we would rate both of these as the best in this 125cc segment.

Honda Stunner PGM-Fi (2)

Many of you might be wondering about the addition of the much famed PGM-Fi on this bike and how has it improved this one and here we talk about the fuel efficiency figures of the bike! There is a definite improvement of at least 5 kmpl over the carbed version. Expect this bike to return very good fuel efficiency figures of 65-70 kmpl under normal city riding and anything in excess of 70 on long highways. This bike runs on the same braking set up as the earlier version and overall braking is very good and the braking certainly instills a lot of confidence just that the TVS tyres are little let down (we repeat, Honda please provide this bike with soft compound tyres only).

Performance, braking and fuel efficiency – 7/10

TIDBITS: The best thing Honda has done is to remove that oddly placed choke knob. Switchgear is almost identical and doesn’t have an engine kill switch (still!). Neither does the bike sport a tachometer, which we feel is a must these days especially when you are selling your product as a premium in the market. The bike has a bank angle sensor, which shuts off the fuel supply once you roll over a particular dangerous angle just to avoid any internal engine damage. Instrumentation is also similar with the FI getting a malfunction indicator just beside the neutral light on the console.

Honda Stunner PGM-Fi (5)

VERDICT: If you have read the full review and have any plans of considering this as a prospect bike, let us shatter them! The bike retails at a monstrous (and unjustified) price tag of Rs 73,000 which is over 16k than the carbed Stunner and way over any other 125cc bike. With positive changes to the designing and paint theme, an addition of FI we would have loved this bike to be priced sensibly but Honda seems to be a little over optimistic about their bike.

Very little performance gain, nothing out of the ordinary gizmos (like the Yamaha R15 has), this bike is not recommended unless you are a Honda showroom owner! Probably a 5k increase would have made this bike a worthy upgrade or a Unicorn engine would have made this bike a roll on success at this price but sadly, Honda seems to be in a tune of their own. If you have as many rupees and are bent on buying an FI bike (only), buy the Apache RTR 160 Fi!

BikeAdvice Overall Rating : 5/10

– Saad Khan

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  • You know what, Honda is doing the same thing in their bike pricing which they have been doing with their car pricing. Just fleecing the customers royally.

    • Deepak

      Their cars are really worth the price. I tested almost every car in every company, nothing came even remotely near to Honda City’s value for money 🙂

  • Himanshu

    well , the byk is gud . bt for 75 k !!???
    f**k off honda , they dnt evn give engne kill switch and a tachometer .
    you cn get a apache rtr 180 , a p220 or a fz16 at a same price . it wud hav been a killer if it wud hav been a 150 or 180 cc beast .

  • Himanshu

    pleeeeeease , who the hell wud wnt 2 buy a 125 cc byk fr 75k ?
    if it wud hav been a blinding performer and beauty lyk yamaha yzf-r125 . i wud hav buyed it blind folded . bt u cn gt evry segment leader at this price . be it p220 , rtr 180 , fz16 .

  • Himanshu

    honda wale pagal hain . u cn gt a yamaha gladiator n a crux bth in 75 k . bth bst byks of their sgmnt . no wondr , i’ve nt seen nw stnner on d roads evn aftr mnths of its launch . they sud’ve fittd a 180 cc mill in it as it wud hv expndd their prdct range

  • ram

    @Deepak its not value for money its value for badge..
    the hyundais and suzuki fia are on par with honda if not more..
    this bike is horribly overpriced not a good looking bike not a good commuter pgmfi and honda badging wont give it the edge over competitors

  • BikeBhp.com

    Definitely Honda has “stunned” all of us with the pricing of its stunner.

  • Sampath

    Great review. Honda can put a costly price tag on a say 250cc motorcycle… but for 125cc its absurd. It cannot come under premium category. Honda has succeeded in the car market in India for sure… I don’t think they can get a good market position in Bikes…

  • yasho

    id be surprised even if a single person buys this bike……id definately wanna meet the idiot who buys this bike for such a shi**y price

  • ColdGold

    Commuter bike positioned as a sports bike?? honda needs to wake up to the growing competition. Fleecing time is over.

  • mayank yadav

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I am going to buy a HONDA STUNNER in 2-3 days can any one tell me about its disadvantages pleeeeeeeeeeeease

  • imran ahamed

    hi mayank yadav am imran the only disadvantages is it will be a Vibrat when you reech 90 and above & it did not have a digital speed……………………………………………

  • murthy

    excellent review

  • subhash sawant

    price is very high & high , this bike is 125cc bike nothing 150cc bike . honda is world class bikes maker but this bike price high . not a compair middle class family .

  • Yadnesh Patil

    This bike PGMF-I is so much powerful that it gives much more power than a 150cc bike. It gives a very good average and i love its vroom vroom sound

    • Yadnesh Patil

      I took this bike on 5th november when i was about to take stunner old model but when i saw Stunner PGMF-I fuel injection i took it. It is very good for stunts like wheelie and leaving both hands off from the handle

  • Yadnesh Patil

    Its gives such a pleasure while driving. Its like an horse. I can drive this bike upto 115km/h

  • Krishanu Nandan

    I own a Stunner PGM Fi from Nov 2010…The bike is superb and simply AN EYE CATCHER.
    Everyone ask when see it “Kitna deti hai” so that he could buy it.
    Also they ask is it affordable.. These questions make me the proud owner of Stunner.
    No vibration i found till 60-65 speed whatsoever.
    The only disadvantage i could found is it scatter the mud too much. so its a problem in rainy season.

  • Rajesh Kumar

    I Purchased this bike in June 2009, Since the day, I am enjoying peaceful riding with power,style, somoothness, fuel economy of 65-70 KMPL at speed 45-50. Acceleration is like a 150CC bike. Disc brakes are excellent. In any season, It work excellent, I have covered 15000 KM with no any kind of breakdown. One thing which gives me a small pain, tyres should from MRF rather than TVS.

  • Saurabh Pahwa

    Good bike. But Honda spare parts are rarely available . After 1 accident, when u will search for plastic parts , u will not get & this will become the ugliest bike. I will suggest u to go to dealer and ask for its plastic parts, if available buy the bike. Else u can decide better. Regarding high price. Honda always come with a high price tag, but trust me engine quality is excellent. Nothing can beat Honda. Unfortunately Honda’s spare parts are not easily available.

    • Krishanu Nandan

      Saurabh…. Spare parts are not available easily thats true..
      but you can get it after ordering through your dealer or via direct customer care..

      I own this bike from a long period of time. and it requires little more concern ,,,,, afterall this is an eye catcher bike..

  • Saurabh Pahwa

    Krishanu Nandan, It’s a new bike & today spare parts are not available. What will happen after few years? Even I own a Honda bike.

    But I think Honda needs to get mature, they over confident about their product, If today I will spend Rs. 70,000. I need spare parts also. And if I will order spare parts today, it will take more than a month to reach me. What will I do till this time? Hope u will reply. Anyhow thanks for accepting that spare parts are not easily available.

  • aashik

    hey deepak! Awesome review…..
    I’m plannin to buy a honda bike shortly. Which bike would be a better bike unicorn dazzler or stunner fi?? Plz reply quickly…..


    New CBF Stunner possess the Great PGM-FI technology, which is widely used in racing cars and bikes for better fuel efficiency.

    PGM-FI means the Programmed Fuel Injection

    It can be considered that the PGM-FI for small motorcycles is a technology that contributes to the global level environmental protection by reducing the exhaust emissions and improving fuel economy.

    I am planning to purchase the bike for my brother and would luv to.


    Ooops……….CBF Stunner PGM-FI is discontinued by honda?

  • sunil

    hey guys wich one is better stunner or unicorn????. pls answer me..


    I m gona have honda stunner-pgm fi on decembr 9,can any1tel me honestly how this bike runs,does dis bike can challenge any heavy bike lyk karizma zmr or fazer?

  • jay ahire

    i have honda stunner pgm fi it is great but it having problem of spare parts its spare parts are not available and it starts but cannot accelarate and run what is the problem plaease give me some suggessionss..

  • Surya

    Honda should bring a semi faired honda unicorn that would look great. It will be a great indian tourer. We know it has got power comfort and mileage but most people compare it with hero passion because of its uncle’s bikes’ look. I dont know why they are giving sports bike look to a 125cc bike and commuter look to a 150cc bike