Hero Honda Glamour 125cc Review

Hero Honda Glamour is a perfect blend between the higher end so called sporty bikes and lower end 100cc bikes. Today I had the Glamour 125cc delivered to my home for a test drive.

Hero Honda Glamour 125cc
Hero Honda Glamour 125cc

Styling: The bike stands out with its unique design in the hood. Aerodynamically shaped air pockets on both sides of the head lamp adds to the head turning effect of the bike.

With sporty stickering on the sides and optimum overall size of the body, the bike will be appealing to majority of the Indian audience. The grooves in the tank are perfectly blended even for a 6 foot tall man to accommodate his knees with comfort. The size of the tank is not too big nor too small. Perfect. The fuel switch is significantly different than other bikes, big and easy to handle.

The sides of the tails looks like it is adopted from former Ambition 135. The tail lamps are also perfectly designed, not too aggressive nor too plain.

Performance: The bike has a 4-speed gear system, all in one way. Great for city riding. If you are finding it difficult for changing the gears in one down, four up system, you would love Glamour. The 125cc engine gives a very good job of giving a smooth ride at higher speeds. This is primarily because of the positioning of the engine. Note that unlike other bikes, the piston in the engine moves back and forth instead of up and down. So it is natural that the vibration is reduced in this case.

Before talking about performance I shouldn’t hide the fact that many users have reported poor mileage for Hero Honda Glamour. On an average the mileage of the bike is 45 – 50 kmpl. But after 3 months of regular servicing, you should get more than 50 kmpl for sure. Some have reported 60kmpl constant mileage.

The dash board has three dials as shown above. The most viewed speedometer is placed at the center prominently which I appreciate. No digital display! May be in the next version of Glamour we can expect one. Cute fuel indicator and other leds.

Verdict: If you are buying a 125cc bike, you most probably will upgrade it after a few years of use. So before you buy, don’t just think about the performance, but consider the give away aspect. Hero Honda and Honda bikes have better resale value than Bajaj and TVS. The engines are more durable and gives good performance even after years of use.

Mr.Ganesh who owns a glamour says “Hi! I have been using Hero Honda Glamour for the past 1.5 years and  travelled arround 25000 Km. But still I am feeling as a new bike. Because the bike has great pick up, smoothness, good looks and control on any speed up to 100. Fuel consumption is good. It is depends upon our driving. I am totally satisfied with this bike.”

Pros: Looks, Smoothness, Quality

Cons: Varying mileage across different units

Hero Honda Glamour Specifications:

Displacement: 124.7cc
Max power: 9bhp at 7000rpm
Max torque: 1.05kgm at 4000rpm
Specific output: 72.17 bhp per litre
Valve gear: 2 per cylinder, sohc
Compression ratio: 9.1 : 1
Ignition and fuel:
Electronic CDI, carburettor
Tyres front: 2.75 x 18 inches
Tyres rear: 3.00 x 18 inches
Front Brakes: 215mm disc/130mm drum
Rear Brakes: 130mm drum
Length: 1995mm
Width: 735mm
Height: 1095mm
Wheelbase: 1295mm
Fuel tank capacity: 13.6 litres
Kerb weight: 125/129 kg

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