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New Karizma launch not soon but it will be made. Story updated according to a latest spill over of Hero’s plans in the premium segment…

Karizma brand brought Hero (Hero Honda back then) a lot of recognition in the premium segment. If the Splendors were the powersellers in the lower part of the spectrum, Karizma was the performance king. After the two stroke era it was the first motorcycle with big-bike looks and truckloads of oomph! Even today when our team members sit down to discuss the Indian motorcycling scenario, we get stuck with endless debates on Karizma vs Pulsar 220!

Karizma: Sorry Sales

Ever since Hero took matters (and the brand) in its hands, it was only a downhill ride for Karizma. The EBR-inspired 2014 editions will go down as the biggest flops in the premium space in India. Before they were withdrawn, sales volumes saw a continuous decline. For reference, Hero sold only 271 units of the Karizma (both R and ZMR) from April to October 2016 which is an average of 38 units every month. Its rival Pulsar 220 has still been selling 5000-8000 units every month.

New Hero Karizma ZMR Red White Special Edition

During the course, there were some rumours of Hero planning to discontinue the brand but despite axing the motorcycles from the domestic market, they have kept the Karizma nameplate alive on their website and went onto showcase the 2018 ZMR at the 2018 Auto Expo but that is only for the export markets.

We asked Hero about it at a press conference in Delhi, many months back.

Mr Markus Braunsperger, Chief Technology Officer, Hero MotoCorp told us that they will not let the Karizma brand die. To a query on Karizma’s future he informed:

“I completely understand. To see it suffering… (nods head) No doubt it is a little bit like the premium segment where we really have been doing well. Entering into the segment first. Having received great market success. This is what we are focusing as well. To be there. Be acknowledged and valued by the customers. The brand will be there. The brand has to be there, no doubt. But give us some time. We will make the Karizma fans happy as well.”

New Hero Karizma R White Black Special Edition

Upon digging a little further, our sources also inform that Hero’s R&D will start work on the new Karizma soon and it is expected to be a new-generation model. It will surely be a litmus test for Hero as another failure will mean a complete death of this legendary brand.

New Karizma Launch

A recent update at Autocar Pro gives us a good hint of Hero’s plans in the premium segment, They have classified it into two sub-segments. First is the ‘Core Premium‘ which they have defined as motorcycles under (or around) 1 Lakh rupees. This will be fulfilled by the drab Xtreme 200R and the interesting XPulse – both of which are confirmed for launch this year.

The report suggests that once this segment is catered to, Hero will enter the mid-size segment (250-500cc) and there are already reports of 300cc XF3R.

So, there are two important pointers we can deduce from this ploy…

  • Since Hero has shelved the HX250R project (citing ‘the game has moved onto bigger displacement’), Hero may not produce a 250 cc engine at all. So, the next engine, apart from the 200 cc of XPulse and Xtreme would be the 300. And as I believe, Karizma will be powered by this very motor! It also makes sense because the brand does have the pull and making it more powerful and upmarket should work in its favour.

  • Since Hero has already announced the two ‘Core Premium’ launches for this year, consider their plate full and they can not stretch themselves to fit in another premium model, for sure! So, safely assume that Karizma (or any other 300cc) is NOT coming this (financial) year. Moreover, this 200cc engine is an offshoot of Honda’s 150cc engine (yes, its a rebored version of the 150 used on Xtreme Sports, Unicorn etc) and hence it is relatively easy to manage. However, since the 300 will be all-new engine do not expect Hero to be very confident about it and they are sure to take time to test it thoroughly! And therefore, new Karizma, at best, is expected to be a 2019 or 2020 launch candidate.

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Back around 2014-16, Hero was trying to be too fast and announced and showcased a lot of products – just to let people believe in them that they can also walk solo. However, four years later nothing interesting has come out of their stables so far. We have done a related story here. We just hope in the coming two years Hero genuinely gets us sportier motorcycles.

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  1. Hero shud bring HX as Karizma HXR(ZMR Replacement)! with some cosmetic changes.
    nd they shud introduce completely new Karizma R.
    Then they ve the players in performance segment..

  2. The ZMA was never a sports bike in the mold of the R15 or even the CBR. It feels sporting only in broken road and semi off road conditions, to which it responds very well when pushed. It can go fast enough for most people on the highway and feels solid while maintaining a steady 100 kph. Solid brakes. Superbly judged suspension to make the daily grind comfortable. Immensely tractable offroad engine, there is a certain rightness to the throttle response that is rarely seen. Extremely effective half fairing. Excellent ergos. Fairing rattles a bit, but the suspension works silently over bad roads. Chain cover means you never have to clean the chain, the occassional lube spray and ready to go. It feels like it can handle abuse forever and ever. This is a lot of bike for the money. Is it possible Honda knew better than their customers as to what they actually needed, I think so.

    Hero should quit trying to make a super sport out of the ZMA. A half-breed based on the old ZMA would be nice or stick to the half fairing formula. That engine does not belong in a full faired super sport. But please provide some wind protection. The fuel injected version of the venerable 223cc mill is a classic, the ZMA does not need a new engine. What it needs is a somewhat beefier front suspension with a little longer travel which prevents bottoming on the worst craters and a monoshock rear. Hero does not understand motorcyles, forget about it.

  3. For developing the new 2017 Glamour, Hero just took 3 months to design as the engine along with the platform is ready. Going by the time taken to create the new glamour, if the 250cc karizma engine is ready then the designing process might take 3 to 4 months only. By May they will get the 125cc Scooter and by August the xtreme 200s and by Nov or Dec the Karizma 250 should be out.

  4. this is truly shit for money bike….. 220 cc with 35 watt headlamp seriously ??????????? and no mono suspension and no visible pillion seat…

  5. Rear disc for Carb Version because some idiot missed this item while assembling in the plant, 55 watt head lamp, Visible Pillion seat, Mono Suspension, and it should be all rounder for family as well as for long rides and finally Spare cost maintenance. Disc pads price is 2200/- really ???????


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