Here is a preview of the newly launched bike – Suzuki GS150R. Complete review and road test will be posted as soon as I get my hands on the bike.

25th November 2008 Update: I have posted more details, features and pictures of the bike. Click Here -> Suzuki GS150R Features & Pictures

When Yamaha stormed through the 150cc bike segment with their two quick launches of the YZF-R15 and the FZ16, do you think another bike manufacturing company like Suzuki would laze out? No! In fact, in less than a couple of month’s time from the launch of FZ16, the Suzuki Motors came out with its competitor in the same segment.

Suzuki GS150RThe Suzuki GS150R has been launched on 23rd October 2008, and with this launch we are seeing Suzuki pumping more heat into the competitive world of 150cc bikes. Industry circle gossips as of now are that the new GS150R is expected to create the same ripples and impact amongst the bike lovers across the country as much as FZ 16 has been creating. Hmm.. lets see!

Named GS150R, Suzuki took inspiration to style the GS150R as a hybrid between its GSR 400 and GSR 600. Ask me not about the looks. Because, as you see the styling cues are definitely going to woo the six-pack ab heroes!

The headlamps seem to be almost pulsar like; and wolf-eyed, but I liked the bikini-cut cowl that makes it look really awesome. The pilot lamps jetting out as protuberances are just not great, to me at least they are lousy. I wonder Suzuki didn’t come out of its conservative thinking.

The fuel tank look big built and muscular, however, there is nothing really unique with GS150R here. I felt it looked more or less took after an Apache. In fact, my Karizma has more muscle on its fuel tank.

But Suzuki GS150R comes with a sophisticated gas-charged suspension on the rear. The front brake is disc type. According to Suzuki, gas-charged suspension on the rear coupled with hydraulics fork suspension in the front should make one feel a smoothie ride.

The six-speed transmission of Suzuki GS150R makes it unique in this 150cc bike segment. The heel-toe gear lever looks comfortable (shift pattern is like 1 down and 5 are up as it has six-speed transmissions). GS150R comes with a 149cc engine that generates 13.8bhp of peak power at 8500 rpm and about 13.4Nm of peak torque at 6000rpm. The engine is fitted with a six-speed transmission system.

suzuki gs150r

Suzuki shares that the GS150R should be able to give about 50 km drive within the city and 5 km up when you are on a highway. Price is another attractive feature of the GS150R bike. Aiming to capture the 150cc bike market segment, this comes at stealing price of Rs. 59,000 (ex-showroom Delhi). Additionally, pearl nebular black, metallic flint gray, candy max orange and Candy dark greenish blue colors as it is now available make this bike a good bet in this segment.

We know that Suzuki bikes wooed our fathers and uncles as a brand of ‘no problem’ bikes. Anyway time has the best answer to this! Before that, I hope to lay my hands on the bike soon and will then present in detail about my Suzuki GS150R ride experience, especially the six-speed transmission and the gas-charged suspension that it boasts of. So do visit again!

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  1. Looks pretty much like the pulsar headlight…. The six-speed trans is one of the main highlights which will attract youth, but is it really necessary? Will it boost up top speed a bit? Lets just wait and see…. 🙂

  2. The bike looks good in picture but has to be seen on road. Also waiting to hear about its ride quality & performance. The sixth gear in my view is like an overdrive and may be useful on highways as it is difficult to drive even in 5th gear in the city. Let us wait for the full road test review and see. It looks like there is more competition in the 150 cc segment but sadly there is nothing in the 250 to 350 cc except the old bullet.

  3. Yes Shambu, I don’t know why companies are avoiding 250cc+ machines. They are just beating around the bush with the existing segment instead of creating their own new high cc segment.

  4. this does not look impressive enough..
    not all that a neat machine… wheres the muscle?? huh??
    i hate heal-toe shifters… and 6th gear for a 150?? are thy kidding??

  5. Looks good. But I am concerned about having 6 gears which can be a liability in city ride. At times even 5 gears seems more than enough. Quality wise, it will certainly be better than anything from bajaj and tvs

  6. Paul, yes the 6th gear will be a liability in city rides as driving in 5th gear itself is difficult. Quality may be better than Bajaj or TVS for the price of the bike. Again there is no fuel injection as in Pulsar but don’t know how Suzuki is able to achieve more power without it and if so what is the use of DTSi? Can anyone comment? Even though the specs of 150GSR is good we need to see it once it is on road as even the Pulsar specs are good on paper.

  7. Dear Shambhu Prasad, let me answer some of your queries. The 5th and 6th gear are meant to be used in highway riding. The question of engaging them in city use does not arise. Also the Pulsar 150, 180 & 200cc DO NOT have fuel injection. Only the 220cc model has it.

    Earlier Suzuki was under the impression that India wanted a fuel efficient and long life bike and hence they gave us Zeus and Heat.

    Now they realise that our main priority is power first with responsible mileage second. Hence we now have the likes of the Suzuki Access scooter and the new contender GS150R. The battle is now truly joined.

  8. YAWN….ZZZZZ…Another boring bike…I cant figure out why anyone would want to buy this ‘Gas Charged”.. loser of a bike.

    There are enough players in the low-end segment…WHat we bikers need now are 250-500cc bikes…The R15 is the begining and hopefully forces others like bajaj and suzuki to compete.

  9. the dispatch of the GS150r series has been delayed due to some tech problem with the bike as informed by the panjim showroom authority is it true

  10. New Model of Suzuki Motor Bike GS 150 R has all New good & Useful features Like 6 Speeds Gear Box, throttle Positining Sensor,Timing Advance Mecanism,Disc Brake. it will surely hit the Market if it has smooth acceleration and Digital Tuned Variable timing System and Double Spark.

  11. Stylish Shape of any Bike is not a main consideration, But engine Pickup,Smooth Accelleration,Fuel economy and overall Performance of the Bike is Surely Countable and Admirable By Many Users.That Makes a thing talk of the town Like Platina that has even better Head Light focus bright and Long for High speed express roads Say Delhi to Lucknow.May be 6 Speeds Gear and Long head Light focus of GS 150 R will make this bike Special for Highways Like Delhi to Kashmir and Delhi to Mumbai.

  12. Y’ll must be kidding yourself talking about the bike’s awesome looks. It looks pretty ordinary and doesnt give me a good impression.

    Honda Unicorn is the bike for 150 segment!!!

  13. Hi Ravi, Please see the bike directly. I got the bike on friday. Many of my friends liked it after seeing it directly.

  14. Let discuss the market before purchasing a bike. Now, Suzuki has launched its new Bike “GS150R”. Overall the bike has is good in look and style but yet to see the performance.

    We all know that the Indian Market has been captured by Hero Honda and Bajaj and most of the bikes that runs on the road are from Hero Honda and Bajaj.

    Hero Honda bikes has re-sale value and bajaj too. Now, Sujuki has launched its bikes a competitor of Hero Honda and Bajaj.

    My question is that if we go for Sujuki and if this models fails to perform in Indian Market, will Sujuki release this bike in future or they will stop manufacturing this.

    Then what about the parts of this bike. We will not have parts in the market. Moreover, we will not have any re-sale value.

    Other bikes parts are available in the market at every corner, but Sujuki????????

    Sujuki also do not have a good number of service station across Metros. This is not more big problem. So, there is no concern of thinking of non-metropolitian states and cities.

    Lets see whats happen to this new launch???????

  15. I have had Suzuki Access since few months. Even my friends have Access who has since a year or more. We are in Bangalore. There is no problem with the Suzuki Service.

  16. I have rode the bike for about 550 Kms. I am getting a mileage of approximately 52 to 56 kms average in city conditions. which is considerably good for a 150 CC. It should improve after first and second service. Not sure about other GS 150 owners.

  17. hey am plang to buy d bike if ne1 bot dis bikie plz do mail me
    jus wana know sum basic featurz
    though met d dealer but jus wana comfrm wid any of d bike user

  18. Joy,
    this bike hits 0-60 in 5.28-5.30 secs while the unicorn takes about 5 secs.Doesn’t make much of a difference.
    however while riding at higher speeds the unicorn,Hunk as well as CBZ face a vibration problem.the CBZ doesn’t even fit the segment acc. to me.
    the choice is yours in the end.
    I would recomend this bike for its stability as well as smoothness in the gear changing pattern.

    • Hello! stability is directly concerned with weight..hunk is the heaviest bike in the 150cc segment n hence most stable bike n abt vibs its totally false..eve if u can ride it @120 without ny vibs..u’ll just feel like flying away 4 others n others vanishes in ur mirror..

  19. hmm i gt dis byk 15 days ago frm nw
    comin 2 it its pretty awesome compared 2 any of the byks in 150cc segment.
    u will neva get features of this byk with anyother manufacturer
    yeah cumin 2 the top speed i donno exactly but i drove it at 105kmph as of nw
    mileage is aroun 54-60 in the city..didnt try on the highway yet
    its may nt be so muscular by looks but powerful byk than the old pulsar,unicorn n hunk!!

  20. I haven’t tried going at high speeds as its a new bike and yet to give it to first service. However 0 to 60 or 0 to 100 doesnt matter much for me as I am not going to race. I will be driving within Bangalore traffic which doesnt allow me to do that. I can only ride on high ways or ring roads and it should have a good top speed.

  21. Arvind,pramod n blr guy,thanks 4 ur answers. M planin 2 buy a bike(4 both commutin n racing).my options r p200,hunk n gs 150r.
    P200-nice pwr n speed but not reliable n not comfortable fr long journies.
    Hunk-looks gr8 n better pwr than gs bt gear box prob n vibrations at higher speeds.
    Gs 150-gr8 comfort n mileage bt lacks power n looks.
    Its really hard to choose. I hope gs has has atleast higher top speed than othr 150cc’s coz of higher stability n 6th gear. @arvind,gs takes more than 6 secs to reach 0-60 secs.

    • 6th gear in gs is vain …0-60 takes more time due to 6 gears..compared 2 others its 1st gears top end speed is less than others n like wise..others 5th gear=gs’s 6th gear..

      • @Sanat…Do u know what “Overdrive” means??? Which is the purpose of the 6th gear in GS. The 6th gear is menat for highway drive not for city (like Bglr) commuting.

  22. this bike is really hot i just purchage this byke and everybody is seeing on this byke and this orange coloure is really fentastic.

  23. This bike has a really smooth and silent engine.The gear shifts are too very smooth and even if u cross 85kmph u are likely to hear any noise from the engine. Also if u want more power u can adjust it to the power mode with the buttons in the center console and u can easily zip past 105kmph with ease with a slight compromise in the fuel economy.

  24. GS150 has power and economy mode. So, when you want power switch to power mode. When you want mileage, switch to economy mode. Bike is built very strong, altough its just 3 kg heavier than unicorn. Good bike, but we need more colors.

  25. Hi Antony, Yes. You are right. They need to release few more colours. I own a Metallic Grey GS. If you see the Suzuki Access. Even that has only few colours and not much graphics like Deo. But still its a very good selling model due to its pickup and engine smoothness plus central locking. I own a Access too. Hope suzuki will launch few more bikes.

  26. real hot bike!! I don’t understand why some of you are criticizing bike of such a nice look and efficiency. no one is even close in mileage part as far as this segment is concern. I do believe that it is going to a big hit.

  27. Hi Rajesh,

    Yes. Even I like my GS design compared to Pulsar, cbz or apache. Even if its a mix of few bikes. The outcome is good and unique too.

  28. The bike may not be modern looking but it’s a pleasure to ride.It also has a gear indicator which none of it’s competitors have,one additional feature is that you can ride at the speed of 35km/hr in sixth gear without any jerks. Overall it’s the most refined bike but suzuki needs to work on their designs.

  29. I have no doubt as to which bike i sud buy…definitely GS150R. But my confusion is to with which color i sud go? Grey or Blue or Orange. Black is the least attractive of the lot, so i cut it off the list. I was abt to ditch the orange because it was so shiny, but somehow the color keeps turning my head to And Blue is cool but a bit dull. the white graphics killed the blue color which was the case with Black too. And Grey was not too loud, but not too attractive. But both Grey and Orange enhances the muscle and looks of the bike. Blue is a bit more colorful if you must say than Grey but. So, like i said, i’m very very confused. And the funny thing is today i sud decide and finalize the color and i yet haven’t decided. Aaaarghhh.

  30. Hi Ken, Even I was confused which colour to decide. I had brought my GS when it was being launched for the first time in Banglaore. Black was not that good. Usual colour. Yes. I too liked the Orange but it was too jazzy. Blue is not that good. From far I liked the colour but when you observe the colour from near. Its not that good. Hence I got Grey. Yes. its ordinary colour but looks good with the graphics.

  31. my choise id gs150, coz other bikes in this segment like pulsar are too common…
    every high profile and low profile is using pulsar…
    moreover gs is cheaper than pulsar in delhi as well as is smooth when riding….

  32. Hello friends,

    Those who own a GS 150, can any one comment about the handling and the shock absorbers.
    I have completed about 4000 kms. The handling is very good in long drives and also within city traffic conditions.
    The shox has been very smooth. You never feel small humps and dips. Its too good. Feel like its better than a Monoshox.

  33. Ranjeesh, Please donot compare other 180 cc bikes with GS 150. We are comparing 150 cc bikes with GS. We know Apache 180 has good pickup than GS.

  34. hi.. i am selling my new GS150r in Bangalore coz i have relocated to Pune. Orange colour, 2600kms done, Oct 09 bought. Price 60K negotiable. Can have a look at the vehicle during March 12th/13th weekend in bangalore.

    can contact me at 8805820706.

  35. what’s the on-road price of gs150r in kolkata? does its extra weight or lower initial pickup make any problem in bussy traffic? anybuddy help me!!! I’m so imressed on it.

  36. yes the 6th gear will be a liability in city rides as driving in 5th gear itself is difficult. Quality may be better than Bajaj or TVS for the price of the bike. Again there is no fuel injection as in Pulsar but don’t know how Suzuki is able to achieve more power without it and if so what is the use of DTSi? Can anyone comment? Even though the specs of 150GSR is good we need to see it once it is on road as even the Pulsar specs are good on paper.

  37. How much suzuki 150r costs under Hyderabad area?..Up to howmany kilometer it will works nice?
    What about it repairs and mileage? It get more repairs or less repairs after more use…..

  38. Which is the best Pulsar 150 dtsi or suzuki 150r?
    What is the top speed of suzuki 150r…It is nice in busy roads ride…Tell me frankly…..

  39. My name is rc menon i haved perchased a suzuki gs 150r in 2009 in durgapur,gs 150 r is a fantastic bike dont want to sell it but i think i have to get rid of it due to servive problem,service station in durgapur has closed all our paid and free service coupon has gone for waste,now my bike needs service i dont know how to do it please advice my ceel no is 9851005151,e mail

  40. This bike is not the best but jack of jell. look wise its boring but look good in orange color only. Though its saddle (seat) height is same as RTR / FZ16 / R15 / but it can best suit to guy who is 5.7 tall. its handle bar are raise high extremely upright. ( pure commuter style. ) Sixth gear is not here for racing but for cruising to make bike smooth and to save patrol. Everyone think with help of sixth gear mileage will improve then its wrong in fact it is same or lesser than pulsar , RTR due to its huge weight 149kg and torque. Unicorn which gives more mileage according to reliable government data check this site ( ) but additional sixth gear and its engine ballancer technology do give smooth ride experience. if one think about its ride quality and pillion comfort then its nice. but it lacks pick up O to 60 km/h mark. I have sit on this bike as pillion many times and felt far better then pulsar150. But this bike back sit is far tall than p150 and RTR160. this bike was suppose to launch four years ago but due to some problem it delayed so its old personality and stupid design is clearly visible in bike. Example have a look on its foot pegs check gear lever its said to be toe type ( well this looks horrible ) passion pro even have better looking foot pegs. No spilt handle bar. Though braking is good of course due to MRF stiky tyrs but front disk brake disk is situated at LEFT side ( I never seen such engineering pls guide someone if anyone know its use:| ) My friend bike handle doesn’t lock to its left side it lock only to right side it looks stupid though ( i still doubt his bike has problem i recommend do check this problem ) i thought that GS150R will be having bigger storage space under seat than pulsar and apache due to its fat ass design but again its wrong its even less than RTR but its seat lock is convenient. Every person has personality and characteristics bike do also have same. choose which one suit to your need ZMR will not suit to girl and scooty will not appeal to boy.

  41. I dont knw wats the problem with suzuki the performence is very gud but the designs are disgusting, they shud get inspiration from yamaha it made a solid cum back & the credit goes to new sporty and macho lukin bikes.

  42. Hello friends,

    i purchased suzuki gs150r last month , bike is really good , i strongly suggest to go to GS150R who are all not intrested in much look and very good pickup in starting ,

    at the time of first ride i felt like sitting in extrem height , but stability of the bike is very good in lower speed compare to other bikes even it will give better and comfort riding for short height peoples also, and riding comfort is really good in highways , due to its light heavy weight and lenght i feel slighty difficult to ride in very heavy traffic, pickup is really good in 3,4,5, gears because of its weight 1,2 gear pickup is slightly low compare to Dazzler,pulsar and FZ because of its weight, but in high speed i think GS150R will beat all bikes i reached 121KMPH , and stability and braking of the bike is very good in highways , when i was taking from show room i felt that gear is very harder and rear brake is not so effecient , but now i finished my 500 km gear is butter smooth , but rear break still remains the same, and i am getting millage of 48.3 KMPL i belive that i will get 50+ after first service, and while riding every one feel the smoothness of the bike and reliablity of the engine 6 th gear is really making the engine stress free , even 6 th gear is pickup is very good in 6th gear ,i reduced speed till 28KMPH and i raised the trottle still the bike is having the pickup to pull from 28Km speed with any knoking sound , i got surprised , but it will make serious injury to the engine never try this ,and at 120 KMPH speed i noticed “0” vibration in the bike finally i am soo happy and 95 satisfied with my Suzuki GS150R,if somebody wants Comfort riding , millage and fine look (commuter style )with all features and good pickup go for GS150R

    1. Amazing pickup,
    2. Quality of the bike is good,
    3. Millage is exellent,
    4. Stability in low speed and high speed is really good
    5 .Fine look,
    6. “0” vibration noticed

    1. Head light would have been better
    2. slight heavy while parking
    3. rear break would have been better
    4. getting slip at wet road ,
    5. look would have been better,
    6. color choice is limited
    above mentioned abservations are made in my point of view in my bike it may vary in other bikes it depend on riding methods

  43. Dear All,
    I bought this bike on 22nd Sep’11 from Bhavani Suzuki, Hosur. Bike really looks good(for me only black / blue). When i rode the test drive bike, i felt like riding a car, that much good on comfort and performance. My new bike needs some time to become like that. Any way features and machine performance is good for me comparable to pulsar/yamaha/Honda.
    Only dis advantage is bike weight, beauty is not feeling the weight at initial also during riding, only feeling the weight during manual parking.
    Anyway personaly I feel good comparing Honda/pulsar/Yamaha in features and performances.
    I heared suzuki service centres are not good, I’ll post my servicing experience in the dealers workshop by my next post.
    Thank you all.


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