Yamaha FZ16 Review and Road Test

20-Nov-2008 Update: I have posted another review of Yamaha FZ16 Black

This is perhaps the most sensational bike release in India. People are excited about the Yamaha FZ16 more than any other bike launch in the history. Why? Because it is not the big bike which a common Indian youth can’t afford. And it is not the sports bike with big flaring and sexy but unmanly looks. FZ16 changes the definition of street biking, its daring, strong, aggressive and unique. Join with me into a journey of exploring the various features of Yamaha FZ16. This is an exclusive review meant only for the readers of BikeAdvice!

Looks and Styling: A magazine writer who has reviewed this bike tells me that this is the best looking bike in India. But I do not agree. Each kind of biker has a different taste. Some like smooth lines and big flaring, while some like the aggressive, naked and bold looks. I prefer the latter! Yes, this bike is the best looking one in the muscle segment.

Let not the pictures mislead you. The bike looks much better in real. The size of the tank looks massive. Even though the real tank hides itself from the outer make up, no one would know! When I saw the bike for the first time, I felt as if it spoke to me, “Hey, look I am here”. Definitely a head turner for sure. Even the majestic Bullet will look small near this bike. And I am sure that when you park the bike in your college parking lot, Splendors, Stars and Discovers will think twice before parking near Yamaha FZ16.

You can’t help from noticing the macho tires that add to the boldness of the bike. The 140mm rear tyre is the biggest in India. MRF has made this radial tubeless tyre exclusively for the FZ16. The front tyre is of 100mm, very impressive. The short 1.5m exhaust pipe adds to the unique feeling of the bike.

No Indian bike has a head lamp shaped like the one in FZ16. Yamaha has always tried different head lamps with its bikes, and this one is a sure winner.

The dashboard is a little disappointing for me. Muscular bikes have analog meters. This one looks as if this is a toy bike. Sorry for the FZ16 lovers, but this is the part of the bike I don’t like. It features all digital stuff including tachometer, speedometer, fuel gauge, trip and odometer.

The grip bars for the pillion does not look like one at all. Yamaha has tried something new with it, fortunately, it looks very cool! And look at the sharp edge of the tail… says something!

Performance: You cannot compare Yamaha FZ16 with the other premium bikes in India. The Karizma, Pulsars and R15s are for the long rides and sporty feel. But most of the Indians ride 90% of the time in city traffic. The 153cc engine of this bike is designed for the urban commute. The machine churns out 13.6 Nm of torque just at 6000 rpm. The broad tires, low center of gravity and high torque at low rpm makes it a celebration to drive in city traffic. I am sure that the so called big-bikers will be left behind once the signal turns green!

The bike covers the world standard 0-60 kmph sprint in just 5.5 seconds. The mid range thrust and the highly tuned throttle response are designed to give you the feel of a ultra-powerful bike in the urban ride. The maximum speed is 111kmph. As I said before, this bike is not for the long commutes. The seats are soft which is comfortable initially, but will yield and give you a pain in the ass if your drive for more than an hour. Strictly self start, no kicking anymore. I miss the kick. I used to kick my Karizma to start even though I had a self starter because I felt that only girls who do not have the kicking power would press a button with their thumb. But anyway, lets not blame Yamaha for that!

The open front gives you a good view of the vehicles going ahead and the broad tires help you twist and turnĀ  with ease. You can easily do stunts with Yamaha FZ16 because of the superior mass centralization and broad tires. The 267mm diameter brakes assist in doing easy stoppies. Now you too can get such a pic for your online profile! The mileage figures are not the highlights, but it is still doing good. 40kmpl in city and 54kmpl in the highways.

Verdict: Throw away your sporty looking bikes which people call sports bikes. Get real, India needs a bike like this. The mono suspension is great and can be adjusted unlike R15, which helps you to tune according to the road conditions. You may not have the money to buy Harley Davidson, you may not want to work all your life to fill the tank with ever increasing fuel prices and you may not have all the strength to handle a Bullet, but you definitely have a choice of picking a red, flaming orange or black coloured Yamaha FZ16.


  • Manly Looks
  • Broad & Tubeless Radial Tires
  • International Branding
  • Tuned for Urban Riding
  • First of its Kind in India
  • Competitive Pricing (Rs.65,000 Ex-showroom)
  • Six Free Services and 2-Year, 30,000 Km warranty


  • Toyish Dashbaord with Full Digital Stuff. (Would have been better with dials)
  • Just three colour options
  • Could have provided disc brakes for the rear tires.


Displacement: 153cc
Engine: Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC
Maximum Power: 14bhp@7500rpm
Maximum Torque: 13.6Nm@6000rpm
Gears: 5 Manual
Weight: 126.00 kg
Ground Clearance: 160.00 mm
Fuel Tank: 12.00 ltrs
Wheelbase: 1335.00 mm
Wheel Size: 100/60 – 140/60 mm
Brakes: 267mm Hydraulic Disc
Brakes(Rear): Drum

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20-Nov-2008 Update: I have posted another review of Yamaha FZ16 Black