Today morning my friend Raghav called up and told me that his brand new black Yamaha FZ16 has just arrived. He was really excited and he started telling me how great the bike was. Eventhough I had tested the bike a few weeks ago, I wanted to ride on it again… in a more relaxed pace. So I told him that I would arrive to his place as soon as possible and I started out. It was a 18km drive as he is situated in the other end of the city. I enjoyed the cruise in my Karizma along the NH7 road and around 11 am I was at his home.

His Yamaha FZ16 was in its best. As shiny as it could ever be. And this is the first time I am having a close look at a black FZ16 and I should admit that it is definitely better than the red one… in my opinion though. Before taking a test drive, I wanted to click some photos and I was looking for a nice spot. He told me that there is a university nearby and that would be a nice place to click some snaps. So we took the bike there. So here is the first shot… click the image to have an enlarged view.

Yamaha FZ16 Black

I do not want to comment too much about the looks because each person’s taste differs. But in my personal opinion it is a very descent looking bike and looks much better than other 150cc bikes in the market.

The dashboard is not so appealing and the visibility of the readings is not so clear in bright daylight. I feel it would have been much better if the bike had dials atleast for the tachometer. The tank really looks big and macho, but the real tank is inside, with a 12 litres capcity. All the outside fibre stuff is just for the show off. Alright, now lets get into the performance part of the bike…

Yamaha FZ16 Black Color

When I took the bike for a ride, the first thing I noticed was the awesome pickup. I took the bike along the short roads inside the university campus and the next thing I noticed was the great stability that the bike has when you take it along the curves. The big rear tyre and the low centre of gravity makes it absolutely easy to ride it in the city roads. As I told you earlier, this is a street bike!

Then the next step was to test the bike in the highways again. The bike performs great in the 20 – 55 kmph range. Great pickup and if you really need, it would give you a tiny bit of adrenalin rush too. But as we have already discussed in previous reviews, the bike is not so great in the 60 – 90kmph range. I was going around 65kmph and I had a truck moving ahead of me in almost the same speed, when I wanted to overtake, I twisted the throttle and was really disappointed… the bike dragged me slowly to 75kmph and the time of overtaking was much more than I expected. Before we go into my final verdict, here is another pic πŸ™‚

Yamaha FZ16 Black

If you really need a high quality highway cruising experience, this bike is not for you. But if you need performance in the streets, even Karizma or R15 won’t come close to the Yamaha FZ16’s performance. And trust me, Yamaha engineers have done a good job in the overall design and specifications by taking into account the need for Indian bikers and Indian road conditions.

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  1. Nice review…..but I must say this bike is made for this country and is the best bike in this country.It is a street fighter and better than any bikes in its class,of course the acceleration is not great after 60kmph but the mileage of this bike is great and the looks unparalleled……what more can you ask, for a price of 65000 (ex-showroom).it is obvious that we cannot have everything….we have to choose our priorities and for me my priorities are a dashing looking bike which makes heads turn,a bike which gives me good fuel economy but can accelerate well in city riding conditions (how much do we ride on highways anyway???!!!)and a bike which sets itself apart from the hundreds of others in terms of quality and performance.After all guys its a YAMAHA……..GO FOR IT.

  2. yap! what a decent looks. i just wait for it. nice review……but without kick start, does it make problem in starting the engine? i think self start not work perfectly in the winter.

  3. hi buddies….bike is kool….i got my beast 3days back..n ..its amazing….no comparison with any other bike in india….but i m notsatisfied with milege n self starter(in winters)…i have to push it 2 start..can ani one rectify or sugest some solution……

  4. I just purchased the bike and start learning how to ride a bike………….My friend called it a chunk of butter………….
    The bike is cool. When u will stop it in a red light. Others will start asking about it mostly about the rear tyre………..
    The performance of the bike is good but u will have to make a frnd who works in a petrol pump…..Thnks for the reviews that had been made by u all……… I m gratified with the bike……. Thnks for ur review once again

  5. hi am raghu from navy,i have read ur comments on FZ16, but i still have some queries,like how comfortable is the seat for a pillion rider,second as there is no kick is it giving problems, can a kick b added to it,and wat r ur comments on its total fibre body,i mean there r no metal planning 2 buy a bike in a week.
    my other choices r avenger & karizma please suggest me on which ine should i go for.
    please send me ur reply fast as i have less time with me.

    • hey man.. i know im late… to reply… still.. about hte kickstart… u can separately install it from the factory outlet with just a 1000
      any how wen u compare those other bikes to this street lord… they really turn out to be “craps and shits in milk bottles”. I really mean it!! they r shit!!! karizma is a big waste of time and money…
      and aavenger is another crappy product of the bajaj. bullshit of comfort and if the rider has no comfort… then will the pillion rider ride the bike sitting way behind??
      think about it… the main comfort we require is for the rider not the pillion!!
      FZ packs decent power, style, comfort, economy and what else u need from a 160cc yamaha clan street lord??
      give it a thought!!

  6. Hey I have to agree with Nalajan, this is simply the best bike available in India, period!! Is the most good look, with more quality and technology, perfect riding and good milage!!! This is all we need here you know!!
    Also regaring the over 60kmph if you shift the gear accordingly you can get some power!! Come guys, these are 150 cc bikes, you need to ride with the RPM high to get better reponses in this situations, its not a bullet or MT 01 which torque is its best so you just twist the throttle in 4th gear and its crazy..

  7. Dear Sir,
    M planing to but a bike but bit confused to buy which one. As I am married guy, so need a gud & stable bike which performance & handelling is better. My 1st choice is Yamaha FZ-16, but i have a question regarding it. I all all of it, but one thing that makes me to think is the Chain of the Bike. It is not covered, why is it so . As in India most of the Women wear Suit & Saree. If they are onto this FZ there would have a problem of getting their Saree or Suit or Dupatta to get Stuck on the Chain While Driving & this can create a Major Problem. Is their any solution to cover the chain on Yamaha FZ-16. My other Choices are Unicorn & Hunk & Karizma. But I m still stuck to FZ. Please Guide me to buy the best 1 for City Ride. & please think solution for The Open Chain thats onto FZ & ho can i cover if i buy that. If its covered then I Would buy it by today. Please Guide……….

  8. please help me

    which one is better pulsar 200 or FZ16
    iam looking for
    1.good looking
    2.good engine (good condition and performance)
    3.milage (aleast 40-50 kml)
    4.reasonable price
    i always ride my bike in a poor road (old CBZ)
    so which one is more suitable for me
    please help me

    • basing upon those stated clauese i’ll say that fz-16 is better than p200
      1. economy of p200 is just 15-20 on those kind of roads whereas fz-16 will give atleast 35-40 easily
      2. style-wise FZ is way more styllish than that crappy P200
      3. P200 engine needs to be maintained well orelse you can just forget ur biking days
      4. for a reasonable price FZ is best for you…
      my personal experience from similar conditions yaar…. Im telling you FZ is truely the LORD of Streets!!

  9. Hey friends!!
    Don’t get confuse I have a rocking idea 4 u guys just go 4 Fz16
    this bike will really give u great comfort…u’ll find the difference!!

  10. Hey People,
    U do a gr8 job.Ur reviews of yam fz16 helpd me buy 1.Its gr8.The road presence is jus 2 much.Mileage is ok.Pickup really drove me mad.I hav som queries.The bike manual says that one should drive below 4500rpm b4 500 km n below 6000rpm b4 1000 km has been driven.Is this really important for d long life of d eingne?Secondly I wanna put a foot rest for the pillion rider.But there arent nay place for the same.Any ideas??Also is there one available from yamaha?Pls help me out.
    Thx so much.

    • ya its realy good 4 ur engine life and as well as 4 milege 2 some extend
      foot rest 4 the pillon rider comes along with saree gaurd
      there is saree guard available 4 fz and ask 4 the footrest

  11. hi frndz, am plannig to buy a bike which gives good milage n power. thinkin to buy fz but am in confusion. weather it gives good milage or not? please help me. as i found it may give 50 to 55 but when i enquired only 30 to 35 km it gives. is it true?

  12. ok…heres my take on the FZ16. I bought one 14 days back.
    I didn’t go in for the FZ-S ‘coz i didn’t think the extra price of about 2K was worth it; also i prefer black; also the headlight assembly on the FZ-s and the visor can be bought separately for around Rs. 500/- .
    You can look up the technical specification on the official Yamaha website (
    SO here goes.

    LOOKS: If u buy this bike be prepared to be looked/stared/peeped/glanced at. This bike draws people anywhere I park or stop. (its just too good looking to look away) seriously it looks best in black. Be aware that black also attracts the most amount of dust and scratches.

    ELECTRIC START: The electric start on this baby is very responsive. I haven’t had any problems so far. Personally, I feel the anxiety of not having a kick-start is more of a psychological problem than a functional one. I have yet to see how it responds in cold temperatures. I was told not to install any anti-theft alarm on the bike as that would shorten the life of the battery and if the battery screws up, I don’t have to tell you what you will be doing to get your bike started.

    ENGINE & GEARBOX: One of the smoothest engines (after all its a Yamaha) The engine is so smooth that I found I can drive at 25km/h in 5th gear and the bike doesn’t complain. No jerking, no spluttering, no angry noises from the gear box..smooth as a baby’s ass. 14bhp generates enough acceleration to leave behind the rest of the crowd. This is also owing to the fact that Yamaha have reduced the ratio between the 1st and 2nd gear, so you get VERY good acceleration. Gearbox is also very smooth and the gears slide in smoothly. very nice.

    HANDLING: The handling of this bike on the road is very good. The 140/80 rear tires (widest on any bike in manufactured in India) supply enough traction to zig zag your way around the curviest of corners and the road grip feels very safe and secure. The shock absorbers are really nice and chews in bumps and potholes like candy floss. I have re-set the rear shocker one notch softer (just a personal preference).

    I am still running-in my engine and have done about 450 kms so I can’t tell you about the bikes handling in higher speeds.

    My bike is giving me a mileage of 38km/lt as of now. It’s bound to improve on successive servicing so I am expecting 50-55km/lt after the engine settles in.

    The pillion seat is a tad uncomfortable for long rides, or so my friend told me.

    For the price I wanted the company to provide me with a tubeless tire repair kit with the bike, but well..thats not happening.

    One problem I found was that the heel of the pillion rider’s right shoe tends to rub against the top of the silencer which scratches it. I thought of installing a longer footrest, but it seems no company manufactures foot-rests for the right side. Any suggestions anyone?

    Its always better to check the rear tire pressure at least once a week, as the tire is a radial so loss of pressure is not really noticeable and hitting a pothole at 50 kmph with low tire pressure will seriously damage your wheel rim.

    The leg-guard is of a very good quality and strong, I highly recommend installing one for safety and it doesn’t take away from the looks of the bike as I had initially believed.

    I read a lot about people who own FZ16 who are complaining about the fuel efficiency. Try not to ride the bike beyond 4000 rpms for the first 1000 kms. (thats around 60 kmph on 5th gear) I know its hard. When you have a bike like FZ 16 driving below 4000 rmps is like putting yourself through excruciating self inflicted pain..but thats the price you pay for fuel efficiency and a well tuned and responsive engine. Its worth it guys.

    What else….(?)…The headlights are great…the indicators don’t beep when on so you will have to make a mental note to switch them off after the turn…I could have used a rear disk brake..and at least 16 bhp..but then..i am not cribbing…just a gentle wishful thinking…someone was asking about footrests for the pillion rider…yes its your Yamaha spare parts shop. I rode a pulsar 200 and avenger after FZ16..although the engine capacities are entirely different … i must say the ride quality was so much better on the Yamaha (no offence to Pulsar/ Avenger lovers)

    So thats it I guess…I am more than happy with my FZ-16. And oh yes.. the Yamaha after-sales service is very good. Kudos to the Yamaha team. I hope this was helpful. Enjoy your FZ-16 and drive safe and responsibly.


  13. Another thing…I don’t like the positioning of the front number plates. I feel they just totally ruin the looks of the bike. (For those who don’t know its mounted between the headlights and the digital console.) I saw some guys have painted their number on the forward angle of the front mud-guard. I haven’t installed mine yet and I am still looking for other options..if anyone has better idea..please holler back.

  14. Hi,
    Got FZ16 a couple of days back…500km clocked went on a drive for abt 70 odd kms sorry to say but was bit disappointed my bike smoked in the ghat section…:( dont know why didnt go above 55kmph ever but it smoked.. also felt like it would lose power in the top gear…is there something i should get fixed or wht..? dont know but sure will get my first serviving in couple of days let hope they fix it
    happy ridding guys!!!

    • Hmm… You are not suppossed to drive a vehicle (be it bike / Car) in the top Gear in Ghats or slopy areas, This will strain the Engine alot and Damage it. Also you will not get enough power in higher gears. In Ghats you should drive in the 2nd for steep slopes , 3rd or 4th gear ( for less slopes or almost flat roads ).

  15. i bought fz 16 last months’ 27 and my bike is giving average of 20 kmpl…i m getting this average before first service..any one can tell that is it ok before first service to get such low average..or should i wait till first service to be done….please reply…

  16. Hello, I just purhased the bike 3 days ago.
    And here is what i can conclude.
    1. The looks are awesome. And i am not the one saying this. This is what the lookers eye says.
    2. Its big and musculine tank gives a macho look.
    3. The head light is one of a kind and stylish too.
    4. The tiers are big and “technically” tubless. So no issues in taking a turn at 50km/hr. It wont sleep.
    5. The dash board is bit dissappointing. But that is just my opinion. It dosnt match the macho look.
    6. The pick up is great. 0 to 60 km/hr in just 6 sec. That can beat plusar 220 may be.
    7. Cant talk about the mileage as it will be accountable only after first 2 service. But i hope it will give around 45 – 50.

    The bottom line is. ITS WORTH THE MONEY. YAMAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

  17. @ vik

    if ur bike is regularly givin u a distressing mileage of 20kmpl then better get it checked at the Service Centre…something is really wrong with it(maybe u have a faulty spark plug!).

    @ Aman

    Man, what do u mean by useful??? Well, even a Luna can prove to be useful to u since u can commute on it from Chembur to Goregaon everyday! What do u want?? topspeed, pickup, riding comfort, mileage? …these are the questions that u should ask urself & then post a query here. Only then could we tell u whether the bike for u is “useful”!!

  18. it’s amazing bike i have purched it since jan 2009
    it’s pick up is ausom avrage is good the both tyers are tubeless it’s comfort to drive look is verry cool i love to drive on it seats are only for tow persones it has digtel metor thx to yahama for this new bike

  19. ur review is gud but it dint helped me in d mileage section…i m planin to buy a 150 cc bike…in a week..n my options are..fz-16 and hero honda hunk…though hunk has everthin but it lacks in digital console ,backlit on the hadle controls where as fz-16 got everythin in looks but ppl says it doesnt go gud aftr 60km/h..plz help i m planin to buy within a week.

  20. FZ 16:- Mileage – yes it’ll be less than Hunk (Comes around 40 in City. But your other query is unfound. Many feel a little harshness at around 60 kmph. But Once the Bike crosses this mark, goes upto 110 kmph without any fuss.

    Maybe, this is some kind of restriction from Yamaha, just like Bajaj has got Ride Control, for better mileage. You can definately go beyond 60 kmph, but the Mileage will drop below 40 kmpl.

  21. hi,frends
    This is pankaj i am planing buy a bike but i m cofused which one buy shall i go for yamaha fz16 or bajaj avenger some time i also think abt honda sturnner,i hav heared abt fiber body of fz16 but its stylish one can you all help me out with ur precious sugetions

  22. Hi guys,
    most of queries or complains about performance above 60, hey ppl then u arent riders, you should how to manage power band of bike, else anybody will doubt on your riding skill [FZee’s are not with luna engine]. check the reviews from bike experts from autocar etc. about how progressive fz goes if u maintain power band. [no hurts to anybody πŸ˜‰ ]
    i dont want to speak abt mileage problems of others bcoz i dont care of mileage [maybe many ppl care] sorry abt it. as i have fitted dagrex exhaust kit from yamaha and got much improved power.
    thanks for reading my comment. enjoy biking!!

  23. hi.. am Nidhin.
    I am going to by new bike.On next week.
    now i am aiming FZ16.
    about FZ16 it’s very cute and muzil look.
    But i have request,i dont like the fz’s brake lite model.
    so next time could please change that brake lite model.
    and now my next choices are
    pulzer220 and appachiRTR180.

    plz make your suggsion to me.

  24. most useful article on d fz16 i have found yet . it beats even d bsmotoring reviews as its unbiased ……d article gives a test ride feel.

  25. i bought new fz16 two days before. the bike is so excellent , stylist & powerful. i chose black color bcz it looks sporty.
    In my consideration its mileage is not so poor. it is giving 10% less mileage than other 150cc bikes bcz of the Broad tire & 153cc displacement. my bike is running 10 to 12 kms in 1 lit.. if u r young then it is worst to looking 4 other 150 cc bike which has a typical look. u hv to see all video’s which r uploaded onto u-tube, there people r saying fz would b the best choice than other bikes. the query is only that the handling is ok but not powerful than clip-on handel bar but it doesn’t mean that it’s not comfortable. but i surely saying that this bike give me all things than other bikes. but u dont worry bcz u’ll get yamaha’s most powerful engine.
    (Note- =My review upon this bike is through my own experience & it doesn’t conduct through any other sources or peoples) .

  26. Hi guys,
    I am planing to buy a 150cc bike. i have 2 option {fz16 or pulsar 150}.and i am looking for:
    1.good looks
    3.and reasonable price
    can any one help me out.?

  27. HI Koushal you have to buy pulsar 150 . but wait till the launch of new p150 wid clip-0n handle bar & 1bhp extra than older one. Try RTR too….

  28. Hi Guys!

    This review proved to be very useful. Actually, i bought this amazing bike FZ16 on the Thursday. I am in love with it. Filled up full tank. I have driven only 227kms so far, did not go beyond 50kmph or 4000rpm. Petrol indication is showing 4dots (of total 6dots). So cant say about mileage. Well that’s about it.
    I live in Hyderabad. Initially, when i planned to buy a bike, i wanted good mileage between 40 to 50kmpl. My office is 22kms from home, so the bike had to be comfortable for long rides. I had CBZ Xtreme and Pulsar 150/180 in mind. I rode CBZ for about 3weeks, it was good. At office i saw FZ, but i was thinking about mileage so thought of not taking it. Newer driven a pulsar, so know nothing about that. But given the looks of pulsar, i fixed on 180cc by Wednesday evening. Many people said not to buy pulsar with different reasons. But i was decided that i will. Then i heard about the monocross suspension in FZ. So checked out about FZ and Fazer all around the web. Seemed damn good. Went to the showroom next day and went on a trial in Fazer but i did not like it because of the heavy dome. Then drove FZ for just 200metres and there it was in my mind. Did not have a second thought and went for it. It cost me Rs 77,000 on road (Rs 66250 ex-showroom Hyderabad)
    I wanted visor so bought it in addition. Crash guard is also good, it does not spoil the look at all. Even the ladies foot rest is not bad.
    Now i don’t mind even if it gives around 35kmpl mileage as the riding comfort, looks, road grip are amazing. As said by everybody, be prepared to be stared at as people really do.
    Have a safe ride.
    Chao for now

  29. If you wanna beauty GO!!! get the YAMAHA, if you wanna power GO!!! get the YAMAHA, If you wanna style GO!! get the YAMAHA, huuum YAMAHA……..means you r top of the world,wid huge amount of TRUST & CONFIDANCE. WE PROUD TO BE AN YAMAHAIYAN.
    Like no others……..Nothing official(“,)

  30. here in Philippines, pulsar 200 also known KAWASAKI ROUSER 200 is cheaper than YAMAHA FZ16. ROUSER 200 cost 96,000 PESOS while YAMAHA FZ16 that will be launched this coming July 2010 will cost around 130,000 PESOS….I like FZ16 but it is expensive…I’ll go for PULSAR/ROUSER 200…:)


  32. I bought the FZ – 16 10 days back and reading comments in this site feeling that i made good choice. Firstly my plan was to buy Pulser – 150 CC becuase earler i was having Caliber croma and satisfied with its performace. I paid advance for pulser but they do not have delivery. Than my friend who already having fz – 16 suggest this bike , i taken back the advance from bajaj dealer and finalised the FZ – 16. Now i am happy to buy it. Regarding performance it quite comfertable and pickup is very good , I have filled full tank, already 250 km clocked and indicater showing 4 dot so milage is also quite satisfactory. My overall openion is that it is excellent choice.

  33. Sitting position & handling is fine thats why its good for long drives and even for mileage. i hv got one black FZ16, my friends told me that its pick up is more powerful than pulsar and cbz and even stylist than those.

  34. @surnder rawat

    Petrol indicator is not accurate dude. After 4dots, the next go off very fast, n the last one keeps blinking eventhough the bike doesnt fall into reserve. Thats the only minor thing which i felt bad about. Apart from that the bike’s ROCKING…

  35. The bike is rocking guys, bt fule indicators is an minor problem, overall performance of this monster is tremendas. THE LORD OF THE RING……….

  36. hi rahul,

    u r right , i heared that fuel indiator is not working properly of other user also anyway it is near to 300 km and still it is showing 4 dots that mean it should cross 500 km in one full tank.

    I also feeling on thing that an abnormal sound coming from its rear back tyre, do you also have such type of problem, pls let us have ur opnion.


  37. @surender rawat

    That isnt abnormal sound, if u observe the same sound comes from any four wheeler tyre. i kinda fell in luv wid that sound (phurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) whenever u drive on dusty or patchy roady.. dont worry, all is well. and just the fuel indicator is messd up which u can ignore.. and if u want better mileage keep it under 4000rpm/50kmph till first servicing. my bikes done 1700kms n now almost givin 38kmpl which is awesome for the way i drive it.

  38. hi sir
    i am married and wanting to buy a bike first short listed is yamaha fz 16 and second is bajaj pulsar 150,my budget is 75000/-and my home office distance is 2 km so i am not looking for average as such,but my only worry is as yamaha there was spare parts and service problem so will i face future problem in yamaha fz 16,,and servicing,,so what will be yr recomdation as i will not be travlling far it is just for fun to go out.waiting for yr reply

  39. hi sir
    i am married and wanting to buy a bike first short listed is yamaha fz 16 and second is bajaj pulsar 150,my budget is 75000/-and my home office distance is 2 km so i am not looking for average as such,but my only worry is as yamaha there was spare parts and service problem so will i face future problem in yamaha fz 16,,and servicing,,so what will be yr recomdation as i will not be travlling far it is just for fun to go out.waiting for yr reply

  40. Hello friends,
    I am from kerala, Planning to buy Fz in couple of days.
    I hared problem with tubeless tyre. MRF isnt that good etc. Does anyone have any update on this. Tubeless rear tyre costs 3000 INR.
    Please update me.

  41. Hey Shibin,
    i’ve planned buy an FZ, i m just confused to buy an FZ or an FZS, ne ways…..
    about the tyres, yup it costs 3000 INR but MRF is good, i have my friend dealing in branded tyres, he says its very good and hey u dont have to worry about the tyres for about 3-5 years on a new FZ man so dont worry…..

  42. Hello The_Evil,
    I bought mid night black last day. First impression is fine. Hope it works fine for me. Thanks for your comments.


  43. namaskaara πŸ™‚
    i bought yamaha fz16 black about 20 days ago..
    may i plss knw the mileage before 1st serviece??
    and wud it rise after 2nd or 3rd serviece??
    waiting for ur reply…

  44. I have just purchased it and got it delivered to me, the ride is perfect, no issues at all. But lately I met 1 of my friends’ who owns a FZ 16 for 8 months and has faced a couple of problems : the start button not working for some time, so installed a kick for Rs.2700/- , the fuel indicator does not always show you the accurate fuel remaining. I felt repented for a while but seriously when I see it standing in my compound, the looks just make me forget everything.

  45. hi sid,

    I think there is no starting problem in this bike , It start easily , visit a good service dealer , your starting problem definitely solved. There is no need to fit manual kick , just try to do following steps:
    1. stand bike (middle stand)
    2. put the second gear
    3. try to move rear Tyre (clockwise)
    4. your bike will get start.

    Your second problem regarding petrol indicator , yes there is little technical problem, last 2/3 dot disappear very fast as compare to 4/5/6. But i think these are minor problem just forget it and enjoy the rides. I purchased fz16 around 6 month back and i did not face any problem in this bike. within speed of 50- 60 it ready feel great

  46. thanx for the tips surender , will keep it in mind. But as I said earlier, its fan-fukin-tastic I like the ride, its balanced. good for any1 to ride. and after listening to the comments on Overdrive by a bike expert where her was praising the bike just too much, M more than enough convinced with my choice. Now may it stop after 2 years or 4 I will cherish it…… CHEERS

  47. if u seeing for the look its gr8..awasoommmee tyres..when u seen it in ur compound u feel great…engine sound wellll..
    only the problem in milege…but if u want something more than u have to losse something…..and i think this bike is very impressivvvveeee…….so go and take it……
    it is truelly a street bikeee…feel the power….

  48. @ashish: thanks mate.

    Ok so its been about 20 months now I have been riding my FZ 16. Here are a few updates.

    My bikes is returning around 40-45 kmpl. Most of my riding is in the city or on mountains so I think its alright. My odometer is 20,000+.
    The stock battery has a warranty of 12 months and mine died on the 13th month. Sigh !! Tough luck. I replaced it with Amaron 48 months warranty and now theres absolutely no problems.
    The tires are made of some soft density kinda rubber so I had to deal with a lot of punctures (oh well I did also ride 20,000 + kms so it averages out) The thing I am kinda peeved about is that the punctures which I had repaired with the puncture repair kit tends to leak out again afterwards. In which case there is no other remedy but to take out the whole tire and get it repaired manually from the inside. So if you don’t want double hassles and you have the time and a mechanic is available I would recommend you to mend punctures from the inside using puncture patches and not the repair kit. It works out a lil’ expensive but saves time and money in the long run. The repair kit can be used in case of emergencies.
    The fuel indicator on the console is not very good and mine gives out wrong reading most of the times. Other than this I have had the sprocket and chains replaced with a new one. Yamaha recommends this at 12000 kms but I think you can change it around 15000kms. Of course this is relative.
    Other than this I have absolutely no complaints. Electric start works great. Headlight are very powerful. Haven’t blown a single bulb till now. Handling is superb. Gear box, clutch plates, engine, electrics.; every thing is good as gold. My free services are over but i still get my bike serviced every 3000 km from the Yamaha workshop and it shows. If you can afford it please service your bikes from the workshops. I always get my servicing done from a single workshop mechanic. This helps as he will be the only one handling your bike over a period of time and so will be aware of what needs to be taken care of and how. I pay him 50 rupees extra and some cigarettes to keep his morale up (=p) and my bikes gets special attention too.

    The bike is very stable even in high speeds. I have taken my FZ 16 upto 110 kmh. With a free flow air filter and a lil re-jetting I am sure it will easily hit 140 too. In order to get the best speeds rev up the throttle till atleast 7000 rpms before changing gears. Try to hit 100 kph on the 4th and the 5th will easily take you to 110 (with a lil coaxing and wind-cheating) PLEASE wear helmets while you are doing this.

    I recently bought a secondhand 1950 bullet also which I am restoring and will be using for longer trips (500 km+) For day to day use and city commuting, FZ 16 rocks.


  49. @RBT : i just loved ur review. but, reading the other reviews, i have noticed that this bike aint designed for a highway use, especially a ghat. N my usage will be at least 10 kms of ghat n 45 kms on the highway. So, will the FZ have any serious effect on its engine? coz i’m really mad for it! πŸ˜›
    -Please do reply! thank u!

    • Mountain roads and ‘slopes’ are not a problem. I am assuming the mountain roads you are referring to are at least paved. I have myself done a fair bit of travelling on high gradient roads as I live near the mountains and I love the way the bike hugs the corners as I make high speed turns. The torque is good enough to see you and a pillion through the steepest of slopes. The trick is not to rev up full throttle but about halfway and let the bike do the rest and to strictly avoid clutch riding. The engine is tough so ghats should not be a problem in the least. Yes they say that this bike is best in city traffic thats because it has a low center of gravity and wide tires so handling is a piece of cake when you are doing bumper to bumper. However highways are also a walk in the park. There is very lil’ engine vibrations and the bike keeps as steady as Steven Segal’s roundhouse kicks. After 85kmph it will take a lot of coaxing to get the bike to hit 100kmph. Tip: accelerate the bike through each gear and up-shift gears only after the rpm meter hits 7000 rpms. And always WEAR A HELMET. Life can change in one second. Happy riding.

  50. I beg to disagree with this review. When you talk about power, FZ16 is crazy. I think you haven’t shifted into the lower gear that’s why you weren’t able to overtake on that truck that you were talking about. Well it depends on the driver though. But for me FZ16 is the best. With its features you will not ask for more. Except for the Disc brake at the rear tire and the kick starter which is very important. But anyway, nice try.

  51. HI RBT
    Good Evening,

    Sharing you knowledge is really great, I have FZ which i bought March 2010. Now almost 9 Moths passed and I am fully satisfied with its performance, It is clocked above 9000 , I have not faced any major problem but few minor problem am facing is : puncture , Some time self starting problem. One more problem i have faced sometime back that my bike was not stared. When i checked with dealer they found that lot of carbon in battery s. Why this happened dont know but now problem is rectified now, but all these are minor problem which we can be forget. I have noted your tip , definitely apply while driving. thanks

    Surender Rawat

    • Hey I wanna ask you something… regarding punctures…
      Do you ride on well built roads or do you often take the bike offroads… like some mud / stony roads where the proobablity of getting punctures is high ?

  52. Hi im from the Philippines, We just got the Yamaha FZ16 in our country last year i think it was delayed due to tax issues. anyhow i was just wondering how come our units here doesnt have thart grill-type thing on the rear left side and also our models here have kick/electric starter? was it because people complained about them?.

    • that grill type thingy on the rear left side is a “sari guard”. Sari is a traditional dress worn by women in India and that grill helps to protect the loose folds of the sari of the pillion rider from being entangled into the moving tires. So it is a country specific accessory. You should not worry about it being absent. Don’t know about the kick start. My bike has no starting issues vis-a-vis the electric start. IMO I think its great if you got kick + elec start.

  53. thnX for d review……,.my FZ 16 midtone black varient gonna deliverd on 15/04/2011 …em so xcited aftr reading ur review bhaai…… em living in a highrange area in kerala……wud any1 tell abt d performance of d bike lyk high altitude areas lyk Munnar nd manali???

  54. Hi, I am planning to buy a new bike I am confused with FZ 16 and Hunk. Please lemme know which is better. I also want to know how is FZ 16 comfort for pillion rider when it comes to long drives, have this doubt cos of the uni shock.

  55. I m looking to buy a new 150 bike and i m confuse between TVS RTR 180 and FZ16??
    PLz gimme ur comments on following issue
    1.performance on highway
    5.Bikers Look

  56. to ASH
    hii… look man… the only tip for better maintenance of your bike is proper services at regular intervals of 2000 kms. and if you want milleage then dont go above 60kmph

    to ashwin
    hi, the top-speed of that macho is exactly 110kmph. but don’t try it out cos you’ll lose ur mileage vigorously… somewhere around 20-25kmpl. my friend did it and now he’s regreting his actions as he has to wait for the next service to get better mileage once again.
    The thing is once you lose mileage dont worry, just wait for the next service as once the old engine oil is replaced by the new one ride it @ a speed from 40-60kmph max to get back an economy of 40-45kmpl.
    These are coming from my personal experiences so you guys can believe it with eyes closd!! My best wishes to all the yamaha fans and FZ lovers…!!!
    PEACE!!! to ya’ all!!!!!

  57. Hi guyz,
    I need buy one new bike, But i am confused , I have 3 options
    1. Fz16
    2. Pulsar 180
    3. Hero xtreme
    Can u pls sugest to me ! Which one is more better….

    Am waiting 4 ur reply….

  58. Hi Guys…..

    I have to buy bike in 150 cc segment. Wanna go for FZ 16 or Unicorn. But m little confused about the FZ 16 that it dont have the kick start…it will create problem in winters :@
    it requires good maintenance as compared to Unicorn…

    Guys plz advice………

  59. Hi Guys

    I Purchased my Yamaha FZ16 Black yester !
    I have two queries,
    1.The chain seems to rust easily(as easily as within 8 days) so i have been advised a chain spray.
    2. a leg guard(the company does not provide one)

    Your views on it?????

    Plus driving under 65 KMph for the first 1000 kilomeers is killing

    Fab bike!!!!

  60. my bike fz 16 is now six months in use, sometime a honda cbr 150 owner challenged me for a race i told him i will accept ur challenge if we r going to do this on a one kilometer straight smooth road, so be it….. my fastest was 122 km/h and the distance between the 2 bikes is about 150 meters and the winner is……..MEEEEEE!!! i won 10,000 pesos in this race. thanks FZ16.

  61. Hai Frenz,

    I have analized recent modern bikes and compared with FZ16 my final pick was either P220 or FZ16. Atlast, i have driven both the bikes and came to a conclusion that i need to choose FZ16 which is AWESOME!!!!!! I am going to buy FZ16 in a weeks time.

  62. Yes,.. FZ 16 with its standard front sprocket(14 teeth) is not so fast compared to other bikes in its class. But after I changed the front sprocket of my FZ with a 16 teeth, I really enjoyed the speed it gave every time I throttled up the gas. I cannot ask for more…

  63. Could someone please inform me as soon as possible where I could buy the same designed new bike in Bangalore or, Yamaha Green Horse. Please contact me immediately at 8792746496.


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