Spied: New Discover On Test; Is It a Cheaper Discover 100T?

Rajiv Bajaj surprised everyone when he announced that Bajaj will launch as many as 6 new discovers within this fiscal year. He cleared that at least four of them will be launched within this year and the remaining two will be decided based on the market conditions and competition.


We spotted a Discover mule soon after this revelation by Bajaj a couple of times (here) which looked very similar to the existing new range of Discovers that Bajaj already had leaving us pondering over the question – “What is Bajaj Testing?”. It was only in July we learnt that it was the new Discover 125T under test when it was launched on July 11th.

In a very similar fashion, we have bumped upon another Discover mule being tested on the roads of Pune. This Discover mule was caught testing around the same area where we have spotted earlier Bajaj’s mules including the Discover 125T.

There doesn’t appear to be anything which we can point out and say this stands out. This mule carries dual shock absorbers with Nitrox, analogue meter assembly, kick starter, alloy wheels and looks more like the Discover 100T that is currently on sale.

Cheaper-Bajaj-Discover-100T_2However, upon very careful observation, we notice that the rear foot peg assembly is more utilitarian. The Discover 100T has a sporty aluminum side sets whereas it is the regular tubed metal one on this mule much like the older (on sale) regular Discover 100. Add to that the side cowl also appears to be slightly different from the current Discover 100T. Does this mean Bajaj is preparing a cheaper Discover 100T to possibly replace the current Discover 100?


These are the aluminum side sets on the current Discover 100T which this mule is missing

If we carefully look at the prices, Discover 100T retails for Rs 49,000 whereas the Discover 100 costs Rs 43,820, both prices ex-showroom Delhi. Now, if this is the entry level variant of Discover 100T, it may be placed somewhere in between or may replace the Discover 100 altogether!

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