10 Differences Between Discover 125ST & New Discover 125T

So, if you are grossly confused between the innumerable Discovers in Bajaj’s stables, let us tell you, you are not alone. The Pune based manufacturer launched the new Discover 125T yesterday further increasing the alphabet mixmangling!


However, the good thing is that we could not find the Discover 150 on Bajaj’s official site which possibly and hopefully means that the company has discontinued it. So its one up and one down!

For now, Bajaj has the following Discovers on offer.

  1. Discover 100
  2. Discover 100T
  3. Discover 125
  4. Discover 125T
  5. Discover 125ST

The ‘T’ and ‘ST’ you see here are the latest iterations and in all probability, Bajaj will discontinue the ones which do not carry these alphabets. Let’s come to the present and talk about the differences between the Discover 125ST and the latest launch Discover 125T which has been a point of discussion among our readers since yesterday.


*This is the Discover 125ST

Differences between Discover 125T and 125ST

Apart from the missing ‘S’ and the launch dates, there are a few differences between these two motorcycles and here they are:

  1. Positioning: As a first, its their positioning in the segment. While Discover 125ST is the premium-most Discover now, 125T sits between the regular 125 and 125ST.
  2. Engine: While both the scooters share the same 124.6cc single cylinder 4-valve mill, its the tuning that has been tinkered with. The 125T produces 12.5PS of maximum power output at 9000rpm which is 0.5PS lesser than the class leading 13PS of 125ST. There is no change to the torque figures. Both the bikes produce 10.8Nm of maximum torque. However, new 125T produces it 500rpm earlier at 6500 rpm whereas the 125ST does it in 7000rpm. This is expected to help 125T’s city riding characteristics.
  3. Suspension: This is probably the biggest change. To keep costs under control, Bajaj has taken the monoshock of the 125ST away and the new 125T comes with the regular Nitrox twin shock absorebers (which have a travel of 110mm).
  4. Brakes: While the 125T comes with an optional 200mm front petal disc brakes, the 125ST has this feature as standard. For the lesser variant, Discover 125T comes with a 130mm front drum brake.
  5. Ground Clearance: For some reason, the ground clearance of new 125T at 165mm is 5mm lower than the 170mm of 125ST.
  6. Weight: Due to the minor changes, there is a wee bit of difference in weights. The Discover 125ST weighs 124.5kgs whereas the 125T tips the scale at 124/124.7 kgs (drum/disc)
  7. Rear Mudguard: Since the 125ST is presented as a sportier variant, it gets tyre hugging mud guard and the regular tail is, hence, modified accordingly. However, the Discover 125T comes with the regular mudguard without the tyre hugging piece.
  8. Side Panels: While the side panels are light silver in Discover 125ST, the 125T gets darker grey colored panels.
  9. Decals: While the decals are silver-ish on the 125ST according to its side panels, the 125T carries darker grey colored decals.


Discover 125ST & Discover 125T Price Difference

  • Discover 125ST: Rs 56,026
  • Discover 125T Drum: Rs 52,500
  • Discover 125T Disc: Rs 55,500

Difference No 10: So, for all these changes, there is an obvious price difference between these two motorcycles. While taking Delhi’s ex-showroom price as standard, as you can see, Discover 125T is cheaper by only Rs 526 for the disc variant. However, its the drum variant that makes sense here as it is Rs 3526 cheaper.

So, if you are really on a tight budget, get the Discover 125T Drum else buy the Discover 125ST if its the disc variant which you plan to buy.

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