Bajaj Ready to Launch 2 Pulsars & 4-6 New Discovers This Year

Now this is interesting! In an interview given to, MD of Bajaj Auto, Mr Rajiv Bajaj has revealed the company’s future plans for this year.


A little while back we learnt that Bajaj is preparing two new Pulsars for launch this year. One of them will be bigger than Pulsar 200NS (which we know is Pulsar 375) and the other one is smaller than the naked 200 (which we have no head or tail clue of).

Apart from this, Bajaj has not one or two but as many as 6 new Discovers ready for a launch in this financial year. Rajiv Bajaj says that the company will decide on the actual number of launches from these depending upon the competition during the coarse of this year. But he also clarifies that they will launch at least 4 of them this year.

Bajaj already has 5 Discovers on sale which range from 100 to 150cc. They have two bikes in the 100cc segment, 2 in the 125cc segment and one in the 150cc segment. Where will Bajaj put the new 4-6 Discovers is a question which only they have an answer of. If we sit back and speculate, we can expect a Discover 150T (or ST) and a revamp to the existing normal Discovers. We do not expect any Discover under 100cc and over 150cc but then you never know what Bajaj can be upto!

With so many Discover variants in pipeline, Bajaj wants to lay special emphasis on the Discover brand for this year. They  target to sell 1.5 Lakh monthly units of Discovers from the current 1-1.1 Lakh units. It will be a very busy year for Bajaj where they want to really move forward to the next level of volumes. Let us wait as more details about each Discover and Pulsar will unfold in some time.

By the way, Can you list what these 6 new Discovers can be?


Source: Moneycontrol