Hero’s premium motorcycles to be sold through separate dealerships…

Since Hero broke up with Honda, until now whatever has come out of their stables has strictly been commuter in every sense of the word. Their strategy was to save their numero uno position and hence all the focus was on guarding sales of their 100 and 125 cc motorcycles. And let us be very honest in reporting that Hero has done a commendable job by keeping the very aggressive Honda quite a distance away in terms of sales.

Meanwhile, they showcased truckloads of very interesting and futuristic higher capacity products but none of them has been able to come even close to production. It appears that Hero, now, feels that they should expand their prospect customer base with motorcycles over 150 cc (currently, Xtreme Sports is their biggest motorcycle).

In a report by PTI via Economic Times, Hero is planning to set separate dealerships for premium motorcycles. According to the website, the plan is to sell higher than 150 cc motorcycles in a more premier environment – a ploy which Bajaj had with their ProBiking outlets which have now transformed into KTM-exclusive dealerships.

Earlier, they used to sell Pulsar 220/Avenger 220 and others from dedicated ProBiking outlets. However, today, even the biggest 373 cc Dominar is being retailed from regular Bajaj showrooms which also house the entry-level Platinas and CT100s. So, in a way, Bajaj has ditched this idea which they strategized almost a decade back.

Finally, a nice view of the motorcycle…

Pawan Munjal, Chairman and CEO of Hero MotoCorp also announced that they will launch half a dozen products within this fiscal (ie till March 2018) which would also include premium models. As we understand one such product will be Xtreme 200S which is expected to be introduced shortly. Hero has also showcased XPulse Adv which we expect, is based on a similar platform and is also believed to be going to production sometime next year. Apart from this, what else is coming is not known at the moment.

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Recently unveiled XPulse ADV

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But what do you think – will you prefer buying a Karizma 250 from an existing dealership or will it help Hero’s image if they sell it from a more premium environment…?

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  • Go_kool

    Customers will be interested but will the dealer be able to run the show……. Cars have higher margin, nexa was a interesting move not sure will it work for 2 wheeler

  • So what is the point of this article

  • Akash Raj

    First thing that Hero should do is to layoff their current Bike Designing team.
    Try and poach a few guys who worked at Suzuki and Yamaha designing team and create a new team.

    • rikkuartz

      true that.

      “one such product will be Xtreme 200S”, hope this doesn’t come out at all for Hero’s sake.

  • Amjad Badsha

    Hero lost the game when they refreshed Karizma line up. And more over there is no sensible launch since Xtreme sports they didn’t even thought of launching a new bike. This show that they are only interested in selling the splendors.