CBR250R Falls; Mojo Beats it for the First Time: Feb 2016 Sales

A lot of them are lined up but at the moment, Indian motorcyclists have very few options when it comes to tourers. CBR250R and Mojo are supremely impressive long distance reasonably-powerful and affordable touring machines. Both of them offer smooth engines, comfortable seating posture and great ride quality.

CBR250R has been here, in absolutely same form, for the last five years and has seen a surprise spike in sales in the last many months, for unknown reasons. Mojo, on the other hand, started its innings very recently but was limited to just four cities.

So how are these two doing on the sales charts? Let us compare them ever since Mahindra started retail sales of Mojo ie November 2015.

Mojo vs CBR250R Pic

From over 200 units since Nov, CBR250R has seen a definite decline in sales. For the month of February 2016, sales fell to 83 units, lowest since a long time. Mojo, on the other hand started well but after the first month, sales stabilized at under 100 units for the last three months.

In the process, what Mojo has done is – it has unsettled the CBR250R and overtaken the Honda in February 2016 sales – for the first time ever!

Why it sounds commendable is because of the fact that they have achieved this feat by selling Mojo in only 4 cities whereas CBR250R is available nationwide!

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We are not sure if the fall in CBR250R’s numbers is temporary or if there is a confirmed drop in demand but what we can be certain is that, Mojo’s numbers will see a consistent increment now that it is available in 15 new cities (total 19 cities now. City list here). Within the next few months, Mahindra intends to further expand Mojo’s presence in other cities in a phased manner. Mojo has already been caught testing with ABS so we know the tech, the only big disadvantage over CBR250R, is already being addressed.

You can read how these two motorcycles stack against each other along with others here.

CBR250R vs Mojo Sales

Why are we NOT very optimistic about CBR250R is because, in an exclusive interview with BikeAdvice, Mr. Y S Guleria, Senior Vice President Honda India, has quashed the new CBR250R or the CBR300R for our market in the near future (link to report). This basically means that Mojo with a wider presence (and ABS in the future) will continue to slug it out against the existing 5-year old CBR250R.

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What do you think – which motorcycle between these two will enjoy sales dominance in the coming months?