Nowadays Bike enthusiasts are waking up from silent dream of the Fuel Efficiency. And every Biker wants his machine to satisfy him in terms of Performance. Young blood is flowing… err Revving with the changing trend in bike industry.

150cc bikes are balanced machines which try to give you a descent mileage with a higher cc performance. There was an era when a bike meant a HH Splendor, But nowadays higher capacity Engines are making their statement.

We look at this segment as a segment of opportunity as various Brands are making various experiments to churn out that extra revv you always wanted in your machine along with some healthy fuel efficiency. Youngsters and many commuters find this segment opt for them.

We will be putting a total 12 machines head to head in this shootout. We have purposely kept R15 Out of this shootout, as it belongs to a different class, it would’ve been a clear winner if it was included here, obviously.

Our Contestants Are:

Hey! For your convenience I have added anchor links for each of the bikes, click it and you will be taken to the review part directly! – Deepak

  1. Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-i
  2. Bajaj Discover 150
  3. Honda CB Unicorn
  4. Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler
  5. Hero Honda Achiever
  6. Hero Honda CBZ-Xtreme
  7. Hero Honda Hunk
  8. Yamaha FZ16
  9. Yamaha Fazer 150cc
  10. Yamaha SZ-X
  11. TVS APACHE 160
  12. Suzuki GS-150R

Lets begin a healthy comparo between the beast machines, with description followed by a scoresheet!

1. Bajaj Pulsar 150cc

One of the oldest 150cc bike in indian biking scene, legendary machine with legendary sales so far. Bajaj is an innovative company having number of technologies which were debuted by the brand in india. Pulsar makes 15.06 Ps @ 9000 rpm with Max. Torque 12.5 Nm @ 6500 rpm with its 149.01cc Engine, which is tempting if you want a powerful machine.

Though it lacks some midrange grunt and you have to keep shifting gears to keep it in the power band. Pulsar is able to touch top speed of 115km/h which is satisfactory for a 150cc machine. The gearshift quality has been improved by several notches over its earlier versions. Pulsar is equipped with Digital console, LEDs, Clip Ons, tank flaps, Nitrox suspension etc. Maintenance and reliability is what you need to worry about. Bajaj bikes cost you less but costs you more in maintenance. Bajaj can still improve in engine refinement and quality of spare parts.

Pulsar is recommended for you if you are a performance freak, if you like stunting, can compromise engine refinement and maintenance, and is ready to ride a machine which is found almost everywhere, and has lost its uniqueness upto certain extent. If performance and power lures you, Pulsar might be your next bike!

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2. Bajaj Discover 150cc

Discover brand is familiar for 100cc commuters being highest selling bike in the segment, Discover 150 is Bajaj’s smart move to pull its commuter-customers into 150cc segment. Bajaj Discover is cheapest 150cc bike which looks exactly as its younger sibling Discover 100.

Discover makes 13.0 PS @ 7500 rpm with Max Torque 12.75 Nm @ 5500 rpm with its 144.8cc Engine. The price you pay for these figures is very competitive. The bike is equipped with analog console which surprised us as even its 100cc sibling offers a digital console! Nitrox suspension, LED tail lamps, All black engine theme adds to its looks, though we still havent mate anybody who loves discover’s looks. Being a Bajaj product, bike lacks in Engine refinement and aftersales maintenance. We have to wait and watch, if Bajaj’s strategy works, Discover might be the next best selling 150cc commuter!

If you want to test out 150cc revvs without compromising fuel efficiency, and can compromise maintenance, refinement and most importantly ‘Looks’, then Discover 150 is for you.

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3. Honda CB Unicorn

CB Unicorn is ruling this segment for last 5 years in terms of engine refinement. Unicorns have seen many cosmatic changes in these years. Honda CB Unicorn oozes solid engineering brilliance and top notch build quality, but with its aging looks, the refined marvel is lagging in the competition.

Unicorn makes 13.3bhp @ 8000 rpm with max Torque 1.3 kg-m @ 5500 rpm with its 149.1cc Engine. It touches top speed of 111km/h.The performance is basic but is enough to tackle day to day rush. 3D Emblem on Fuel tank is the only Style element you can spot though with black engine treatment and high quality paintjobs, Unicorn poses its classy looks in its unique way. Unicorn features maintenance free battery, TuffUp Tubes and viscous air filter to minimize maintenance. India’s first mono-suspension works like wonder even on bumpy roads. Honda’s knee placement adds to the comfort and ergonomics of the bike. Absence of Digital console, LEDs and average power figures puts this machine behind in competition.

If you are looking for High quality stuff with almost no maintenance and Engine refinement, and can compromise on Style factor, Unicorn might find its way to your Home!

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4. Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler

When Honda finally listened to its loyals, Dazzler was born. It was first showcased as the Unicorn ‘Sport’ concept at the Auto Expo 2010. Honda gave us almost no chance to complain with the machine which was superior in looks, power, performance and style.

Dazzler is equipped with same engine is unicorn but is tuned to produce 14bhp @ 8500rpm with torque 1.3 kg-m @ 6500rpm. It registers an impressive top whack of 118km/h. Dazzler features Digital console, Rear Disc (Optional), Sporty looks, Floating panels featuring Honda Emblem, 110/80 Tubeless tyres, Maintenance free battery, Viscous air filter and the list continues. Its one big step above Unicorn. All these comes at slightly high price which might make you jump into higher cc segment to satisfy your perfomance thirst!

Honda Dazzler is for you if you want trusted engine of Unicorn and cant compromise on built quality but want a competitive perfomance machine.

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5. Hero Honda Achiever

Achiever is old commuter from Hero Honda stable which recently got a botox treatment to sustain the competition. Achiever comes with basic looks which justify its competitive price. It makes 13.4 bhp@8000 rpm with Torque 12.8N-m@5000 rpm with its 149.1cc Engine, borrowed from Unicorn.

Achiever features basic aesthetic elements. TuffupTube is only a worth mention feature which helps you in minimizing maintenance.

If you want a basic looking reliable 150cc, better than discover in looks but cheaper than Unicorn, Then Hero Honda Achiever is for you.

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6. Hero Honda CBZ – Xtreme

Biking community was obessed with CBZ Mania many years ago. All new CBZ Xreme promises you to deliver optimum power and mileage with its upgraded avatar.
CBZ Xtreme makes 14.4PS@8500 rpm with Torque 12.8N-m@6500 rpm with its 149.2cc engine, borrowed from Unicorn.

It features Analog console, LED tail lights, Split grab rails, Dual tone rear cowl with body tone alloy wheel which adds to its style quotient.

CBZ is a healthy mixture of Looks, Performance, and Mileage. CBZ still can improve in areas like Suspension, Ride quality and a Digital Console.

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7. Hero Honda Hunk

Hunk is a mascular mean machine from Hero Honda stable. It features semidigital console, LED tail light, Rear Disc (Optional), Muscular design, Tubeless tyres, Hero Honda’s first gas-charged shock absorbers etc.

It makes 14.4PS@8500 rpm with Torque 12.8N-m@6500 rpm with its 149.2cc Engine, borrowed from Unicorn. It touches the top speed of 107km/h. Hunk immediately impresses with its brimming midrange torque. It’s handling is on par with its peers with the ergonomic riding posture aiding considerably.

The Hunk is practically the CBZ Xtreme in a more stylish and muscular costume. The bike’s build quality is trademark HH – robust and solid. The bulging tank scoops shout for attention from every angle. It still remains a worthy overall competitor to high ranked bikes in the segment.

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8. Yamaha FZ 16

FZ revolutionised the 150cc segment with its mean looks and perfomance. It completely changed how the 150cc bike ‘can’ look. Its naked street bike design inspired from its international 1000cc sibling, the FZ1, makes it one of most attractive deals on two wheels in India currently.

FZ makes 14ps@7500 rpm with Torque 14Nm@6000 rpm with its 153cc Engine. It features Eye-raising 140/60 rear tyre, Rear Monoshock suspension, Mascular Fuel tank and Digital console but we found it almost useless to look into while driving. With its Street fighter looks, Yamaha built quality, Highclass Performance FZ-16 Stand tall to find its place somewhere in top ranks.

Its soft seat and a wide almost flat handlebar give you a comfortable riding stance even during long rides. Uncomfortable seat, Little space for pillion, Poor console, Low mileage figures are the few drawbacks worth a mention. FZ-16, Though is relieble in maitenance with features like tubeless tyres, still needs to work in service areas as many complain about aftersale services. Most of the FZ Owners honestly confess us that buying decision was taken solely considering looks.

If you want to look Mean, want a real performer at the cost of low mileage, FZ-16 plays the role. It is available in one more avatar called FZ-s which features some graphical upgrades and nothing interesting in terms of performance upgrades.

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9. Yamaha Fazer

Yamaha’s tricky machine for those who want R15 – similar aesthetics but at a competitive price.

Fazer is a Semifaired FZ featuring some graphical upgrades over FZ.

With Exactly same engine as FZ, we wonder how Fazer manages to be a ‘Touring Spirit’! Fazer is for you if you wanted a FZ, but can’t hide your love for Faired machines!

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10. Yamaha SZ-X

SZ-X is latest bike from Yamaha, which is priced aggressively to heat-up the competition. It makes 12.1PS@7,500 rpm with Torque 12.8N.m@4500 rpm with its 153 cc Engine. Though it surely looks appealing and unique, no feature is worth a mention. SZ features both Drum Brakes which might be a disappointment for many.

It does not feature a tachometer. Ride quality is appealing though not as expected to survive the competition. Its a overall package but a little compromise on performance being an entry level machine.

SZ-X can be a good choice if you admire Yamaha, if you want a unique machine as not much SZs found on roads, and if you want an entry level overall package.

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11. TVS Apache RTR 160

Performance is the key to success of this bike. Ever since Apaches hit the indian road, TVS have made a new statement in the biking scene. TVS Apache scores high in the segment in terms of performance.

It makes 15.2bhp@8500 rpm with Torque 13.1N-m@6000 rpm with its 159.7cc engine. These figures are enough to satisfy performance freak! Apache goes on all the way to a top speed of 118km/h. It features digital speedo, LED tail lights, Clip-On handle bars, Gas charged MIG shocks, Engine Cowl, Aerodynamic airscoops and the list continues! There is even a 0-60km/h timer and a top speed recorder on the LCD display. Running racing stripes, dual petal discs and rear set footpegs are some of the highlights of the bike’s design angles. Apache has one of the best power-to-weight ratio in the segment. TVS still needs to work on engine refinement, Service centre networks and Mileage.

If you want a sheer performer and can compromise on comfort and mileage, Book one and you won’t regret.

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12. Suzuki GS150R

Suzuki’s first ever 150cc for India, Featuring 6 Speed gearbox, unique in its segment. GS150R gives you big bike feel as its biggest in its class. It features Digital console, LEDs, Gas charged shocks etc. It looks simple, and promising. Console also specifies which gear you are currently in. Bike lets you choose between three different modes. 149.5cc engine is smooth, making 13.8bhp@8,500 rpm with Torque 13.4Nm@6,000 rpm.

The ride is comfortable and fuel efficient. Suzuki needs to improve its service network though.The GS features the widest seat of the segment. It touches 108km/h at ease. Though its not the fastest but it is supremely comfortable and dependable.

If you always wanted that extra gear, with overall balanced features and ok with basic looks, Suzuki just made it for you!

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Score-sheet Analysis

  • FZ rules Design and Looks department, and continues to be Lord of the Streets.
  • Engine and Performance crown is shared by Unicorn siblings and Apache. Unicorn siblings feature most refined engine and Apache outperforms the competitors in the segment.
  • Comfort and Ergonomics department coined by Hondas, HeroHondas and GS-150R
  • Maintenance and Reliability is ruled by Dazzler which stands still with Honda quality and Tubeless tyres.
  • Fuel Efficiency finds a clear winner in Discover 150

Above analysis might find give you an idea of clear winner, but all high ranked machines takes handful of money out of your pocket.

Overall Scores

Top 3 can be summedup as: If the Yamaha FZ16 is all about looks and the Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler is about engine refinement and a superior suspension, it’s the TVS Apache RTR that redefines performance in this segment. Hero Honda Hunk achieves overall balanced ratings.

Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler looks like the overall winner!

We hope you enjoyed our 12 bikes shootout! We would like to say that personal choices may differ over some subjects in the shootout. Kindly comment below about the article and your opinions.

Thanks & Regards

Pranav Kelkar & Deepak Raj

Bajaj Pulsar 150cc

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  • Ashutosh

    wow…. super duper like it…. 🙂

  • Arka Prava Bhar

    Hi, It’s a fantastic review and totally useful in every terms & aspects . i rode almost all the bikes above except Dazzler (as it’s very new one) and GS-150R( very hard to find in Kolkata). for me FZ-S is a winner as it has better visibility of digital console.
    I eagerly waiting for this type of review for 125 segment as it’s another important segment in India
    TY 🙂

  • Aditya

    Engine is not the only factor that desides whether a bike is made for touring…..
    there are many other factors also
    like aerodynamics (balanced distribution of airflow)
    egronomics (comfort seating position)
    power deliviery, torque distribution etc etc.
    All these factors are different in FZ and Fazer and FZ which makes FZ a street weapon and fazer the touring spirit….
    Addition of the semi-fairing has its own importance in touring…it adds to the aerodyanims of the bike to a lot of extent……

  • FZ/Fazer should be getting 9 in comfort/ergonomics too

    • Alex

      Yeah, FZ has best comfort inspite of haviong flat handlebar and rearset footpegs..its great to ride yamaha FZ!!

    • Aditya

      I totally agree wid u!

      • i too agree with u guys…!!

      • Kuma Gaurav

        I dont agree with you guys… when it comes to comfort FZ or Fazer is not that comfortable.

      • yeah right !!
        the apache/pulsar are more comfortable 😐

        have you even ridden an FZ/Fazer ?

  • Ankur

    Wow!!! Good Comparison Deepak! Waiting from long time… Thanks Buddy.

  • ketaki

    nice article…great great…

  • arun

    Great review everything was good but i dont agree with design rating of dazzler this bike carries some ugly looks when comparing to gs and fz i think dazzler is a bit over rated

  • Alex

    dazzler is worst looking of the whole segment. Even Disco 150 looks better! and both hondas are useless with frontset foot pegs one being ugly design other being heavy weighted.Only Engine refinements are the best in class. Would prefer HeroHonda anyday to honda here. They dont even hav “Linkage mechanism” for their monoshock’s as seen in yamaha’s..and they are highly priced again, yuk designs and features of honda’s. Yamaha FZ has got it all..rearset footpegs and linkage monoshock…ALmost all bikes differ marginally in scores inreal. Sales figures give the results as dazzler being least sold and pulsar being hot cake though very common. It really surprises, when Hunk has overall best features its not a great seller for HH, when compared with competition..yamaha’s never return anything about 35-40 in real worlds! suzuki is another allrounder here, bets of all worlds..

    • Sachin

      You think discover looks better than dazzler?boy….even author was looking for someone like u.LOL

    • Soumen Ghosh

      In basis of Looks:
      1. Fazer
      2. FZ
      then dazzler may come in 3rd.

      • hrishikEsh

        @ Alex……

        i even i don’t like the looks of dazzler……

        what’s the difference between the looks of dazzler and honda cb Twister ???

        and i Do think that Hunk should get “9” points in the segment of looks….!!!

      • vj

        @hrishikEsh –
        Hunk deserve more points not only in looks but also in comfort and reliability.

    • alex


      CB twister design is different from dazzler in terms of tank shrounds for a 110 cc bike the tank mounted fairing/shrounds look good..where as in dazzler its disproportionate with small headlamp fairing/ naked kind of headlights, worst ever design!

      and yea hunk should get THE BEST 9 or even 10 points in terms of looks..ofcourse its always subjective..

  • Pranav Kelkar

    Fairing adds to aerodynamics i no, But other things that you have mentioned, are SAME in FZ, So no difference at all.
    Should i say Honda CBF Stunner is a Touring machine because it can be called as Faired Shine? (CBF atleast have 2 bhp increase over shine!)

    Looks differ on Personal opinions, as i have mentioned in last few lines of the shootout. Masses do find Dazzler a good looking bike.

    • arun

      oh ok

    • aditya

      bro, i can bet upon dis, that all dese factors r different in fazer and fz.

      • Pranav Kelkar

        Alright, find me some official web resources claiming Fazer is different than FZ in:
        1. egronomics (comfort seating position)
        2. power deliviery
        3. torque distribution etc etc. (as you said.)

      • Aditya

        okz…dude…as u wish..
        but it will take some time…coz m vry busy now a days….
        but i will definitely be up wid those vids…
        will remind u thru ur FB account!

        Aditya Chatterjee

      • kishore

        @Aditya: Both the FZ & the Fazer are one & the same..!! Fazer is just got a front fairing as addition to the FZ.. Check out the official website of Yamaha to find for yourself about the differences which you have mentioned(which are not present)..
        A engine has to withstand the high impact while you are touring because you will be constantly cruising at higher speeds(may vary on user).. A lower capacity engine will definitely get stressed out if you travel all day at higher speeds on the highway..!!

      • Kuma Gaurav

        I dont know about actual specification. but when i took test drive of both the bikes i felt lots of difference. Fazer was much more smooth.

  • balister

    i want a shootout for high end performance bike later in 2011 including cbr 250
    or his big brother…..
    d comparision should be of performance style topspeed comfort and pricing …..

  • prabakar

    remember one thing, five bikes here shares the same mill.
    Each one having a different tune-up. Am i right

    • Pranav Kelkar

      Yes, same Unicorn mill (Almost!, 1cc + – )

      • AVS

        same mill but with different refinement, slight change in intake mould etc….in that way dazzler engine is more refined than unicorn also dazzler is a small bit more furel efficient at low speeds also

  • aditya

    totally agree wid u bro!

  • Madhu

    Dazzler is overrated.

    its no match to the old unicorn thats the reason honda still has unicorn in market

    nowadays honda is delaying the CB unicorn delivery to up sell dazzler.

  • Anand

    I feel tat yamaha sz-x does deserve a place lil higher on the table.

    • Dr.Niladri Shekhar Das

      I too feel that way bro,I have seen YAMAHA bikes they r awesome.Only mileage is the factor,still I am gonna buy SZ-X.Give me some info on this pls if u own SZ-X.

  • Prem Prakash Prasad

    I also feel the bike HUNK is so smooth in running. But needs to be improve in following points:-
    1* Main stand position is not in centre. need to some more backward:- trouble during standing center of gravity is forward.
    2* Head light capacity reduce in higher gear when accelerator is reduce.
    3* Mudguard needs more width from stand side ( for rear wheel, because in muds legs get dirty. ).
    4* Fuel milage to be improved.
    5* in front wheel zebra design of tyre is not stable with smooth surface it creates trouble in rainy water or smoother road surface.
    6* its plasitc moulding components are not assembled from right hand side properly.
    7* & seat during opening creates too trouble.

    thanks with warm regards
    Ride with helmet always

    Prem Prakash Prasad


    • Kuma Gaurav

      Agreed with you for most of the points.
      Also in the latest edition of HUNK Hero Honda has made some changes and over come its negative points.

  • Vivek

    Thankx for the Article.. 🙂

  • Gayan

    Great review Mr. Deepak. But you haven’t consider after sale services and resale values of these machines as we don’t buy a Indian bike to use the rest of our life.
    Here in Sri Lanka, Bajaj has the best after sale service and resale value. If these factors were taken in to account, Pulsar should be on the top.

    • Soumen Ghosh

      In India pulsar/bajaj products have no resale value..

      Yamaha & Honda are most reliable here..

    • Masum

      its the main biz policy of bajaj…the feed people with problematic engine in low price and then you have spend more time and money for spars and servicing in the service center……this thing is happening in my country, Bangladesh. I also suffered a lot with my pulsar….

  • Sathyanarayanan

    Nice review.. I am owning a dazzler and satisfied with it in all aspects. FE is good above 50kmpl in city riding. It is also comfortable enough. The only concern in the bike is the service. Service is worst in hondas here in chennai. Deepak. I think after sales service can also be included in the rating. As it is also a main thing for a bike in its long run.. A very nice review. Expecting a review for CBR250…..

  • Nirmal

    Nice Christmas gift
    Thx 🙂

  • Chetan

    nice article,
    please come up with a similar comparo for the 125-250 cc range.

    Thank you

  • kiran

    Simply Super!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vivekanand

    i appreciate author for this very short but informative review. i think yamaha SZ-R should have considered for review rather SZ-X since SZ-R has tachometer,disk brake and improved suspensions and most important it’s nicely’s a excellent bike with aggressive looks, decent power delivery and fuel efficiency. in short value for money bike!!!!, my second choice would be HH hunk ,the latest one got eye catching digital console! and awesome graphics with the engine smoother than butter from honda..i think these two are really value for money bikes!!

  • Anupdas

    Great comparison bro, but I think GS150R and SZ is under rated and Dazzler is a bit over rated. GS wont lose to any bike in mileage with a true 55+ kmpl(except discover).

    SZ-X produce max torque as low as 4500 and the maximum bhp is achieved at 7500 which shows a flat torque range and its a nice power band for its price.

  • Vikas Bhardwaj

    very excellent work Deepak.
    Pulsar is great I have ride 4 year and now bought Avenger-220 I think according performance and engine capacity Pulsar is best.

  • lavakumar

    Dear deepak,i dont think Dazzler deserves the first place..

  • Appu

    wow awesome comparo….

  • bass

    Dazzler is simply overrated.
    How it scores same points in lookwise with rtr,hunk & pulsar.
    They are miles ahead especially rtr.

    • ranjan

      i completly agree

  • bass

    One more thing ,
    Rtr & fz are the two best bikes to handle in city. That is an important fact of rtr. But it’s not in ur review.

  • Gaurav

    Thats a great post 🙂 Thanks Pranav & Deepak 🙂

  • nirmal

    pls give me report on best bike in each segment such as 110cc,125cc,135cc, preference are high mileage and gives good comfort on bumpy roads pls suggest me a bike.i am college guy, my travel covers 22km/day that include 9km of bumpy roads.and also tell review about honda stunner as i got bad comment on it

    • Arka Prava Bhar

      Hi Nirmal,
      in 100/110cc segment, Honda Twister is the best bike in all aspect, most stylish and powerful bike in this segment, and also offers great millage ( above 65-70 km/l), price- 52k (top model). Nowadays Twister is one of best looking bike in India. after that you can consider Yamaha YBR-110, Bajaj Discover 100cc (most fuel efficient bike).
      In 125cc segment there are lots of competitor, like Honda- Shine and Stunner. HH- Glamour, super splendor, Yamaha- SS-125 (new Gladiator), Suzuki Sling shot, Bajaj- Platina-125. But overall winner in all aspect is Gladiator SS-125, aggressive looks, most powerful & best performer in this class, decent millage 55-60 km/l, awesome handling in any kind of road, even better than few 150cc bikes. from the others 2nd choice should be Honda Stunner as it’s most stylish bike in this segment, looks like a 200cc or above, 3rd should be sling shot or galmour.
      In 135cc segment you have only one choice that’s pulsar-135cc, it’s a power house when matter is all about performance, awesome pickup better than 150cc bikes, but because of it comes from Bajaj, so there are a huge question about reliability and durability as you have to travel on a long bumpy road, also people has different view about it’s looks.
      In 150cc, I think you got a very clear idea from above comparison, except Yamaha- R-15, and it can’t be your choice at all. My personal opinion for your condition is HH-Achiever or Yamaha SZ-X or CB- Unicorn( though it’s look is little bit for aged people).
      Enjoy 🙂

    • Arka Prava Bhar

      Honda Stunner is a very good city bike, it’s one of the best looking bike in India, initially people thought it’s a new 200cc bike for it’s looks. Engine is also decent but above 60-65 Km/H performance is not up-to the mark, even it vibrates very much. Fuel efficiency is also OK around 60km/l. Another problem i faced if your pillion rider is short in height (specially female) it’s little difficult to climb on it’s split seat.
      If you are thinking for 125 CC bike then definitely go for Yamaha SS-125 (new Gladiator), superb and best bike in all aspect. Too smooth engine rock solid build quality, awesome performance over all, as it’s come from YAMAHA brand, hardly you’ll find any vibration, and top speed around 105-110 KM/H though it’s a unnecessary thing to mention as normal rider never go beyond 80 KM/H. One more thing you’ll notice when you’ll ride it that’s it’s handle bar how easy to control this bike better than lots of 150 cc bikes. But may be you’ll little bit disappoint for it’s looks considering stunner, though lots of people found gladiator as a very stylish bike.
      Enjoy 🙂

  • rohith

    never luk reviews to own a bike…take a test drive and decide..


    Excellent Judgement,Bike advice is 100% correct , i am saying so not by just reading the article, but by practically using or trying out riding these bikes on INDIAN roads and conditions during both peak and non-peak hours.

  • bobby

    very nice rewiew. but do you really think that dazzler should be given 1st place instead of hunk. its hard to notice a muscle in dazzlerr where as hunk is muscular beast.

    • hrishikesh

      i think the same dude……. there no difference in the design of Twister and Dazzler…..

  • Harish

    excellent comparison….. thank u very much…. plz update the cost of these bikes

  • Aleksejs Zuravlovs

    Amazing article! You got my idea as a base and upgraded it 🙂 Now I need to think about something original too.

  • Awesome camparison it is a correct ranking. my fz series is in the 3rd place i am very happy, but fz series is a veryyyy stylish design, engine, comfort, reliability in first place.

  • Darsh

    commutator type front foot rest,digitl consol , front head lamp &the design of the dazzler not looks compare fz, why forget the pulsar dude,,pulsar is the first beauty with great desighn & fully featured bike in india..with great price tag….

  • Harry

    i agree with u……………….plz send 125cc segment comp.

  • pulsar should be getting at least 9 in terms of fuel efficiency..

    • Kuma Gaurav

      why do u think so… what mileage does pulsar give….??

      • hrishikesh

        pulsar should be getting at least 9 in terms of fuel efficiency.. ……


        Hamara Bajaj…. lolzzz !!

    • why do u think so… what mileage does pulsar give….??

  • fas

    Awesome comparison, very well done. In looks the Fazer is better than the FZ and also you forgot that many find the Dazzler ugly.

  • venkat

    Good comparison. But GS150 is best in the mileage. I want to buy a new bike in 150cc segment but now i am confused, whether to go in for GS150R as the service is problem with this bike as Suzuki service centers are less in chennai. I bought new Access recently and have to wait 2 days for first service. I liked GS 150 but afraid whether i am taking chances. Overall i think Apache is the best in performance as mentioned by Raj.

    • arun

      hi venkat i am from chennai i own a gs150r bike since 9 months no problems at all every penny u spent will be answered in terms of its performance and satisfactory levels , in my personal experience i found abt service is just average, smks service is fantastic if u have any doubts call me at 9962637512 i stay in t.nagar u can come and take a ride of my bike to feel the quality even after 9 months use

      • Ram

        Hi arun, I live in Kodambakkam I am 6 ft and weigh 80 kgs, I need to buy a new bike and had two 150cc in my mind 1. dazzler 2. GS150r… as u also live in the same locality, I wanted to ask u whether any problem in handling SUzuki bike and also many say it weighs very heavy and rusting issues… Pls guide me…. my number is 9444968089….I wanted a maintenance free a decent and good looking bike….

  • charan

    nice article ,,,,really apprcting work done,,,,

  • Ram

    Recently planning to buy new 150CC bike… Article interestin! I was confused in between HH HUnk, CB Unicorn & Unicorm Dazzler. In 1st sight I fall in love with the look of Hunk… Still confused to go for which bike. I would have given 10 points for the look of Hunk.

    • Alphin

      Go for any Honda vehicle, it gives u an exciting combination of performance and mileage.

    • Kuma Gaurav

      If you are really crazy about the looks of Hunk buy HUNK. This is really a very good bike even i am using the same I am fully satisfied with it especially when I go for long rides on highways. When ever anyone goes on ride on my bike they surely give some complements.
      But as per the review and design even i think that dazzler will be better.

  • vignesh

    no i wont acpt tis bcoz my pulsar mileage is 54,and i achieved topspeed of 122!!!.yearly maintainance is 7000 to 10000

    • Reeto

      Pulsar rocks………..good economy……….brilliant performance and not to forget at a reasonable price tag. Features list also impresses on all Bajaj bikes.

    • Ankit

      U don’t believe everything the speedo says.
      Bajaj does have the most over enthusiast speedos.

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    Nice Comparisons… by considering overall aspects, dazzler is clearly the winner. I ride RTR 160 and i like it because i want raw power and best handling accompained with good grunt from my bike and RTR 160 serves my purpose.

  • pramod

    Thanxs a lot for ur surprise gift. Merry christmas to all. Right now i am clear which one i will purchase.

    • so, which once you want to purchase

  • rajesh

    Its very good comparison….I am little disappointed with GS150r ranking….
    GS is very smooth to ride and looks better then dazzler…..
    I love this bike………….

    • arun

      yeah me too gs150r is a great value for money product it is the second fastest to reach 100kmph after r15 and the during the comparision of unicorn and gs150r it was gs that won and here how can they under rate gs 150r ,if people say unicorn is a fantastic product then what would they say about gs150r being superior to it according to me gs build quality and features are solid when comparing to unicorn dazzler or fz

      • Kuma Gaurav

        Once i took a test drive of GS 150 it was good but the engine sound was little high so i didnt bought that and prefered HUNK.

    • arun

      i think gs deserves atleast in the top 3 places

  • hritik

    ur review is really awesome but keepin fz16 n fazer on par is not fair…i mean fazer shud hav got 10 points in styling..

  • Mahesh

    Nice…good comparison…

  • Gurdarshan Singh

    Merry chiristmas to all
    I was confused b\w three bikes in this segment
    1.HH Hunk
    2. Tvs Apache
    3. GS150 r
    But now i am ok with this rating, It helped me lot to buy bike in 150cc segment.
    Now i will go for HH Hunk

    • Kuma Gaurav

      you have made a right decision. Go for it

      • Gaurav

        Hey b4 going for Hunk I would suggest you to think about PULSAR135 too (although its a 135cc). Coz I also considered Hunk to be a good one for me earlier but I went with the Pulsar135LS & m very happy with my decision 🙂

      • hrishikesh

        go for HH all new hunk…

        i did the same….

        no 1 messes with it…… 😀 😀

  • Prabakar

    looks wise i will judge pulsar as NO.1 & dazzler as NO.50 ha ha…. (juz include some discontinued bikes). Pulsar styling was flawless, “HYPNOTIC”. Even though our streets are filled with many pulsars, every pulsar is a real HEAD TURNER.

    • Madhu

      thats true,

      still pulsar is No 1 top selling bike in 150cc category.

      Dazzler is just a hype not a realtime performer in terms of style or sale volume thats the reason honda dealers insisting customers that cb unicorn delivery would take 9 months where as dazzler with in a month (max)

  • Rohith

    I have a HH Hunk,good comfort & it gives a milegae around 35kmpl in highways…. can i improve it better to get a mileage around 40+kmpl… Help me plz.

    • Ravi

      Ur byk is giving way too low mileage bike gives 48-53 in city…anyways maintain proper tyre pressure,change gears @3-3.5k rpm,no sudden accel or braking,ride b/w 3-4k rpm,conditions permitting ride in higher gears n check tuning of bike

  • Vicky

    Hi Everyone,
    I am planning to buy RTR 160 Hyper Edge soon. I did a test drive but was not able to feel any vibrtions, may be I did not drive it at the RPMs where it vibrates. My question is – Is it really uncomfortable to live with these vibrations? Please advise. I will be driving to my office everyday and my wife will also commute with me sometimes. So also wanted to know if Hyper Edge is comfortable for pillion for day to day travel and occasional long drives? I went through the entire thread but did not get a clear verdict on this. The answers are not a clear YES or NO kind. So am little confused. If vibrations are intolerable and pillion comfort is not there then I will go for some other bike may be P150. Coz i find P180 less flickable in city rides.

    Please share your experiences and advise.



      Hi vicky,

      As you are going to ride from office to home with a pillion, you need not worry regarding suspensions. Apache RTR 160 has MIG (Gas shock absorbers). It will give you a decent comfort. Vibrations might not be the issue as it comes when you go on high speeds. Pulsar 150 is heavy (weight) than Apache RTR hyper edge.
      Hyper edge will give you a little modified styling and engine refinement than the older Apache RTR 160.
      Personal opinion might differ but no issue other wise with Apache 160 RTR hyperedge.



      • Vicky

        Thank you Gaurav!
        I believe vibes come betweem 55-60 kmph speeds. I will test drive with pillion and see.
        Thanks again for your response.

    • Nitin

      Hi Vicky,
      Change gears at 3k rpm and vibrations will never bother u in the RTR 160. In hyper edge, even the vibrations are sorted out. So u can take this bike without any doubt. Also, the pillion comfort is good for cities. In city, once u get adjusted to the seating position, u will feel very comfortable. Always rest the knees on the tank and this will take out the pressure on back and wrists. On long trips, the sporty posture will effect the quality of ride. It is not only with RTR but its an issue with any sporty bike. Remedy for this issue is take a small break after 100 kms. I am a satisfied RTR 160 owner and u can ask me any queries regarding RTR 160.

    • Saran

      1. I you have long arms, then you’d probably feel very very low vibrations. The vibrations are just because of the riding position. And the fact is you will feel the vibes only at the range of 65-75 kmph. Anything else is OK.

      2. I own an Apache RTR 160 (6 months old), did two hill station rides, and the longest at a stretch was 150 kms. Now its 9000 kms done, the engine is in pakka condition and I never felt any issue riding it so long. I’ve attained top speeds of 122 kmph in the highways very often. I made a test drive of Hyper Edge, its bit of better in terms of refinement than mine.

      3. Until my odometer showed 3000kms, I’ve never driven above 60kmph and not above 4K rpm in any other gears than top. So, even now, I get a fuel economy of 55-58kmpl (50% highway cruise at 70 kmph).

      4. My mom is 45 and usually i drop her in her office daily. She felt kind of difficult for two days and now she is really comfortable to sit in the pillion.

      5. After few days, you’ll definitely get used to the riding position and you’ll probably feel that there is no other machine that can change your mind.

      • Vicky

        Hi Sara,
        Thanks a lot for taking time to share your ecperience. This is very sensible advice.
        I did not have any plan to go for Apache, I had almost decided to got for P180. It is just that Apache showroom is near my place so I took a test drive on a weekend and lo!! the bike was silky smooth in driving and what a pick up! I simply loved the way I felt in control of the bike. After this I started to enquire about this bike in forums and it seemed everyone was talking about vibrations issue. However, after discusing with people like you I feel confident of buying it. Thanks once again ans Wish you a Happy new year!!


      • Hi,
        Saran I too want to buy apache 160 hyper edge plz tell me abt the milege

      • Saran

        @ Visu

        It totally depends on your driving style, road conditions, etc.,

        Consider my case, My RTR is 10200kms done on the odo.
        I drive 80% on highways, use only Indian oil petrol, tyre pressure 26/36,
        Change engine oil in regular intervals of 2000kms, cruise at constant speeds, drive at avg speed of 60-65kmph in highways. I mostly drive alone. the highway I ride in is really smooth.(Coimbatore L&T bye pass). I even now get a mileage of 56kmpl.
        If i get into the city, the mileage figure comes down to around 50. I think it is a decent mileage.

        I tell you again, it all depends on how you maintain your bike, your driving style, road conditions, etc., Any more clarifications? Feel free to ask @

    • manjunath

      hi vicky
      i suggest you to buy Thunderbird its very good in terms of comfort and gives good millage

      • Vicky

        Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New year to all.
        A BIG thank you to all for your advice.
        This has really cleared my doubt that “It is Now or Never” 🙂
        I will definitely go for Apache… will gift myself this monster in the first week of new year 🙂

        Thanks once again.

    • the vibrations are still present in the Hyperedge, even though they are much less than the earlier breed of RTRs. but still, it vibrates more than any other bike in the 150cc segment.
      I once drove the old apache 150cc with a pillion at around 90-100 kmph and the pillion screamed and asked to stop the bikes because he refused to keep his foot on the footrest because of the vibrations.
      Don’t worry, the hyper edge doesn’t give vibrations to that extend or anywhere near it.

      If comfort is your priority, go with the dazzler/hunk. FZ is comfortable too, but its pillion seat is way too small.

    • Arka Prava Bhar

      Hi Vicky,
      I totally agree with Saran, it depends on rider position, and handling quality, if you maintain speed in your new bike as all the companies mention when you buy the bike then you’ll find very less vibration. though Apache has a vibration problem but it’s not too much to worried for daily drive and in a comfortable speed. It vibrates only in 70-75 km/h. But any day it’s easy to drive an apache (in city or long drive) than pulsar.

      • Saran

        hey guys!!! I’ve prepared an Ownership review of my Apache RTR 160. Hope Mr.Deepak will post it soon. Looking forward for your comments on the review as soon as it is posted.

  • Rohit

    Plz Comp with Hero honda passion pro & Hero Honda Glamour

  • M.Yoonus

    Hi Deepak,

    Awesome comparison, Hope to buy a Honda Unicorn Dazzler soon. Keep going…..

    • Inder

      Best decision Dear. Go for it.

  • Ram

    Honda & Hero Honda brand has the great relaibility & trust. They have very good distribution as well as servicing network. I have used Hero Honda Splendor for last 10 years and travaled almost 95000 Km. I have got the re-sale value of Rs 15000 for this bike.. It’s is really great. I will never go for Bajaj & Yamaha bike considering the relibaility. For Yamah service network is problem.

    I will still stuck to HH Hunk & CB Unicorn.

    • hrishikesh


      my friend’s Bro.. sold his pulser for 5,000…

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  • Arun V

    Kudos for Deepak & team.
    I am a HH Hunk owner. Nice that it got good marks.

  • Aman

    Nice review….. great work guys!!!

  • Alphin

    Is the mileage of RTR 160 and GS the same? dont think so… besides pulsar is underrated in mileage.

  • yila

    Looks are in the eyes. For me, GS150R looks the best in this category and the ugliest is the FZ16 (having the number plate on its forehead?). The GS150R’s Fit and finish, very comfortable car-like ride, unique and very useful gear indicator, again unique and fantastic 6th gear, again unique and very useful under-seat storage space, best-in-class mileage and informative LED display and very attractive and effective rear LED lights, long refuelling gaps due to the largest fuel tank, vibe-free silky smooth engine and gear box, reasonably superior performance in roll-on times, much better headlight than many others including Dazzler etc.. should have been considered to give a better rating to GS150R. I feel that it has been underrated considerably.

  • Amol Birje

    Dazzler’s ratings are too much hyped, considering the factors like Design, comfort and reliability are each given one extra point, dazzler should be at 4th place and the rest positions are absolutely perfect. HH hunk should be the overall winner in the segment.

  • sameer Chindarkar

    excellent comparison…i would vote for Pulsar…thanks a lot.

  • kapil

    it was a great experience to read .

  • Amar

    Hi All,
    Will like to mentioned i own a dazzler and untill now i find it the best bike for me.

  • Hemant

    Good that Yamaha R15 was not included in this category. These bikes do not deserve to be compared with R15.

  • Kumaran

    Nice review and am happy to see my bike in 2nd place.

  • Abhijeet

    Hello Deepak,

    Your review is excellent and i agree with all of them except for yamaha SZ-X , i think this bike is more better then the review given.I never got a chance to ride this bike,but as per the techincal specification it looks good. I will definetly post my review once i have chance to ride it.

    Good work Deepak!


  • Ruban

    hi, my best dude…………
    its very great and it shows ur hardwork……….
    and i’m happy that my bike is on the third place………..

  • ashish

    hey deepak, this article is really interesting, the comparision between 150 cc bike and my vote for 150 cc bike is HONDA CB DAZZLER, this is the awesome bike in both ride and comfort with sporty looking with good mileage, go for it.

  • Aravind Raman

    An independent unbiased assessment. This article confirms what I understood from different websites in a very comprehensive fashion. The bottomline:

    Looks over build quality : Pulsar
    Looks and build quality with poor fuel eff: FZ-16
    Pure Performance : RTR 160
    Best of everything: CB Unicorn Dazzler

  • Anil

    RTR Rocks

  • Kuma Gaurav

    Good Rating Deepak 🙂

    Even i would give the same rating for the those top three bikes in the same order.

  • Pavan

    I think Dazzler is some what over rated in maintanence and performence. Even Unicorn is better in both the above points. GS150R is also underrated interms of comfort and fuel efficiency segments. It is a vibe free even in higher speeds…

    • Saran

      I totally agree to Pavan. I too feel Unicorn is better than Dazzler even in terms of looks. The rear part of Dazzler is good but the front doesn’t suit this small bike. I think Honda diluted the image of its larger sibling. Its not just my opinion but most of my friends feel so.

      GS150R is also under rated. It is the most comfortable ride, the build quality is good, the engine is smooth, the tall 6th gear helps in highway cruising…. The overall winner should have been GS150R.

      Does Honda pay for this review???

  • kuti

    if anybody has doubt just do a TEST Drive on Dazzler……..
    it is a small bike and we can handle simply in high traffic and overtake any other 150 CC bike and can step down in smallest time than any other.
    some problems also.
    No kiker
    price is high

    and Honda is More Than Hero Honda

    • AVS

      Thats true……dazzler can ooze through city traffic in high gears with refined engine
      No other 150cc can do the same. Thanks to the seating position of Honda Engineers. ( I ve noticed that Honda is keen on better ergonomics and comfort in all their models)
      Also all honda bikes are supposed to drive by people of all ages.

      • have you even heard of YAMAHA ?
        the R15 and FZ/Fazer have refined engines too and they are much better than any other bike in handling and in city conditions.

    • Saran

      Honda is more than Hero Honda in what?

      • kuti

        all engines, technology in Hero Honda came from HONDA.
        if you have any doubt just an example in the case of CBZ extreme and Dazzler. you can see the same buttons and position for the handle (electric start, Horn, pass light, high beam, front disc fluid position) each screw are same. just check it out.
        Honda have a design and Hero Honda just using it.

        Thats all. hope you will see

      • Saran

        Mr. Kuti!

        The design of Dazzler and Twister resemble Honda’s big brother. So, can you say that Dazzler is inferior?

        Hero does the production and marketing and Honda supplies the technology stuff. Remember the designs matter only on purchase. After purchase, even if you buy a cycle, you’ll start loving it. The matter to be considered is the service. No of service stations available, distance between you and your service station, the quality of service offered, parts availability, price of the parts, etc., Consider this, if you really have info on these, say Honda is better.

        I have data. I can prove Hero Honda is better than Honda.

  • Pushkar

    Hi All,
    Good rating Deepak…!!!!!!
    Currently I am using Unicorn…..its AWESOME…!!!!!!!!

  • SachinA

    RTR 160 is best. I have 7 months old RTR. I get avg of 50+. Excellent look, superb initial pick up great handling comfort and no one among these bikes can beat RTR on highways. Bit disappointed with the rating. I feel Apache RTR 160 deserve a place in top3. FZ-16 sucks in avg (just 30 to 35 guys u will regreat if u purchase FZ-16 be aware)

    • 30-35 ? LOL. where do all these figures come from ? I own an FZ . If i redline it for hours, it might return 30-35. any sort of insane driving gives ~40. Redline the RTR for over 10 minutes and the you get a blown engine, not to forget the free full body massage.
      FZ/Fazer are unmatched in comfort and looks (design) should’ve got 10 for each of those. and yamaha’s aftersales service is good too.

      • forgot to add, in splendor mode i get above 50 as well.

      • kishore

        @Eliksir:Sorry to say this, I totally agree with SachinA..!! My brother owns an FZ & it hardly returns a FE of 35kmpl under a mixed riding of rash city riding & highway..!! FZ is designed for grunt at the lower rpm’s..!! It struggles to even reach the redline then where is the point of riding it constantly for hours together at redline..?? He tried to stay at an higher rpm(7000-8000), for nearly 15mins on the bangalore-hosur highway only to get a blown up engine..!! It was a complete halt..!! While I was managing even higher rpm’s on the same stretch with a lot of ease..!!
        My RTR-EFI returns a healthy 48-53kmpl in city riding & around 55-60kmpl on highway..!! In splendor mode i get more than 60kmpl..!! My bike even stays at higher rpm’s for long time if not for hours together..!! (no offence)

      • kishore

        forgot to add that Yamaha’s after sales service is one of the worst..!! My brother is experiencing the same..!! Tvs has got the better after sales service..!!

      • Saran

        Are you sure on what you say Mr.?

      • @kishore, it was nice of you to be polite 😀 but either your bro got a defective piece or you are lying 😛 struggles to reach 7k rpm. lol. add to that, your bro is receiving poor service after an blown engine. LOL.
        i dunno about the aftersales service of tvs/bajaj, but definitely yamaha has much better after sales support than honda and suzuki.

        your RTR has FI. it has to return such figures. bleh.

        anyways, agreed that FZ’s mileage is lesser than almost all other 150cc bikes but other things make up for it.

      • kishore

        Sure on which issue Saran..?? About the bike reaching redline or about the FE or about the after sales service..??

      • kishore

        @Eliksir: I never meant that it struggled to reach 7k rpm..!! His bike blew off at around somewhere close to 8k rpm..!! We were constantly riding for a while on the long stretch before he was at his maximum rpm.. He managed to do a speedo indicated top speed of 121kmph..!! He was trying to maintain that speed for some time just to realise a complete halt.. We had to cool the engine by pouring water on it,& we had to leave it to rest for a while..!! But definitely it took a very long time for him to reach that speed(I mean it was struggling to go further once it reached 8k rpm)..
        About the service,it was not after that incident that he faced the issue but infact it was from the beginning of his purchase of the bike..!! But I feel Yamaha’s service is definitely way better than the Honda & Suzuki..!! My Bro got his bike on the 2nd day of the bike’s release..!! Hope the doubts in your mind are cleared..!!

      • Saran

        Sorry Kishore? That was to Eliksir.

        The redline matter. I too feel what kishore says is not acceptable.

        @ Eliksir : If you say Yamaha has got better service than Honda and Suzuki and that is the reason for you to praise Yamaha… then your views make no sense. Please dont talk on relative terms. Talk on absolute terms.

        Can I say that Hero Honda is the best in the country just because it is better than Honda or Suzuki? Please talk absolute.

        I own an Apache and I can prove you anyday that my engine can sustain high speeds for any time. If you say you own an FZ and can push it hard, I say I own an apache and I can push it hard. And mind you Apache can touch 120kmph mark and can touch 11500 rpm too and FZ cant do any of these. So, can I say Apache is the best? Its not about what they are capable. Its about how their capabilities are used.

        You own an FZ and so talk only about that. I cant prove you FZ’s engine will blow coz I dont own one. But I can prove you Apache wont blow coz I own one and I’ve tested it. And I even challenge you in the comfort part. I can drive my Apache for any longer or any harder coz I’m comfortable with its riding position. May be you are not.

        I make it cleat again. Talk on absolute terms and not relatively.
        and remember “It is the RIDER and not the RIDE!”

      • Saran

        Sorry about the mistake in the above comment. I wanted to say what Eliksir said is not acceptable. Typing error! sorry Kishore.

      • kishore

        @Saran:No issues, chill..!!

      • i said the service is good, and not something like its the best.
        how do i put it in an absolute way ?
        something like its 3rd best after bajaj and hero honda ?

        about the comfort thing, if you drive an RTR for a week or so, you’d get used to it and find it comfortable. ride an FZ after that and you’d feel it luxurious.

      • kishore

        @Eliksir: What Rahul mentioned is what I too was speaking about..!!
        No one needs to work for anyone to bring out the truth..!! Let them share their piece of experience..!!
        One thing I wanted to prove was that both the bikes are completely built for different purposes & with different ergonomics(I mean, RTR was for speed & the FZ series for comfortable street bike)..!!
        Will you compare an R15 with an FZ & try to prove that FZ is more comfortable than the R15..?? Both the FZ & the R15 were built for different reasons & so do they exist in different categories..!! Its somewhat similar in the comparison between an RTR & an FZ..!! RTR is built with the race specs in mind & the FZ to give only comfort & style on the streets.!! An FZ series bike seriously cries for mercy once it reaches a 90kmph-100kmph..!! But an RTR never does that..!! This is my personal experience with both the bikes..!! (no offence meant anywhere)

    • Rahul

      Very much rightly said Mr. Sachin. I own FZ initially it used to give avg of 40 now after my 3 servicings it strruggles to give 35? I bought FZ only for the looks and it doesnt disappoint in the looks but as per as performance is concrend I am not at all satisfied. Guys I love my bike very much. I dont want to sell it? I have spoke to service guys abt this issue. But the Yamaha service is worst worst worst (atleast here in Pune). And I dont know why my engine is making too much noise once it reach 60 speed. It was not when bike was new. I bought FZ by reading these sort of comments/suggessions here at bikeadvice. Its my sincere req to all comments writers plz dont right ur false experiences. People like me beleive these are true. I still regret my decision of purchasing FZ becz I wanted to go for pulsar 180. Anyways FZ rocks in looks. Any ideas for bike performance will be appreciated. Thankx

      • do you work for bajaj or something ? 😛

      • Saran

        @ eliksir

        Please read all the above comments and you’ll understand who is working or whom. You are the only person arguing against all in the FZ stuff.

      • kishore

        @Eliksir:Sorry to say this, I totally agree with SachinA..!! My brother owns an FZ & it hardly returns a FE of 35kmpl under a mixed riding of rash city riding & highway..!! FZ is designed for grunt at the lower rpm’s..!! It struggles to even reach the redline then where is the point of riding it constantly for hours together at redline..?? He tried to stay at an higher rpm(7000-8000), for nearly 15mins on the bangalore-hosur highway only to get a blown up engine..!! It was a complete halt..!! While I was managing even higher rpm’s on the same stretch with a lot of ease..!!
        My RTR-EFI returns a healthy 48-53kmpl in city riding & around 55-60kmpl on highway..!! In splendor mode i get more than 60kmpl..!! My bike even stays at higher rpm’s for long time if not for hours together..!! (no offence)

      • kishore

        @Eliksir: What Rahul mentioned is what I too was speaking about..!!
        No one needs to work for anyone to bring out the truth..!! Let them share their piece of experience..!!
        One thing I wanted to prove was that both the bikes are completely built for different purposes & with different ergonomics(I mean, RTR was for speed & the FZ series for comfortable street bike)..!!
        Will you compare an R15 with an FZ & try to prove that FZ is more comfortable than the R15..?? Both the FZ & the R15 were built for different reasons & so do they exist in different categories..!! Its somewhat similar in the comparison between an RTR & an FZ..!! RTR is built with the race specs in mind & the FZ to give only comfort & style on the streets.!! An FZ series bike seriously cries for mercy once it reaches a 90kmph-100kmph..!! But an RTR never does that..!! This is my personal experience with both the bikes..!! (no offence meant anywhere)

      • kishore

        I request the moderator to remove the 1st reply for this post..!!
        Sorry for the miscommunication..!!

      • @Saran
        what did i do ?
        did i say that the FZ gives 60kmpl+ ? or did i say it has a top speed of over 140kmph or the sorts ?

      • anyways, i disagree with rahul. either he has been really unlucky to have such an experience, or i have been really lucky to have an experience thats totally different from his.

  • Saran

    I feel,

    1. I don’t think R15 should have been the winner if it was included. Though it churns out power, its bad in mileage.

    2. Dazzler deserves 7 in design, and 8 in reliability. If the reliability factor includes ater sale service, it deserves only 3 or 4.

    3. GS150R deserves 8 in reliability and 8 in mileage. Suzuki has got less service stations but a better service than Honda. The head lamps are powerful in GS150R and Apache than Dazzler.

    Good review but poor ratings! But good effort Deepak.

  • star4ulove

    nice one…. for all 150 buyers.. but i think pulser is under rated… Pulser is No.1 seller consistantly in this Category….from long 5-7 yesrs..

  • kaleeswaramn

    according to low cost segment szx is best. it have all in medium level

  • kaleeswaramn

    what about Yamaha sz r

  • Anvar

    I own a Dazzler and it really is a wonderful bike. Rock steady even at higher speeds and decent mileage of 52-55 in city conditions. Nice review.

  • Vineeth

    Yamaha SZ r and SZ X are the same machines with the FZ’s 153cc engine but more tuned toward mileage. From the test drive reports, the mileage is reported to be around 50-58kmpl range (mixed). The machine is light and not bad in styling and above all its a Yamaha. It should also have been included.. Also a plus is its price…

  • Gaurav

    There are gr8 looks on one side like Yamaha Fazer but not so good mileage & economy. & there is gr8 mileage & economy on one side like that of Bajaj Discover but not so good looks. & Honda’s Unicorn Dazzler is the one which has all the characteristics. So its an ALL-ROUNDER I guess.

  • Gaurav

    Hey why don’t you go for a comparison of the 125ccs or higher now? Its gr8 fun to see these bikes competing 😛

  • Ishank

    Unicorn DaZZler Truly Rocks in all aspects!!!

    • RahuL

      DAzzler??in all aspects??r u crazy…it looks like a cycle and according to me GS 150 is good..

      • Sam

        JUS cos u dont lik dont make stupid comments.cud tolerate if u say dazzler dont look good. looking lik cycle n al too much. ve u seen a cycle ever? or ve u seen dazzler ever?its who u r crazy!!! dazzler certainly outscoring gs in sales part too!!

  • sankhadeep das

    i like honda unicorn


    Great comparison in 150 cc segment ,thanks …. carryon brother………… next we are waiting for some other interesting articles.


    hi all

    I agree with deepak in most of the sections but in the performance & fuel efficincy

    I think pulsar is good

    Thats my opnion


  • check it out guys..

    People say Yamaha FZ series bike are not for long drive bike..?? Mainly Yamaha Fazer coz it is not for touring..!!

    Just use ur biking skill to decide what is the fact ?

    Do such things with ur so called best bike Honda Dazzler and reply how much it was comfortable on such drive and all ….??

    waiting for logical reply at least..!!

    • kishore

      This is a reply after watching that video.. Definitely an Fazer is under-powered for a long ride.. No doubt you can take it for a long ride, so can you with other 150cc bikes also.. Do you want to prove that the other bunch of 150cc bikes are refusing to come out for a long ride..?? (no offence) But when someone refers to it as a tourer then it must be able to cruise comfortably at 90-100kmph & not stress the bike to reach a 100kmph.. Reaching a speedo indicated top speed of 129kmph is easy when you stress the bike but the fact remains how long can you cruise(i strictly refer to cruise & not stress the engine to reach that speed) at that speed ..??
      No doubt it is comfortable, so is a unicorn or a Dazzler or an Hunk..!! In a tourers category you can get an Avenger-220 for almost 5k cheaper than the Fazer & also get a better performing engine..!! Stretching your budget a little more will get you an Enfield (UCE) which is a perfect bike with a 350cc engine & much lesser maintainance than the older versions..!!
      Hope all this clears your doubts..!! (no offence meant here too)

      • kishore

        Forgot to mention, even a Karizma can do the job of a tourer which has a bigger engine..!! The cost being lesser than a Fazer..!!

    • Saran

      I saw the video and it was cool! Good effort. But doesn’t make sense.

      Just ask anyone who is touring often to choose the best touring bike among the 150cc machines, I bet most would choose Suzuki GS150R. Touring is not going fast yar.

      Let me tell you an example. A Pulsar 220 which reaches 140kmph is not a good tourer as a Karizma. You can understand it only when you do it.

      So, do one thing. Drive a Fazer at 90kmph for atleast 10 mins at a stretch. Then drive a GS150R at 90kmph for the same duration on the same road. You’ll feel the difference.

      You say Fazer is a good touring machine coz you’ve driven it on all terrains, all weathers, altitudes, etc.,. But there are some basic qualities for a tourer which Fazer does not satisfy. And thats what everyone feels.

      Among all these, Fazer is good. But considering it alone, it doesn’t meet expectations.

      • Saran

        Forgot to add one more info. A tourer should have a larger ride range. FZ’s fuel tank, though looks large, is just 12 lts. If you get an average of 35kmpl also, you could do only around 400 kms. But a guy with Karizma ZMR (16 lts) with same average can go upto around 550 kms.

  • Guys u all agree Hero Honda and Honda sharing same engine then how come Honda is best in all aspect why not Hero Honda..??

    Do you want to say that Hero Honda company says Honda u make best bike i fine with good bikes????

    Hero Honda say Honda i don’t wanna increase my market share with 150cc bikes m happy with 100cc bikes market share..?

    Do u think Honda dazzler is batter then Hunk and CBZ .. then how, these bikes maker is same..?

    think and reply..? what is the fact please make me know m wait for ur reply..!!

    • Saran

      The reason for people saying Honda the best is the comfort which they feel.

      I had the same doubt which you have. Though CBZ, Hunk, Dazzler share the same engine, there are some differences in their refinement via fuel intake, etc.,. But even with these differences in refinement, all three engines in same skeleton will hardly make a difference.

      1. Honda unicorn and dazzler have monoshocks. So, naturally, they are smoother than Hunk / CBZ.
      2. The silencer note of Dazzler is silent than Hunk / CBZ.

      With the above two reasons, people think Honda is best in quality aspects.
      But actually the design makes the difference.

      If you have a heavy weight pillion or drive with two people at the back, Hunk and CBZ are more stable than Honda. The smoothness is because of the throw of the suspension. Dazzler has a longer throw and is smoother than Hunk/CBZ. This is the same reason for Dazzler being more smooth than FZ which also has a monoshock.

      So, the designs make the difference and not the engines.

  • segleng

    best 150 cc bike is suzuki rider 150/ satria fu

    • bike

      cbz is the best 150 cc bike forever


    Hi Everyone,

    Firstly I want to thanks Deepak for this great shoot out well after reading the entire article and all coments i would like to mention few things, firstly we all are in deep love with our respective bikes and would feel a bit dishearted if its under rated (in our opinion) however dear lovers deepak himself have mentioned that personal choices may differ over some subjects in the shootout I too feel dazzler is bit over rated in terms of look but on other segment it is a good option none of the bike in this shootout can b a clear winnear in all aspect however in my view in Design and looks Fz/Fazer clearly is a winner in engine and performance Honda have a upper hand were as in reliability and comfort section HH hunk is a winner for milage i think the above rating is fine RTR is definetly most powerful bike in this shootout and is a value for money. However i think beside the bike the service which the company provide should also count a lot and in this case no one matches HH so the overall winnear rather i will say the value for the money bike in 150cc segment is HH all new Hunk…this is my personal belive


    • hrishikesh

      @ Ashish…

      Yes dude… u r Absolutely Right, dazzler is too much over rated in terms of look,

      I booked my HH all new Hunk… about a month ago…. every 1 told me to get CBZ
      Xtreme… but i didn’t … and few days ago… i came across this article …

      where it says … HH Hunk is a overall Winner….. so I’m feeling fu*king Happy…

      Thanks and Regards..

      Ride Safe…. 🙂 🙂

      • Saran

        congrads hrishikesh

  • kishore

    i jast wana say that FAZER is not that bad as ppl say.. i just telling about FZ series bike..!!

    i just wana say DAZZLER is very gud that dont means FAzer and other bike is that much bad..!!

    we have seen many PULSAR, FZ SEriers, CBZ,HUnk and other 150 cc bike ..
    only things is that, they are having there own quality in them.

    due to factor we can say any bike is bad.. they are have such things thats why there are many different bike on indian streets.

    • kishore

      @Biker: Agreed that FAZER is not that bad, but calling it a tourer is what people oppose to..!! I’ve clearly mentioned earlier, engine is an important factor for a tourer..!! It should have higher torque & power to withstand the harsh effects of nature(I mean, the places of higher altitude which require an extra effort to reach)..
      Many prefer an Enfield for longer rides & for touring purposes as it has higher displacement,torque,& power(though people complain about high maintainance) any day.. The cost difference being very less,i.e;a standard bullet-350 costs around 1lakh on-road where as a Fazer costs 90k..!!


    Honda CB Unicorn is so nice and so comfort to drive for long jurny.

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  • radesh

    Dazzler is The Best.

  • VJ

    Unicorn and Hunk should be ranked above dazzler.

  • JNJ

    i got 59 km/l for my dazzler
    and my average speed was 60-70

  • Debajit

    I am confused on hunk,gs150r,sz-x….
    Which will be best….Please suggest

  • Pollob

    tell me some negative(except look) of rtr 160 and dazzler…………

    • kishore

      About the RTR: There are slight vibrations in the range of 65-70kmph..!! But this is almost negligible in the new Hyper Edge..!! So no worries..!! Tyres are better now so nothing to worry about them..!! Braking is awesome..!! If you want a very good performing machine with no compromise on mileage then go for the RTR..!!
      About the Dazzler: Hope someone who owns a Dazzler may help you out..!! As far as i have come across, there are no faults..!! The looks of the bike may bother you..!!

      • Pollob

        thanks kishore………
        i m from Bangladesh. above 150 is not allowed here. here is only rtr150cc. its look as same as rtr160 in ur country. i dont know abt the bhp power and torque. here is no specific website. plz suggest me………….
        and what abt the apache tyre……………. and what abt the maintenance cost……………..
        apache rtr price- 2,00,000/- (on road price)
        dazzler price- 2,15,000/- (on road price)

      • kishore

        If you are not able to get anything above 150cc then go for the Dazzler.. The Apache-150cc has very low power.. Look no further & invest in the Dazzler.. You can definitely count on the Honda engines..!! Hope this helps you..

  • rtr engines are not as refined as the hondas/yamahas/suzukis

    dazzler lacks an engine kill switch 😀

    • kishore

      @Eliksir: The RTR engines though not as refined as the other bike makers,it is a very good product from the Indian stable to come out.. Hondas/Yamahas/suzukis are not Indian..!!
      But given any time, the RTR being an Indian can take down the other manufacturers engines of the same capacity..!! I mean it..!! 🙂

      • i was actually replying to pollob, who asked for the disadvantages of dazzler and rtr.
        hit the wrong reply button. my bad

  • yila

    GS150 R is much superior to Hunk or SZ-X or even SZ-R. It is elegant and car-like tourer, which can simply cruise in 6th gear at ease. In front of it’s majestic stance, all other 150CCs look dwarfed. Really! Just make all 150CCs stand together and compare for yourself. Sit on the saddle, test ride and feel the difference.

  • Pollob

    thanks kishore……………………
    hey i find a website abt rtr 150cc but its a Brazilian website. Brazil also import apache rtr150. u can search in google. dafra motors import rtr……….just check it out for me……..just write and translate in English. then compare with dazzler and tell me which one is better for me………………
    ok buddy thanks…………

    • kishore

      Went through that site.. Now it depends on your requirements.. If you want a bike for speed & performance then go for the RTR.. RTR is very agile & very easy to handle in traffic.. On the other hand, a Dazzler has the same power but you wont be able to pull out that power from the bike.. Dazzler has a more refined engine,smooth & calm.. From the pics on the site you provided,I noticed that the tyres used on RTR is different from what we use here..
      I advice you to take a test ride of both the bikes before making any decisions.. I can only guide you,but you should decide on the bike based on what your heart says.. 🙂

    • kishore

      I had earlier mentioned that the Apache 150 has very low power.. That is the 1st model of the Apache series & thought you too will be getting the same.. But after going through that site,it s clear that you are getting a toned down version of the same RTR which is available here,& its quite powerfull..!! 🙂

      • Pollob

        i know, this rtr has 14bhp(maxi 8000rpm) and 11.3Nm(6000). its also produce highest peak as same as 118km……….actually i dont know much abt bike. did u see the specification of that bike………..plz help me to decide which is prefer for me…………….

      • Pollob

        dazzler also has 14 Bhp at 8500 rpm and 12.8 Nm at 6500………….dazzler torque is better than the rtr…………but dazzler highest speed also 118 as like the rtr……………..
        thanks kishore………………..

      • dipesh view

        Kindly correct your facts RTR160 is 15.2 @ 8500 bhp and 13.1 torque @ 6500 RPM high power to weight ratio makes RTR performer its real secrete is her over square short stroke engine which develop power very quickly compare to long stroke engine this is only bike in india which have real sporty over square short stroke engine which are made specially to win race rev it hard and get most out of it. it will not vibrate even beyond 125 kmph ( personal experience on RTR160-FI )just check Hero honda karizma R power to weight ratio its same as apache which is 111.6 ton thats why Karizma makes top whack of 120 only where as Apache makes further more upto 130 kmph max.( FI- 134 )

      • kishore

        @dipesh: Pollob is listing the power details of the RTR available in Bangladesh, as he is put up there.. That is a detuned version(due to govt rules) of the RTR’s which are available here(India)..

      • dipesh view

        @kishore= Pollob is listing the power details of the RTR available in Bangladesh

        Thanks for correcting me would like to correct ur one point also its A Brazilian company and not Bangladesh.

        I wonder how this company ( Dafra ) claim maximum speed of 118 km/h for Apache 150 which is 14 bhp and and 11.3.

        According to bike chronicles websites Tvs is about to launch RTR Fi variant in America after tuning it according to there carbon emission norms. not in great extend but to make its presence.

        :)feels great i ride bike which is international and not desi like pul

  • sandeep

    Hi All,
    I am planning to buy suzuki GS150r…GS owners could you please share your experience here?

    • sandeep

      Guys any suggestions on GS 150r???

  • Pratik

    guys from the posts,i am confused between the RTR 160 and dazzler
    my criteria is performance along with mileage
    but at times i tend to rev the bike when i get a chance
    i know i should not expect much mileage with such a way of riding
    but then the honda smoothness and ride quality is what is making me lean towards dazzler
    but then the apache is also said to be not very far behind
    what say guys???
    which one would be more advisable???

    • Kuma Gaurav

      Dont give a second thaught…. Go for dazzler.

    • kishore

      If all you want is sheer performance, a beast who can perform very well with a decent fuel efficiency then go for the RTR.. If you like the smooth refined engine of the Dazzler with decent performance then go for the Dazzler.. Its totally your choice.. Take a test drive of both & decide for yourself.. Dont repent later..

      • yuvraj

        i m planning to buy 150cc honda bike
        so should i go for DAZZLER or UNICORN?

    • dipesh view

      Both are good both have some pro and coz decide between what matters to lot. what is your personality every bike has its personality like man what is your DNA ?? racing or cummuter looks or brand name. if u can think abt Hunk / GS also according to ur taste. take your own time dont goto to dealar and then decide u can take even months to decide imagine how those bike will look after few years. where ur going to use them for what ( like RTR is performer cant be use as sales person vehicle and Fazer is fleshy beauty should only use for taking ur g.f on ride. hope my answer will help you.

  • Inder

    Dazzler. You can get mileage from it. And when you want to rev it high. It will provide tremendous control and power and comfort.

  • thirumal alagan

    compare SZ r and SS125

  • Nikhil


    I am totally confused between unicorn and dazzler…I love the dazzler, bit worried about seating cushion, since I travel daily 40kms to office….even mym mom will sit on pillion. will she wbe comfortable….pratically unicorn and dazzler seat almost look same, only cushioning is different…how about maintainenece of half chain cover and long ride comfort………Pls help me people……….

    planet honda gave me a saree guard which has foot rest for dazzler…can ladies, old people be comfortable as pillion, how about mileage……but it has awesome power, pick up ….when I was going at 70kmph, I felt I am at 20kmph………..


  • RahuL

    Truly its a very bad review….8 for dazzler looks,9 for apache engine and so on where as good bikes like Unicorn and suzuki are not in top 3…very poor. srry i dont expect this type of review frm u Deepak

  • Sandeep

    All are talking on different subjects…all seems confused…but no one is getting proper answer…close these comments nautanki

  • Sudeep Mirza

    Can anybody help putting in Yamaha SZR in this comparison (parameters : Comfort, commuting, fuel economy and reliability)? I think with the disc brakes, SZR competes better than SZ or SZX..

  • tomclancy

    R15 is best bike

  • Pollob

    dipesh view
    i already search abt rtr150 here in Bangladesh. i find the same configuration as like the Brazil has launched.

  • dipesh view

    ha ha hahaha heee. winner who ? dazzler……

    I am sure after reading this 150cc shootout immature / un-experience rider / first time rider will rush to honda showroom but before rushing there give ur time to read Bikeadvice Comprehensive Roadtest review of dazzler. which is written genuinely and unbiasedly by same auther who awarded this bike as NO 1
    auther have criticize bike very nicely which are mention below.

    1: LOOKS = The screenless bikini fairing is loathed with a supposedly aggressive styling but instead it makes the bike look sad. Somehow,
    we have always felt that most of Hondas (HMSI & Hero Honda) bikes in India could have had better looking meaner fairings.
    omg RTR,P150,hunk, and dazzler have same points for looks which is 8 this is surely an insult forRTR160.

    2: Built quality = some people follow brand blindly like yamaha honda. one should appreciate product instead of brand. honda is really no 1 automobile company in world according to me.
    but what we have here. ?

    Ironically, build quality on the bike is not what Honda is famous for. There are few areas like the engine and components which are immaculately built and exude typical Honda quality. But there are many areas which have been overlooked and finishing is not to our liking. Wires run all around and some even without proper housings. The rear footrace assembly seems like borrowed from another incompatible model and amateurishly put on this bike. Plastic quality has always been an area where Honda has lacked and Dazzler is no exception. We were astonished to see plastic turning ‘whitish’ on the bike which we rode. Front indicator housing and back part of rear mudguard near the monoshock could have been better done. Seat fitting had yawning gaps and even casual eyes can catch these misfittings.

    3: Electricals And Instrumentation: This would be first 150cc bike which offer electrical and gadget as if its 100cc twister. 150cc bikes consider as premium bike in india ( high end models/ flagship ) means company provide there best of best goodies without hesitating ( example RTR,P150,GS150,R15) let see what honda is offering in dazzler at 74000 k INR.

    Dazzler also doesn’t feature the most basic functions- pass switch, pilot lamps and an engine kill switch with reasons best known to Honda!

    4: performance: This matters most for an bike owner in long run if bike doesn’t perform as expected they will be always disappointed and regret i have sympathy towards FZ owners whose bike feels breathless after 80 kmph speed.

    Dazzler doesn’t boast off nerve wrecking bhp figures, it’s just a few added grannies to the existing engine so we did not expect anything out of the block.
    bike taking around 5.5 seconds for the 0-60 dash and approx 18 seconds for the 0-100 sprint.

    ( what a mind blowing figures it will surely dazzle dazzler fans but this figures looks primitive to the owners like RTR-fi which does 0 to 60 in 4.5 and, 0 to 100 in 11 seconds )

    5: brakes: @Dazzler becomes the first bike in this segment to sport a rear disc brake (excluding R15)

    dazzler is not first bike to sports rear disc brake i think bikers remember when Apache RTR refresh or RD launch.

    6:Final verdict: This bike a ‘Jack of all trades BUT Master of none’ bike. And this is where we become apprehensive! The on road price of this bike takes a prospective customer in the range of Apache RTR 180 and Yamaha FZ-16 and this is where Dazzler feels segregated.

    Apache has the insane performance going in its favor and FZ has redefined how a 150cc bike can look in India. Forget Apache as it’s a bigger engine, a guy confused between FZ and Dazzler will 70 percent of the times find himself landing in a Yamaha showroom, eventually and he has a good reason for the same! Dazzler is a very good product and there are no two ways about it but where it loses out is the ‘lack of identity’ factor.

    Hope site owner will be democratic and liberal enough to allow my post.

    • Saran

      Agree with you Bro!!!! Actually I thought the same but was not able to put it here. You have good knowledge to justify your view. Great bro….

      Like it

    • kishore

      Way to go..!! 🙂 When an RTR is here, all other bikes rule out.. No matter what..!! 😉

    • Nikhil

      I drove all the bikes, Unicorn dazzler is simply the best if u can compromise with funky looks…

      Go with a pillion for long drive, u will get to know the bike balance and secrets,…….. Hunk,Pulsar, apache(tyre sucks),CBZ(no gas shocks suspension) u get fed up in cornering and traffic with pillion behind. Normally in city u would go from 0 to 80 on an average…..dazzler is best for that…….if u r highway travelling guy, GS 150 r is awesome…

      And power delivery is amazing, it goes like a rocket at high speeds, just for 14 bhp power……seats are also wide enough and comfortable…….anyway bike comfort depends on suspension system and vibration, not on sporty seat structure……….best handling among 150 cc bikes it has…….

      On dazzler, u feel like going in the air with pillion also behind……..excellent CITY Bike with power, mileage, awesome comfort…….looks, I agree, not macho, bit funky…..but my preference is comfort first, so it depends on personal interest as well……

      Go for dazzler, perfect saree gaurd with foot rest is available….They should have given kick start, chain cover complete for Indian roads, but its ok, even pulsar 180 cc, 220 cc dont have kick start, and chain is half open………

  • dipesh view

    I read your all above review. completely agree with you. you stole my words….:)


    Good topic-selection. But I am not convinced with Pulsar’s mileage .It think it will me more.Any way,liked the discussion.

  • mahesh

    hh hunk is best in ll other is bakri bike undrstnd go for hunk

  • Nikhil

    I drove all the bikes, Unicorn dazzler is simply the best if u can compromise with funky looks…

    Go with a pillion for long drive, u will get to know the bike balance and secrets,…….. Hunk,Pulsar, apache(tyre sucks),CBZ(no gas shocks suspension) u get fed up in cornering and traffic with pillion behind. Normally in city u would go from 0 to 80 on an average…..dazzler is best for that…….if u r highway travelling guy, GS 150 r is awesome…

    And power delivery is amazing, it goes like a rocket at high speeds, just for 14 bhp power……seats are also wide enough and comfortable…….anyway bike comfort depends on suspension system and vibration, not on sporty seat structure……….best handling among 150 cc bikes it has…….

    On dazzler, u feel like going in the air with pillion also behind……..excellent CITY Bike with power, mileage, awesome comfort…….looks, I agree, not macho, bit funky…..but my preference is comfort first, so it depends on personal interest as well……

    Go for dazzler, perfect saree gaurd with foot rest is available….They should have given kick start, chain cover complete for Indian roads, but its ok, even pulsar 180 cc, 220 cc dont have kick start, and chain is half open………

  • Santapriyo

    I have HH glamour. I am planning to change to 150 cc.But I am confused. I had a plan for CBZ. But now there is a confusion between Dazzler and CBZ. Now I am 35 yrs old.Style is a not so factor for me. I need performance, balance and mileage and comfort is a big factor. I use to ride in crowed city.

  • Amit

    I’ll just say,cbz x shud hav been placed on top as it deserves to hav d tagline by me-‘The best indian sports-commuter bike’

  • devasish

    hiiii guys…….
    the above comparison is very good….
    i m planning 2 purchase a bike….. apart from all these stunner 125 is also in my mind …. coz mileage and looks matters for me, and a little speed too….. adding all these which bike u ll suggest for me…. plz suggest guys… i m unable 2 decide….

    and do u think stunner 125 is a good bike ??? coz people say against of it as chain problem, starting , and vibrations…… plz suggest guys……

  • vishnu

    hi guys,
    i’m planning to buy a new 150ccbike..which is best amng these…???
    unicorn, cbz xtream, dazzler, hunk, suzuki gs 150r…My priorities are fuel economy, very good handling, smooth engine and overall performance..and one important thing is, i’m a fresher in bike riding, i haven’t much more experience in bike riding…pls tel suitable bike 4 me….?? its urgent..plz help me

  • Yah i totally agree with u but i dont think Pulsar is so much nearer to the last line. I have my Achiever whose maintainance cost is almost nil. And i can challange every one except Apache and Fazer in bike racing

  • vivek

    hai! i am studying 2nd b,tech and i want to buy a bike like fazer , or any other in that range , and i should get good mileage . can anyone suggest me plz

  • guruprabakaran

    hi thanks for ur wonderful reviews
    very good reviews

  • raju singh

    fzs rule on roads……….

  • Mahendran

    Dazzlar is not winning bike hard mono cross loos also not impress no chain cover , but Unicorn still good , GS 150 is complete best bike but fuel tank model need change , RTR160 best stability good bike ,Achiver good gentle look

  • ramesh

    I am planning to buy CBZ extreme. Can u guys me tell me about it?
    my height is 5’8”
    I was interested in Hunk also.
    Am not able to decide..what to buy??

  • ramesh


    cb unicorn has everything in a right proportion where all the bikes fail in more than one areas. Pulsar has power which is marginally greater than unicorn but practically that will be of no use. because no one is going for race everyday.Please avoid considering LED display as a plus because its not durable.Moreover bikes without chain cover will increase your maintenance costs. In that sense unicorn is a clear winner with smoother engine that can never be compared.

  • chhoton

    luk evry1 has his own choise. Apache, hunk, pulsar, fz e.t.c. All r gud. But we hve 2 tnk abt fuel. Remember friends our reserve going down….

  • Pazhani

    Hey Guys..Go for Yamaha FZ, i brought one week before, everyday enjing the comfortable ride…i know there is a common complaint that FZ lackis in mileage, i would like to tell you 150cc bikes are not made for mileage…you have to compromise one thing mileage or looks&sporty ????

    Yamaha Rocks….

  • Sanket Kulkarni

    CBZ Xtreme is Best……

  • siraj kariyatt

    Mmmm, I think the best 150cc rank is shared with the Hero honda Hunk & Yahaha FZ-16. In here Hunk having the little better mileage (Hunk:43~46/Fz-16:35~38)and ‘resale value’ But its over come the FZ-16 with its ‘great’ performance and comfort & its new trendy looks.

    We Considering, Dazzler having a good performance & reliability ‘BUT’ have no looks to impress any rider, And all Guys are hate thats front designing(including fuel tank) so does’nt give ‘8’ points in this review, the bike look only capable to gain ‘6-7’ points. so its go~s to 2nd place..

  • Kalyan

    I have considered this review and got a dazzler.. !!

    No back pain for long rides..
    top speed 121 kmph..
    superb balance even during steep turns..
    excellent braking..
    and mileage 56km\ltr..

    A very smooth riding beating all the above…

  • Suraj

    Plz suggest me good 150 cc bike indian high density traffic n indian roads conditions:—

    1. shld good mileage
    2. parts availability n good service
    3. reliable n less maintaince
    4. decent looks not too over looks

    plz suggest i have to purchase urgently…………………………..

    • Piyush Kumar

      Honda CB Dazzler is the best

    • Piyush Kumar

      Dazzler is the best in all of for u.

  • true

    Dazzler has no kickstart, but it is rated high for reliability. Very strange. It has a hard seat and lacks comfort too.

    Yes cars also have only selfstart, but cars have powerful battery and fuel injection.

    R15 has no kickstart, but R15 has fuel-injection. So selfstart is more reliable with Fuel injection.

    Dazzler has no kickstart, but dazzler has carburetor, not fuel injection. Carburetor bikes should have kickstart.

    Also, by seating and foward-placed footpeg, Dazzler is a commuter bike, so it should have kickstart.

  • Anuj

    Dazzler is a good bike. Apache n pulsur is more powerful but more maintenance too. All the above bikes have their won qualities. No one is bad. But think about New cbz xtream. This bike has everything look ,power, millage, low maintenance, high performance. Now i have pulsur. Gd bike bt not best. Before pulsur i had apache160 rtr. was gd bt nt perfect. So go for dazzler ya evergreen and a macho bike CBZ. n frnds believe me cbz can beat all the 150cc bikes. I m planning to buy it. Bcoz hum me hai hero. DHAK DHAK GO. Although all bike r good

  • yuvaraj

    Nice review

  • Pazhani

    My choice is Yamaha FZ, it has many advantages than other 150cc’s… i’m using for three months and crossed 1500kms with max speed of 117kmph..despite being a automobile background for more than 6years, i could not find any defects in FZ. Many people can say FZ lacks in mileage, but i would like to reiterate that 150ccc bikes are not made for mileage.

    Go and enjoy…….

  • atul jain

    Hi Guy,
    Go for hero honda achiever , it have great performance and milage and easy to handle.
    Still hero honda is superb,very reliable

  • sonu

    very very goog comparison. Thanks a lot! I’d choosen Honda CB Unicorcorn dazzler dlx…………. great mileage,good looking and very comfortable bike…………

  • sagar raut

    Thanks a lot!!!
    gr8 comparo..
    I chose Apache RTR 160 Hyper Edge!!
    goin 2 buy it soon!!
    keep postin..;)

  • vipinlal kerala

    It is a awesom review…………
    My hearty congrats
    Except in case of style i agree with you .. There is different vision about the matters in style or look for human..
    good job

  • Jayesh

    Good review……….. but it does not match with what market had responsed…….

    According to last 10 year market response……… only Pulsar has proveed its performance and have showed sustainability for all challenges. If you see the users of Pulsar; almost all (95%) will be young collegians, who drive very rough. Even if having such users (rough drivers), Pulsar is leading since last 10 year………….

    Who uses Unicorn / Passion / Splender ?? Answer is, Middle class officers / Executives, who drives very systematically, such that the bike works well always. If users of Pulsar drives these bikes, definitely, these bikes will fail to satisfy them. Already, pulsar had kicked-off old CBZ from market and new CBZ / Hunk etc. are also struggling against Pulsar.

    Pulsar only has DTSi technology. If you have ride Pulsar, you will feel big difference in pick-up / acceleration / power of Pulsar and any other bikes across wide RPM range.

    Finally, Pulsar has sustained with such rough users, based on that, one can imagine that how superior Pulsar is over all other bikes.


  • nice review,thanks

  • please produce a 125cc shoot out &also publish the ARAI certified standard mileage of the 2wheelers

  • sales figure shows PULSAR (150cc,180cc,220cc)in No 1 spot, ,in ten years 5 million pulsars are sold, but everybody tells quality,reliability&durability is poor .Hunk ,CBZ, DAZZLER,GS150R are struggling the sales ,what is correct reason behind the huge sales of pulsar . please explain

  • Deepak

    Jobi, I guess pulsar was the best when DTSi was introduced with it. It is still a remarkable bike but there are alternatives to DTSi like HH’s ATFT now and it’s time to think about other bikes as well. Pulsar made a remarkable market value with DTSi and it still continues, because people are very much biased by the review/comments of pulsar lovers, Mad lovers. I think Deepak’s review (Not mine) has it, not biased. I agree pulsar is good but I don’t think it still is the best…

  • vijay

    i own a honda cb unicorn dazzler….it’s engine is very smooth like slicing a butter and…….she is an absolute beauty on engine,mileage,comfort and performance…….but it really sucks on it’s design especially it’s tank and doom.

  • Manish

    frndzz I want to buy a premium sector bike,
    but i am confused between honda cbr 150r, honda cbr 250r or ktm duke 200.
    or i should wait for hyosung gtr 250r.
    It will be my first bike. please suggest me.

  • Naga

    like Like Dazzler .(dot)

  • Prithvi

    Only Three are AWESOME
    Honda Unicorn
    Yamaha Frazer

    Other Are Good not Awesome
    Pulser suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • jaison


  • Normally I don’t learn article on blogs, however I wish to say that this write-up very pressured me to take a look at and do so! Your writing taste has been amazed me. Thank you, very nice post.

  • pushpendra

    going 4 style comfort n balance…………no one stands a chance in front of fzs …….some guys just deny the truth just for saving some bucks on fuel economy n speeding…..but the real thing abt FZ S also called LORD OF THE STREET …love cruising on it
    Bike’s r 4 freedom n freedom dosent cares abt fuel economy
    i love it man
    long trips…….. I bet she’ll never ditch u

  • Dr Sandeep Singh

    Which is better ????
    Yamaha f z 16 or New TVS Apache 160 Beast ??

  • prasanth chowdary

    hey guys , hi to all , im planing to buy a 150cc bike after my 125cc hh glamour which is 2008, i want a RELIABLE , LOW MAINTANANCE , GOOD LOOKING (NOT GREAT LOOKING) MILAGE GIVING (50-55KMPL) bike ,which i use daily for about 45 – 55 kms in city. so pls suggest me with one. im have good opinion about SUZUKI GS 150R, wat about its resale value , if sold out after 4-5 yrs , i mean do i get sale value like of honda unicorn , hh cbz etc……… if not same as them but around 3-5k difference ?.