Hero Honda Hunk Ownership Review by Russel

A Bond Between A Man & A Machine: I never believed that a human can fall in love with a machine. I only saw it in movies; but in reality I didn’t pay any attention. However, after I possessed my Hero Honda Hunk, my perspective changed. My name is Russell and I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh. After finishing my BBA degree in 2009 I felt the urge to possess my personal transport to commute my way to the office where I am working.

However, the road of Dhaka is extremely bad and traffic congestion is downright abnormal here. So maintaining a sensitive and stylish bike in perfect condition is very hard, if not impossible; but being a young executive I wanted a bike which is stylish, majestic as well as durable in extreme hard condition. So when I sorted out my options for choosing bike. Only one name came out.

That is the majestic Hero Honda Hunk. It is true that unicorn, dazzler, cbz share the same engine as does Hunk; but it is also true that in comparison with look. None is even near to Hunk. Though FZ series is overall more beautiful than Hunk; but their price and maintenance cost is higher than Hunk. Moreover, in Dhaka, Yamaha service center really sucks.

I will not go each and every technical detail as Hunk is present in the market for a substantial period of time and many reviews are already published about its technical details. I am just going to describe my own feelings and experiences after riding this bike for over 10,000 km.

The Addiction:

After being accustomed with its huge shoulders, when I ride other 150cc bike I felt the absence of the shoulders and didn’t feel good. I really got addicted with the style of this bike. The bike is designed in Italy. This design not only made it muscular and majestic but also improved its riding experience. The sound of the bike is like the roaring of a bull. Riding experience is fantastic in this bike in low and high speed as well. Even over 100 kmph speed this bike runs smooth. Engine is from Honda, so nothing to complain about its fantastic engine in this price range.

This is some unbiased fact I am sharing with you with which you may agree. First, this bike is for those who want a big-feeling Indian bike in 150cc segment. Other bike may be good looking and looks are subjective. But definitely it is a big feeling bike.

Secondly, if you want a really bold and muscular bike then Hero Honda Hunk is the only one option right now in 150cc segment. Yamaha FZ series is also muscular; but in my opinion Hunk is more Muscular than FZ series. Obviously I admit that, in overall looking, FZ series is better than any other bike in 150cc segment including Hunk.

In a word, owning this bike make you proud as every rider is bound to give you the second look when you are waiting in the signal with them. Moreover, its silent engine, low maintenance hassle, heavenly long ride in highway made me fall in love with it. I love this bike as if it is my own child. Still today I stare at this beautiful beast when I park and wonder of its majestic and beautiful looks and superb performance.

– Russel

A Bond Between A Man & A Machine