I first thank and congratulate bikeadvice.in for its wonderful effort in bringing in so much info at one place which helps buyers to make their buying decision and also keeping us updated on the latest happenings on the Indian bike scene. This isn’t a “My bike is the best” kind of review. Rather, its a “What’s best in my bike” kind. Every bike is unique in its own way which gives the rider/buyer ample choice in the market for what they need in a bike. Some may want power, some may want mileage the most, some may want the most comfortable bike and some may need the most stylish one. Buying my first bike was really a very awesome experience. The first need in mind is Power and killer looks (along with a budget of 70k actually).

The choices were Galore, Bajaj Pulsar 150/180, Honda Unicorn, Yamaha FZ 16, Hero Honda karizma, Hero Honda CBZ Extreme, Hero Honda Hunk etc. Karizma would obviously be the ultimate choice, but it was 15k off my budget and Pulsars had already taken over every ‘Gully’ in India and are such a common sight. Least was on my mind the Apache RTR 160 because of the not so good reputation of TVS service.

The Decision: All it took was One Ride to change my mind, Just one ride. I borrowed my friend’s Apache RTR 160 one day in college and hit the highway. The bike zoomed past 60 in no time. It went past 90 in a jiffy. Even doing 100 was a breeze. The best part was the instant throttle response, true to its name of Racing Throttle Response (RTR). I totally fell in love with it. Even the handling and cornering (like a racer with the knee scraping around the corners) were fantastic. All other things like mileage, vibes, and service became secondary as the adrenaline rush was more than you can ask for from any bike in this segment. After a month long wait I finally laid hands on my brand new Titanium Grey Apache RTR 160 which is my monster. Just couldn’t wait to ride it. But I was told not to cross 50 kmph for the first 1000 kms for the engine to run-in properly. It was worth the wait though. I had not bought the EFI as it was new on Indian roads and needed more time on testing (though boasts of higher mileage and power).

Specs and Performance: 15.2 bhp of power was more than enough for our present road conditions. The disc brakes on the Apache RTR 160 (roto petal discs) are the best in its class giving more superior stopping power and shorter stopping distance than any other bike. TVS claims a top speed of 120km/h, but I managed to do a top whack of 129km/h. Wonder how much it was more than the actual speed though. The shortest time recorder (0 to 60 timer) shows my record of 4.5 seconds. The bike can go on par with a pulsar 180 initially and can also beat it, but the greater pull on the pulsar gradually makes it go further than the apache. The vibrations on the bike are negligible for someone who needs nothing but power in a bike and ride at high speed, but you can’t expect the refinement of a unicorn in an apache. The tyres are a bit slippery not only on wet roads but also on slightly muddy surface too. This makes corners very scary. TVS must have provided wider rear tyres at least of the Apache 180’s. Wonder what reasons TVS has got for such tyres. Just wish that the racing kits of the apache which increases the power by more than 3 bhp are available in the market. As of now they are not available to commuters but only to TVS track racers.

Looks: The looks of the bike are pretty amazing with mean Headlamps and split grab-rails. The rear set foot-pegs too are a boon to youngsters giving a more sporty seating position. The pillion seating is a little uncomfortable due to its raised position. The open chain needs more maintenance and regular oiling/greasing than closed drive chains. The instrumentation of the bike is the best in the segment and is good enough for touring and high speed highway riding. The LED tail lamps are sure attention grabbers. I had got stickers like the Apache 180 on the front air scoops and it surely gets head turns wherever I go. People can easily mistake it for a 180 unless they give a very close look.

Mileage and Maintenance: My bike has now done more than 12000 kms and I have enjoyed every bit of it. I experienced both the extremities of mileage. I once got a meaner 43 (due to driving on the highway at speeds of about 80-100) and also good mileage of about 54 kmpl (speeds of about 50-60). This was a mixture of both highway and city driving. As I live on the outskirts, I need to take the highways to reach the city. So I can average out the mileage of RTR 160 in general at about 48. Not a bad price to be paid for the awesome power. The only cribbing about is the poor quality service provided by TVS. Though the bike seems to be performing good after a service, the negativities crop back up within a few days or weeks of riding. After having offered such a wonderful bike from its racing stable, TVS should seriously look into the proper servicing of these bikes to add another reason to but the bike on the road.

Conclusion: Hope this review helps in choosing the right bike for you and my take is that if you want a bike that is fun to ride and that makes your friends go Greeeeeen, Apache RTR 160 is the call. It’s truly “Now or Never”. Do remember to wear safety gear while riding.

– Anand

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  1. Hi anand this is arun ,the choice what you made in choosing the bike was absolutely fantastic and yes of course tvs tyres are not good if they would have gone for mrf tyres RTR 160 would have beaten pulsor bikes in that segment.Even i had taken this bike for a test ride before choosing a bike to buy and i was completely blown with its initial pick up,but i preferred going for suzuki gs 150r with a bidget of 68,000 because all i want is extreme comfort, refined engine,innovative looks,superb stability and handling,good mileage(50+),mid range torque majestic looks and feel.Until now i have finished my first service believe me my bike actually gives me 56km/lts in city conditions and on highways i get 63 .Trust me bro if you are looking for the best 150 cc bike then go blindly for gs but dont expect a fun ride the initial pick up is slow(13.2 bhp) but in other segments it kills the other 150cc bikes which includes unicorn too.

  2. hi Anand . how you got that stickers like Apache RTR-180 ? ? ? ..Because i purchased two months back RTR-160 In Bangalore . there i got RTR-160.stickers Only

  3. @Arun

    Yes arun i do agree on the comfort part of the Suzuki GS 150R. Its one of the most comfortable bikes in India as of now.

    I did ride it a couple of times and the 6th gear reduces stress on the engine on highways but the top speed (personal best of 115) and pick up are not enough for someone wanting raw power from their bike.

  4. @Sadashiv

    The default display on the LCD is the ODO. Press the ‘SET’ button four times and you get the ‘st’ display, which stands for shortest time. The default time is 9.9 seconds, unless you have gone any faster from 0-60 (standstill to 60). To reset the timing, just press and hold the ‘Mode’ button for a few seconds till it turns to 9.9 again.

    The bike measures only 0-60 and it cannot be customised to any other speed.

  5. hey anand actually the thing is apaches have a 10% speedometer error compared to others(2%) which is quite high. This is the reason that TVS claims high speed as 120 which is actual measured by a unit called V-Box and urs came out to be 129! got that!!

  6. @Neel, Pulsar 220 Shows upto 151 when bajaj claims only 132… why is that? you can see videos on youtube showing evidence…

  7. I assume TVS Handles the Best in City Traffic than any other bike in that range also mileage and Power is the Best in its Price Tag. But I happen to take my Dad’s new Apache RTR 160 Black (Given by TN police dept) It was really a Fun after riding the R15. I was able to find the Vibes as a Manly Factor like Bullet. Later I took the Bike for a 50km drive, It became annoying after some time, that is the Handlebar, Mirrors, Tank everything Vibrates like Hell bet 70-90Kmph and the truth is after 100Kmph the Bike still Vibrates but we lose the attention as Air Disturbances are more than the Vibes. Also it doesnt feel comfortable in High speeds over 100kmph. TVS should take some serious action on this Vibes issue as it ruins the status of a performance Bike.

  8. Good bike but I guess you do have some strain on the seating. I drove my friend’s apache 160 for a few times and almost finalized it as my friend’s first bike but then came the fz 16!!.
    I found the seating of the rtr to be a bit crouched position. Anyway 15Ps of power and 50kmpl mileage is better than fz .

  9. A very nice review, which lays down the positives of the RTR. If the RTR 160 is so fast, I just wonder what the hell will the upcoming 220 do?

  10. Good review though……….
    The only drawback abt this RTR 160(also 180) is the Vibration and its seating position for the taller dudes, other than these its an awesome rider both on Street & Track…!!!

  11. @ Sadashiv

    Some Older bikes without the air scoops do not have the 0-60 timer. My previous comment clearly explains how to reset the timer. Kindly go through once again. If still unable to do it, leave a comment.

    Make sure there is an ‘St’ menu that appears among the various displays that appear each time you press the ‘set’ button.

  12. Hi anand

    In my bike that 0-60 timer is there . but i does’t know how to use that one. So Please explain how to use tat ?

    Last two months back only i purchased Apache rtr-160

  13. @Sadashiv

    When you reach the ‘St’ menu by pressing the ‘Set’ button many times, you can see the default time of 9.9 seconds, unless u have gone faster. Press and hold the ‘Mode’ button for a few seconds till it changes to 9.9 again.

    Start the bike and zoom off as fast as possible on the first gear itself and try to reach 60 max by the 3rd gear by very quickly changing gears. The number of seconds in which you reach from 0 to 60 automatically gets set on the display.

    Doing this on a slope further speeds this up. My display now shows 4.2 seconds. 🙂

    Happy and safe riding….

  14. @fas

    Definitely the RTR 220 is a bike to look forward to. Its gonna be a firestorm and will give all otherIndian bikes a run for their money…. 😉

  15. Hey Anand, when does the 0-60 time start?I mean when i press the starter and engine starts or when the bike actually starts to move?

  16. Ok,I recorded 6.8 sec so far.I will try on down slope t’morow.Btw,TVS claimed time is on down slope or on streight road?

  17. For reduction in vibration:-
    The bar end weights act as absorber of vibs,only we have to tune them according to our need.
    U can see a screw fixed to each weight.That screw is not small, but around 8 inch long inside the handle bar.Which is surrounded by a small pipe.At the end,there is a rubber(bushing type).The screw goes thrugh it,with 2 washers along both sides of rubber.As we turn the screw using the screw driver(provided in tool box),the rubber expands.For reducing vibs, correct expansion of rubber bush is the key factor.Just adjust the screw clockwise or anti-clockwise and take a test drive.Repeat it till u think vibs r gone.I hope u can successfully do it,in 5-6 test drives.

  18. yup i find tyres or the only a let down ,otherwise RTR rocks.
    i own a RTR Fi its way faster thn RTR160 n 180 too(many of u ll not belive, i know),but soon the carburatted 160/180 looses grunt after 3-4000 kms.while Fi doesnt.
    its the bike way above the ALLL 150’s,160’s and 180’s.
    although it price is lil’ higher due to EFI bt it is worth thn that to pay few grands more(n u get cool blue lit meter,rear disc,FI sticker(no need for 180’s sticker,which looks out of place,when done manually aftermarket,looks cheaply copied) and fuel injected adraline rush,n unique racy orange colour )what more one can ask.
    coz comparing to other FI’s (glamour,karizma,stunner) they are priced sky high thn thr crbrted versions.

    TVS APaCHE RTR Fi ROCKSssss \m/

    • lol…….
      the fi version of the bike for whome you can’t stop praising for the bike,the company tvs has stopped manufacturing apache rtr 160 fi.
      so shut up

      • tvs also stopped manufacturing tvs apache rtr 160………….
        only apache rtr 160 hyper edge is available at showrooms.

  19. TVS Apache RTR 160,so amusing in riding…i really enjoying that….so,well in pick up…and better milleage….main drawback of Apache RTR is vibration in handle….due to long distance above 100kms…it is so difficult to ride….then,seating arrangements are also not commfort…..but,really enjoying with speed,style……compare to other bike..its really amusing…thanks to TVS…

  20. TVS Apache RTR 160,so amusing in riding…i really enjoying that….so,well in pick up…and better milleage….main drawback of Apache RTR is vibration in handle….due to long distance above 100kms…it is so difficult to ride….then,seating arrangements are also not comfort…..but,really enjoying with speed,style……compare to other bike..its really amusing…thanks to TVS…

  21. Hi anand this is karthik here,
    tomorrow im going 2 take a new APACHE RTR160 and after reading ur review and many others im thinking about the vibration in handle…..
    how can it be cured…..
    waiting for your reply….
    hope so u’ll help me

    • Hey Karthik Bro .. U said u were gonna buy Apache 160.
      If u did, then it must be over a year of usage….. Could u please let me know what u have to say about it ???
      Your Reviews on the bike ??

  22. @ Karthik

    The Dampeners on the sides of the handles are meant for the very purpose of reducing vibrations. So dont worry, the vibration issue should not be of much concern. Dont try to tighten or loosen it by yourself as once removed it cant be put back by us. Only a workshop guy can do it, as the Nut on which the Long screw fits into remains inside the handle and can be pulled out only with a metal wire and it needs experience.

  23. APACHE RTR 160 FI has make an remarkable record in Top speed….max speed is 160..its un believeable…..apache rocks..i really enjoy the ride….ya….apache is really best in performance,and also great looking….thanks to TVS…..how can i attach d photos..becoz,every one wants to know that…apache has an power to reach 160 top speed…..i take an photo of speedometer…..how can i attach photos……….

  24. @Ramesh

    Buddy, there is no way RTR 160 fi can achieve 160…. The hi speed recorder has an error sometimes logs in 160kmph. Even i had faced this problem a couple of times. So,……………. Thanks 😉

  25. hey guys… i gonna buy a new bike…. im impressed with apache RTR160…. can someone say which wud b d best choice RTR160 or RTR 160FI….. please explain me clearly with their differences in price….features,……

  26. Hi i m madhan

    hello! anand… i m so glad 2 get reviews about apache 160 & 180.. i’ve decided 2 buy bike 0f 150 r mre.. i own tvs star city & i love apache bikes but now i m confused abt buyng 160 r 180.. so plz suggest me 2 choose a bike among apa 160 r 180.
    i want 2 knw true mileage of both apache 160 & 180..

  27. @Madhan

    Regarding the mileage of 160, you can average it out at 46. And the 180, kindly check out the posts/reviews of 180 on this site. Apaches are built purely for performance. So if u want to go for a 180, you really shouldn’t be very mileage conscious.

    • hi frnd ,
      pls suggest good tubeless fronts tyre for my rtr160.with Gud grip and speed (33k km completed). And i planned pirelli-sd t/less tyre for rear wheel .
      Wt abt MRF zapper (code?), tvs fortuna, dunlop smart.,ceat?

  28. Hey,i m planning to buy a bike within a week,but i m confused which one to buy…about pulsar 150 o 180 o apache rtr 160..plz suggest me…plz..

  29. hey Anand….
    i am planning to buy Apache RTR 160. I just saw the superb looks and planned to buy.
    i want to know…what color looks best on it. i personally like yellow color…. now days has yellow being overshadowed by red???
    and what all things should i keep in mind to maintain a bike cos this is my first bike ever.

  30. Guys…..I am really worried difference between Apache RTR 160 and Apache 160 FI….can anyone help me why FI costed us more when compare to 160….?

  31. Hi Frnz,

    I am planning to buy apache rtr 160 in next week. I am concerned about my height. My height is 6 ft, will the apache suits me and also wants to ensure not to get back pain. Please help me out or suggest me an option.

    Thank you,

  32. hi anand! its ranveer here
    i have decided to buy a new bike but i am confused between apache rtr160 and pulsar 150 and my house is in a hilly area so plzzz
    can u sugest which one is best for my area.

  33. Hi Anand, i got My apache on 13-10-2010, on day one i got mileage of 40 Km/L…when did i expect the good mileage..am expecting 48-50 Km/L pls lemme knw. 🙂

  34. hi guys i’m Sri Lankan i have Apache 160RTR 2007 model.I love verry much Apache this is my 2nd bike 1st one is Apache 150. my prb is i can’t go more than 105kmph plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me sameone. “prasanga from Sri Lanka”

  35. Hi Everyone,

    I need advice from you guys please.

    I recently bought Apache RTR 160. I’m new to gear bike and just learnt to change gears. (I got rid off first gear problem quickly). but I do not know what is the ideal speed for each gear up and down the reason why I am asking is when I down the gear from 4th 3rd or 3rd to 2nd my bike stops with jerk and also my biggest worry is when I slow down the bike in corners and hump it stops with jerk. I tried 8 or 9 times slowing down the bike in corners and hump (to learn if I am able to control it) but still not able to get rid off this issus. I’m also worring too many sudden stop with jerk would cause any problesm to gear or engine. Could someon please advise me like what should be the gear and speed when slowing the bike. Thank you very much in advance for your help

  36. Dear anand,
    my name is Thomas. i am a bit confused to choose a bike for myself. which one is better rtr 160 or gs 150 r? i am waiting for ur reply…..

    • Hi Thomas..,

      better go for Ready to Race(RTR 160) bcoze it can beat even 180cc pulsur..

      last day my friend & me went for a bike stunts & race,, i have beaten him within 20 sec from
      top speed of 115kmph,,nice & very valuable

  37. @thomas, rtr 160 is best than gs 150r because spares will always be issue for suzuki. Also tvs spares are scarce but anyday it is best compared to suzuki.

    In mileage,gs 150r average mileage is 55kmpl and rtr 160 gives 50kmpl when driven in economy range (40-60 kmph speed).

    In luks, apache scores far better than gs.Engine refinement is good in gs than rtr.

    In performance, handling, cornering and top speed, apache is ahead of gs.

  38. hiii

    iam meganathan I am planning to buy apache rtr 160 in next week……how is that bike…i dont know any idea in bikes..so can pls give me the details RTR 160 bike.. and average mileage …..(this my first bike in my salary)so can you pls give details…:)

  39. Hi anand
    This is kaarthick from chennai…..i have been a fan of apache ever since it was released….’m plannin to get apache RTR hyper edge.can u tell me wat is difference between the normal RTR 160 and hyper edge…i usually don travel on highways and i stick around only in the city……so which bike do u think is better for urban rides? RTR 160 or 180

  40. Hi meganathan
    Apache 160 is the best bike… it gives an mileage of 54 if maintained properly.. change the gears below an rpm of 3500.. (3.5) drive around 45-50 for the first 3 months n carry on d same if u wish so… it has a gr8 pick up.. u can b d first starting from d signal xcept R15, pulsar220,200 n karizma..
    So go for it!!!:)

  41. Hi all ,
    Thiis is Brijal Savaliya ..
    I m plannig for a good looking bike, Which also gives me a good mileage ..
    actually i am confused with Pulsar and Apache RTR .. Can you give me best solution for it..
    or any other bike which gives me all i want. , please do reply ..

  42. Hi Anand,

    Even i own an Apache RTR 160 the same kind of bike what you have ,
    i usually get 45-47 KM per liter. is their some way to increase the milage,
    i heard some people saying that it will cross 50KMPL.

    Please inform me if anything that i can do so that my bike crosses 50 + ! 🙂


  43. Hey guys i’m just about to get a new bike,i would like to buy an apache but all my friends told that it will get blasted just after 1 or 2 year… My father told me that none of the bikes in the market today lasts long as old bikes as he’s got a HH CD100,it’s 10years old but its only got a change in the rear tire other than that nothing… I wanna prove him wrong, but can i do it with an apache… Some1 pls help me out over here:-)

  44. i want to purchase a best bike but i am very confuse which bike has been purchased so i am leaving my comments. therefore plz advise me best bike of the year

  45. Hi nithin,
    yes your father is right, tvs and bajaj bikes maintenance is high bcz of their poor make. although they designed well for younger generation, they wants every one to change it in 5to6 yrs. But if you want to disprove your father, you can do tat by purchasing honda unicorn, and if you want to disprove your father as well as you want a sporty bike simple go for herohonda cbz extreme 2011.

  46. my rtr 160’s mileage around 60-70kmpl (speed around 50-60). dont exceed the speed limit of 50kmph till 1st 1500 kms after that u can drive in rip rip way as u wish but mileage would be affected if u drive at high speed(70+)

  47. Hi Dhilip

    I am planning to buy apache rtr 160 in next week. I am concerned about milage.Please help me out or suggest me an option.

    Thank you,

  48. hai dude i am frm karimnagar i have rtr 160 2010(model). Really apache is the best bike in 150&180 segment. And the mileage of my bike is awesome in city conditions 50-54 kmpl and in the highway 58-63 kmpl. If u want good mileage then just visit the tvs showroom and ask them to adjust mileage setting of the bike.

  49. hi anand..!i.m 4m sri lanka,i brought my apache in last month,itz awesome.n great luk..realy lvs to my bike.apache rtr 150 hyper edge…yesterday i tryd to change max speed on lcd meter..it showd 74 maxspeed…i tryd to change da max speed to 50.bcaz of new bike should run max50 till 1000km…reset it to 0 bt couldnt increase the speed..how set the max speed..

  50. hai frnds…i am having apache rtr 160 for ast 2yrs…done 23k kms…i reached a top of 127kmph 2day…and constantly getting mileage of 42+kmpl,if drove rashly…..i have installed k&n air filter…my bike roars like anything now..it reached 0-60kmph in 4.2seconds…
    it is a superb machine,and can reach even more top speed…
    great 2 have this nike….
    apache rtr 160 roxssss…

  51. it was 2008 i used to have pulsar 180. one of my friend wanted to buy a bike i personally was serching a good bike for him because he had a good confidence in my knowledge about bikes.
    while searching i tried apache rtr 160. and after 2 days i booked it for MEEEEEE. since then i am a proud owner of the bike.
    yes it vibrates at a speed of 60 kmph but you would never feel it at 100kmph.
    i could’nt drive for more than 30km with pulsar because of my back operation. but after owning apache rtr i went to shimla from delhi on it. it’s amazing.
    top speed you won’t believe………..130kmph i have proof….. sharmasumit1986@yahoo.com

  52. I too have d black beast… RTR 160 and i luv it..
    Top speed single 125
    Top speed wid pillion 110
    Speed is never a isue wid apache…it is scarily fast.. 😉
    Dont trust the tvs tyres though… i changed mine to-
    Rear DUNLOP TT
    Handling the speed monster has now been much more easier in wet conditions…
    Its been 2 years and it still amuses me wid its speeeed…
    Happy n safe riding guys….

  53. hi frnd ,
    pls suggest good tubeless fronts tyre for my rtr160.with Gud grip and speed (33k km completed).
    And i planned pirelli-sd t/less tyre for rear wheel.
    Wt abt MRF ZAPPER (code?) dunlop smart or tvs fortuna. Or Ceat?


  54. hi i am very happy with my baby Apache RTR-RD 160 .. Avegage is about 50kmpl in delhi and noida ride.. and top speed is gives me 132.

    i love my apace rtr..


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