Suzuki GS150R Ownership Experience by Anupdas

Hi friends, my name is Anupdas, I’m a final year engineering student. I am crazy about motorcycles as long as I can remember. Learned to ride a moped at age of 10 and started to ride a Kinetic Honda by 12 and Hero Honda by 14. Till now, I have been using a 2 stroke Kinetic Honda on a daily basis with a pillion and hence developed a riding habit of low revving and smooth handling. When it came to bikes I shift gear just as the sound of engine changes from deep tone to sharp. And I found riding a Bullet very comfortable as it has high torque at low rpms, compared to other available commuters.

My first bike: Last year my parents gave me permission to buy a motorcycle of my choice and I wanted to own a Honda Unicorn from the very start. But recently Unicorn has become so common that I almost lost interest in it. Recently a new showroom of Suzuki opened in a place I go by, everyday. I saw an attractive new bike and wanted to know more about it and hence went there and asked about the details. The dealer was a very young man who explained that it was the new 150 cc bike from Suzuki called GS150R and asked whether I would like to have a test ride.

My test ride: I couldn’t start the engine since it uses a different system of clutch ignition system. Engine came to life silently and it started to move with release of clutch and almost zero throttle. I liked the low end torque of the machine and drove for around 2 kms. I tried to shift gears with rpm around 3500 in first two gears and 4000 in later four. The sound of engine was so smooth and engaging gears were effortless. The weight of the bike is hardly felt once it starts moving. Before I completed my test drive I decided, well this would be my very first bike. Soon after, I booked a greenish blue GS and last week a got my dear.

GS 150R performance: Till now I have ridden up to 300 Kms mostly around 50-55 range and decided not to rev more than 4,000 till the second service. I have ridden Pulsar 150,180, 200, Hunk, CBZ, Unicorn and FZ16. GS is very similar to the Unicorn but GS charmed me with her first ride and I fell in love with it.

Since I rode Kinetic for about 8 years which starts to sway as we reach around 60 kmph and to control one needs to transfer weight and grab on to handle bar as tight as possible, which will eventually tire you. Now that I started to ride GS, it’s so stable as if it reluctant to sway. Sometimes when heavy vehicle pass, causing to upset your rhythm, the added weight of GS will definitely come in handy.

Mileage: Even though it’s the heaviest in the 150 cc class, it is the most efficient of all. Even before the first service it gives me around 50-55. I would like to suggest this bike to everyone who likes to ride smooth and who rides with a pillion most of the time. This is the first time I’m writing anything on a site, please correct me if I’m wrong.