Yezdi to Be Sold Alongside Jawa: Good Strategy?

Yezdi dealership network could be as big as Jawa and that could prove to be very beneficial for the umbrella brand Classic Legends…

On the occasion of Lohri, Classic Legends brought back the nostalgic name of Yezdi from the dead. It offered three new motorcycles bearing the Yezdi logo – Yezdi Adventure, Yezdi Scrambler and Yezdi Roadster. 

We have shared various details about these motorcycles, but the question is where will the motorcycle be sold? Where are the dealerships?

This question was answered primarily by Mr. Anupam Thareja (Co-founder of Classic Legends) during the live launch event of the Yezdi brand. During the introduction, he himself answers that both Yezdi and Jawa will be sold together.

yezdi dealership network

This means the resurrected Yezdi and Jawa will share the same showroom floor and interested consumers can directly compare the offerings from both the brands.

While there may be a bit of cannibalization between these two brands, it is probably win-win for them as far as the customer remains within the Classic Legends’ fold.

Yezdi SCRAMBLER: Closer Look

What is beneficial is the fact that this gives Yezdi a great headstart as it starts with already established dealership network. And then it also saves the company from the hassle of setting up a completely new dealership base.

Yezdi ROADSTER: Closer Look

The three motorcycles introduced under the Yezdi brand entered the market under two established segments and one has created a new segment by itself.

Himalayan-Rival Yezdi ADVENTURE – Closer Look

The Yezdi Adventure is offered in the highly popular ADV segment and rivals the RE Himalayan directly. While the Yezdi Roadster has entered the 300 cc retro-classic segment to challenge the RE Classic 350, Honda H’ness CB350 and others.

The Yezdi Scrambled stands undisputed in its own segment. There is no other bike from an Indian manufacturer that slots in this segment.