Million Dollar Question – Will Yamaha Launch XSR155 in India?

Yamaha XSR155 launch in India – let us discuss why I believe it is very much possible. XSR is the most highly talked about motorcycle of recent times…

Yamaha’s 155cc platform, which spawns the majestic R15 v3 and the MT15 streetfighter, has been a terrific seller wherever it is on show in the world. It is quite natural then, for the maker to try and exploit more forms of motorcycles on it to make the most out it.

And as an obvious outcome, Yamaha has made a retro classic motorcycle out of this platform which is placed under its international ‘XSR’ sub-brand. XSR155, as it is called as, joins the likes of XSR700 and the XSR900 in the lineup. We have talked about the motorcycle and its details in this story. Let us focus on the more important factor – shall we expect it to come to India?

Yamaha XSR155 Launch in India Possible?

A simple and direct answer to this question is – NOBODY KNOWS because there has been nothing on it from the brand. However, an indirect reply to it could be – ‘highly likely‘! The baby XSR appears to be sharing a lot of internal components with the R15 and the MT15. But the bigger reason could be the eventual placement!

Now that we know the placement/prices of all the motorcycles in Thailand let us understand this better…

R15 and MT15 are sold at similar levels in Thailand – they cost between 97,500 to 98,900 BAHT or about 2.30 Lakh in INR. In India also, MT15 was launched with very less to differentiate between the two motorcycles (1.36 Lakh for the streetfighter and 1.4 Lakh for the faired sportster. R15’s prices have seen an increase recently though).

Yamaha XSR155 launch

XSR155, on the other hand, is priced at 91500 baht or roughly 2.15 Lakh INR which means it is cheaper by around 15,000 INR or by 6-8 percent. This makes it pretty clear that retro XSR will be placed under its sibling sports models wherever it will go.

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Extrapolating a similar percentage of difference in the Indian context, XSR could be priced at around the 1.25-1.30 Lakh mark. However, I believe if and when Yamaha intends to bring it here, it will be in its BSVI guise. Considering the hints that Yamaha gave recently, the R15 BSVI could cost about Rs 1.55-1.60 Lakh (details here) which means the gap would further increase and a model (based on a similar platform) somewhere down the range would/should help in arresting any falls the upcoming price hike may entail.

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With this we will wait for a concrete evidence or a spyshot which could help us understand Yamaha’s plans. 2020 Auto Expo could be the breaking point…