Upcoming R15 BS VI Could Cost This Much; Yamaha Reveals Details

R15 BSVI launch can be expected after November 2019. Depending on the strategy it could be introduced anytime between November till March 2020.

In an official mailer received today, Yamaha has revealed some specifics of its BSVI strategy. It must be known that Bharat Stage VI emission norms will get enforced in India from 1st April 2020 onwards which will limit sales of non compliant models across India, at one go!

Little while back we talked about the product plan and when is Yamaha planning to get into this BSVI battle. You can read those details here. In the same press note, it has also talked about the expected eventual price hike on its products and we will talk just that in this story.

Yamaha says the hike in production cost for BSVI products may compel the company to increase prices of its motorcycles and scooters by 10-15 percent on an average.

So, for instance, Yamaha R15 which currently sells at around 1.40-1.42 Lakh may rise to Rs 1.55 to 1.60 Lakh! 150cc FZ, the other large selling motorcycle in the portfolio may flash price tags of around Rs 1.06-1.11 Lakh! Similarly, entry level 113cc scooters may rise to Rs 60,000-65,000!

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The actual hikes will depend on the features the new models will come equipped with. There are chances that a few of the existing features on current motorcycles and scooters may be ditched!

R15 BSVI launch can be expected anytime after October 2019. Depending on the strategy, Yamaha may introduce it a little later, closer to the April deadline.

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R15 BSVI launch
Sibling MT15 may also cost about Rs 1.50-1.55 Lakhs after its BSVI update

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Side Stand Switch

Yamaha has also informed that many of its upcoming two-wheelers will sport ‘Side stand switch‘ – a feature which will not allow the engine to power on till the side stand is withdrawn completely. However, it has not elaborated on how will the switch work.