R15 to Get Dual-Channel ABS; Dealer Dispatch Commences [Speculation]

Yamaha R15 v3 ABS launch expected soon. New report claims that it will be a proper double-channel unit!

It’s brilliant, it’s a looker and the best sports bike you can get under 1.50 Lakh‘ – I don’t think many would disagree with that. What everybody will further agree with is that it ought to have ABS – the only BIG con of Yamaha R15 v3! And let me break it for you… that it is coming very soon…

Few weeks back, one of our avid reader Ravi Raj¬†shared with us the info of spotting of two test mules of Yamaha R15 v3 near Surajpur, Greater Noida close to Yamaha’s plant, where generally most of the Yamaha’s test mules make their first appearance. BikeAdvice broke the news of the first spotting of R15 v3 around this place.

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He informed that both the colours were on test without any camouflage. One of the mule had a pillion whereas the other motorcycle was being ridden alone. And obviously, the prime giveaway was the ABS ring on both the motorcycles.

Yamaha R15 v3 ON FIRE

R15 v3 ABS Launch

Now, in a latest update, Motorbeam claims that the R15 will come with proper double-channel ABS and not the cheaper single-channel unit, which the motorcycle so dearly deserves. They further reveal that dealer dispatch has commenced which means the launch is just a few days away.

Yamaha R15 sales

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Dual channel ABS is brilliant news for enthusiasts and prospects looking forward to buy the sportster. Rivals like Pulsar RS200 etc are offered only with single-channel ABS units. It is, however, not known if the FZ range will also be bestowed with the comprehensive dual channel ABS or to save on costs, Yamaha will plonk a single-channel ABS system.

If you are unaware, single channel ABS only works on one wheel
(generally the front) whereas dual channel units provide proper safety by also taking care of the other wheel.

Yamaha has scheduled a press meet on 21st of this month and has promised one or more product launches (more details).

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