Just In: Yamaha Announces a ‘New Product’ Launch on 21 Jan

Is it FZ v3 launch or something else? We list the possibilities….

In what comes as a small surprise, Yamaha has shared a media invite with us. The invite just reads ” India Yamaha Motor invites you to a Press Conference to Launch a New Product.”, without mentioning or hinting the specifics of what product could it be.

The event scheduled in Bangalore on the 21st January 2019 will see the presence of Mr Motofumi Shitara, Chairman of Yamaha Motor India Group companies. Since Yamaha doesn’t conduct press meets for minor niptuck jobs and the presence of the topmost official from the company hints at this being a major launch.

Is it the FZ v3 Launch? What are the Possibilities?

Frankly, we have no clue what could be it but let us try and list the upcoming products from Yamaha known to us.

Yamaha FZ v3 – Chances of the new-Gen FZ are the highest since it has already been spotted testing and is the most important product for Yamaha. Here are some spy pics along with a list of 8 changes it will come with.

FZ v3 Launch
The new FZ v3 has been spotted testing on the roads

Yamaha MT15 – Naah! We do not think it is coming this sooner! May be introduced at a much later date.

Yamaha R15 v3 ABS – As we said, Yamaha probably will not conduct such a big event for a new variant of an existing motorcycle. R15 ABS will come (details), probably around the same period, but with a lot less fanfare!

2019 Yamaha R3 – Its too early for the new R3 to make an entry into India. Check design reveals

2019 FZ25 Range – The 250cc FZ range getting ABS and the required updates is also a good possibility.

R15 v3 which is having a terrific run at the sales charts will also get an ABS version soon…

Some Scooter – Well, a scooter can come up at any time from any manufacturer looking at the market. But if it is one, we just hope it is something interesting like the Aerox 155 etc and not one of those fancy 100cc Rayz once again!

If we skim through this big list of possibilities, we, kind of, tilt towards the event being the launch of the FZ v3. Let us talk about it again in the days to come once we have some kind of a confirmation.