How about a 200cc Yamaha RX100? Chairman Reveals..

Company’s Chairman has talked about the upcoming Yamaha RX100 engine and the direction in which they are thinking…

So, there were two motorcycles in Yamaha’s 2-stroke portfolio that are regarded as legends – the RX100 and the RD350. Back in 2022, company’s Indian chairman, Eishin Chihana, confirmed that they have planned the comeback of the RX100. Later, he cleared that the motorcycle will have a bigger engine.

Now, in a latest update, while talking to a portal, he has spilled some more beans. Chihana listed four prime USPs of the RX100 that made it this popular – power, light-weight, styling and sound. While the rest of the stuff can be taken care of, he added that – a spicier sound can not be obtained from a small capacity 4-stroke engine (specially with the current extremely stringent emission norms).

He goes on to say that it would need a minimum of a 200cc motor and “even there you can’t produce a great sound“. The current 155cc engine is not enough! It is when he says…

“We have no intention to ruin the RX100, so until we are sure that we can produce a high performance, lightweight bike with the correct performance, we will not launch it.”

…we are relieved that the upcoming RX100 project is heading in the right direction.

yamaha rx100 engine

So, essentially, we learn the following three pointers from this conversation…

1- That the RX100 project is definitely under works, however, at a very nascent stage of conceptualization.

2- That the RX100 will have a minimum of a 200cc engine. It could be bigger! This is for the first time we have a capacity revelation of this project – and an understanding of how is Yamaha approaching this exciting product. Enthusiasts may rejoice!

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3- The eventual motorcycle may get a new name based on the eventual engine capacity it gets. Calling a 200cc motorcycle as RX100 will not be apt.

We already know that the RX100 project is not being hurried on and it is a 2026 launch candidate – that is if everything goes as per the company’s internal plan. Then Yamaha may also be concerned about the growing federal push for alternate energy as well as the penalization on the internal combustion engines…

Everything aside – you tell me – what engine capacity should the RX100 come with…???

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