Yamaha RX100 Ownership Review by Subodh Vilas

Hi guys this is Subodh. I’m Electrical engineering student from Amravati Maharashtra. This article will take you back in 1980s-90s. It’s not that any other story like “I love the bike and went to showroom and I get it!” It’s about loving something you really want and working hard to get it. Here is my journey about my Yamaha RX100!

Lets forget about aerodynamic design, alloy wheels and digital speedometer. It’s about styling and sound. “Come lets make some Noise!”. One year back when I was at my Friend Rohit’s home for his birthday party. I walked around in his garden for sometime after the party and I could see an old bike in his back garage in dark. She was looking little rusty with lot of dust on it.

But was still her great looks attract me towards her! Sure that garage was not the place for such a beauty. When I asked Rohit about it he told me that it is Yamaha Rx 100. It was his elder brothers college bike. Which he used for his college in Delhi university.

Sure that bike was much beautiful as girls in Delhi university! But after he went to US for his post graduation no one used that Rx. After the late night party the whole way I was thinking about that baby Rx100.

Do you remember your first crush? Just like that you saw her. Then your mind got full of her thoughts. That night I couldn’t sleep and kept thinking hard how to get that bike. Just we work hard to get the phone number of the most beautiful girl in the class when I woke up in the morning and I called Rohit to tell him that I want that bike.

He was little surprised but he ask me to come his home. I immediately went to his home and convinced his dad for that bike before he was getting ready for his office (haan hour before a office is the best time to convince dads). My deal was set in 10,000 bucks!

The half war was won! After that me and Rohit searched our whole city for the Yamaha mechanic and finally we got one. I showed him my Rx100. She was in garage from last 4-5 years and was not in even in moving condition. He gave me a blank look. That mechanic guy told me that it will cost nearly 15-20 bucks to tune up and dress her well.

Also he told me that its silencer was in complete mess and we had to replaced it with the new. That was one another big trouble for me after I convinced my dad for 20 thousand bucks. The main problem was that the new silencer was not available in market and riding Yamaha Rx100 with duplicate silencer is like listing music without woofer. I searching in my city and on internet I doesn’t work.

I was pretty depressed and my Dad asked me about the problem. My dad’s one of the old friend use to deal the old Royal Enfield in Mumbai. After talking with him he promised me to send original silencer in a week by train. When I showed that silencer to mechanic guy he told me “Yaa this is the one we want” I was so much happy at that time that someone is proposing me on my first date.

After getting silencer I collect all other parts in very little time. My mechanic guy told me to visit after a week and my Rx will be ready in 7 days. Finally that day came, me and Rohit reached half and hour before at the shop. I was so exited that it was impossible thing for me to wait more. I was so curious to see her. And hey my new Rx100 was there! “Oh God!Sahi re!” The first worlds came out straight from my heart.

She was looking so sexy and beautiful. Just like the princess among the other girls!! Even the Rohit can’t believe its the same bike which was in his garage. That mechanic guy had done the wonderful job. Renewing Yamaha’s old motorbike is an Art and very few people can do it. He give me bill of 19,800 bucks. But it was very little for the wonderful makeover.

Now it was time to take my baby on ride. I turn on the keys. Looked at Rohit and I was riding My Yamaha Rx100. Yamaha Rx100 moves so smooth on road just Like “Cheetah between Tigers!!”. Lets not get much technical but here are the some technical details in Yamaha Rx100.

It’s 98cc machine with air cooled engine produces nearly 11hp @7500rpm. 4 speed with weight 103kg and 10 litre fuel tank.

Maximum speed I get is nearly 100kms! Let’s not forget its a 2-stroke bike. The main difference between 2-stoke engine and 4-stroke engine is how they deliver air fuel mixture to the cylinder. The lubrication is done with mixing oil with the petrol. So oil passages are not needed.

That’s why 2-stroke engines are oil cooled. Separate passages are there which allows the air fuel mixture inside and exhaust gases out. They covered and uncovered by pistons which move up and down. With this 2-stroke engine her heart Rx100 deliver amazing pick up.

Also there is transparent glass ring below the name Rx100 through which we can see the oil level in our bike. Rx100 needs 2T oil and there is reflector below the fuel tank which we can see in new Karizma R as a upgrade. My Rx 100 is the 1989 model which has a Mumbai RTO passing.

Entering in college with Yamaha Rx100 is totally different than entering with any other bike! It’s like taking a Suv between sedans! when you are at your college gate your friends in canteen will recognize you with that devils sound. Believe me guys the sound produce by Yamaha Rx100 is so different that no any other machine in the world can make sound like it. Also at first sight Rx looks very decent and normal 100cc bike. But after you get closer and hear her you get an idea what that baby is.

Sitting on Rx100 is very comfortable with it’s straight and flat seating. It gives better grip to your legs when you approach them towards ground. The handle bar is also very much short which makes it very comfortable while riding in city traffic. Due it’s amazing torque and gear ratio it make Rx handling better in city. This ratio is very perfectly matched that you don’t have to shift gears even at low speed.

Second most amazing thing about this bike is it’s amazing road presence. I bet you guys there will no single guy on road who will not turn his head after hearing sound of this baby. Rx 100 sound is not much loud as Bullet and Weird like Rajdoot. It’s not loud but enough to make your blood flow through your veins!

Yamaha Rx 100 can also be called as off-road bike. No matter your path lads to mud stones and water. Your Rx will take you there if you want. But I personally never take my RX100 to off-road. Because she is so beautiful and pretty that I love her a lot and don’t want to hurt her. Another thing is that I never calculate the mileage of my RX100 and I never wish to.

Because If you own a Yamaha you should not care about the fuel that guzzles! Guys that’s my story about me and my Rx100. Today is the world of high performance and advanced bikes. We have lot of bikes in market with self start and thousands of other technologies!

But If you also own Yamaha Rx100 then you are the one of the luckiest person in the world. Because this bike is a gift to our generation from our parent generation. It’s my humble request to all my friends that Please leave your comments below and let me know you your opinion. If you ever get chance to ride Yamaha Rx100 never miss it. Because this is the bike from whole different generation,with the old heart still beating new!!

Note: Today Yamaha no more produces the Rx 100. It has stopped the production somewhere between the 90s. Due to emission norms. But still we have some RX100 rooming around us. I take one of mine close to you through BikeAdvice!

News is in air that Yamaha may come with the all new Rx100 this year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best! Today I’m very much satisfied on my Rx100. It gives me ultimate service which return me my every penny spend on her. I’m waiting for that day when Rohits elder brother will return from US and I will go to receive him with my Rx100!! (he still don’t know that me and Rohit had renewed his bike).

Thanks Guys for reading this article! My friends Sangharsha, Bhushan and Pratiksingh helped me lot to complete this. I also Thank Deepak Raj and BikeAdvice for publishing this article. Without them it was impossible for me to connect you all! Always wear helmet and Ride Safe! Happy Biking!!!

Subodh Vilas