EXCLUSIVE: Honda Patents CLICK-Like Scooter in India

This upcoming Honda scooter could possibly be an all new product or it may also end up being the next Grazia for our market…

If you would have read our story on the scooter sales in the financial year 2020-21, you would know that it was the country’s largest scooter seller that suffered the biggest losses. Yes, with a drop of 26 percent or over 8 Lakh units, Honda was the maker which registered the biggest fall among all scooter sellers in India.

Now, whether this is a point of big concern or not is upto Honda to decide but what it appears to be doing is considering bringing in newer products in this space to fight the drought. In a latest, the Jap has registered a sporty scooter in India with dual headlamps and flashy body parts. It has a flavor of Dio but appears bigger and more premium.

We tried to search around, however, couldn’t find such a product in Honda’s international portfolio. It appears to be similar in design to Honda Click which the company sells in few Asian markets like Thailand. The international Click is offered in engine options of 125cc and 150cc, however, it comes with bigger 14 inch tyres. The patented scooter appears to be shod with the more conventional 12 inchers (with 10 spoke alloy wheels).

Upcoming Honda scooter
This is the Honda Click 125 sold internationally…

In the previous years also Honda had patented many internationally-sold products in India but not all of them have been introduced here. However, what gives this one a good chance is that it appears to be made specifically for our market. Let us hope this turns out to be a 150cc scooter. There is another possibility – that Honda may sell this one as the next Grazia, since it has not been working very well for the company (check its sales numbers).

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Apart from this, Honda has also registered a woodmark NX200 – and that may be more interesting.