Exclusive: Massive Price Hike Hurting Grazia; Burgman Outsells it in FY21

This Grazia vs Burgman sales story reveals that Honda’s big price increase on its 125cc scooter is denting its prospects in the segment…

Both Honda Grazia and TVS Ntorq were launched at around similar timeframes in India in the 125cc segment. Owing to Honda’s stronghold in the scooter market, it was always believed that Grazia will be a better seller in the market.

However, quite contrary to that, Ntorq outsells Grazia by big margins. And there simply appears to be no competition between these two now. Come June 2020 and Honda decided to increase the price of its Grazia by almost 20 percent, which has now obviously been further hiked. This made Grazia costlier than even Suzuki Burgman Street. And quite clearly this has impacted its sales as well.

Let us list FY21 sales numbers between these two 125cc scooter offerings…

Grazia vs Burgman Sales

Grazia74,721 units
Burgman Street75,687 units
Grazia vs Burgman
Burgman 125 is clearly the more rounded, sportier scooter than Grazia.

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As you can see, even Suzuki’s premium scooter Burgman Street has outsold the Grazia last year. Grazia, in fact, is the lowest selling product in Honda’s portfolio for all 2-wheelers priced under 1 Lakh. In fact, if we leave aside the Vespas and Aprilias, Grazia is among the lowest selling 125cc scooter in the country.

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Honda tried to revive its Grazia by introducing a Sportier edition earlier this year, however, sales have seen no significant spike yet. Clearly, people are finding other products more attractive in this segment and Grazia’s massive price increment is further denting its prospects…