Hornet 180 Consistently Outselling Cheaper X-Blade; Unicorn Rules

Let us take a look at Honda 150-200cc motorcycle sales and how are the products performing. Is X-Blade a concern for the company…?

Honda tried a triple motorcycle strategy in the 150cc segment for a few years. It included Unicorn in the entry segment, Hornet 160R in the premium range and X-Blade, somewhere in between. Though Unicorn continued to sell in massive numbers, it is the other two that could not help Honda significantly.

Honda, then thought of taking the Hornet higher up the pecking order and hence the Hornet 180 was born and X-Blade took the place of the Hornet 160R. So, how are thing progressing? Is this new plan working? Let us take a look…

Honda 150-200cc Motorcycle Sales

ModelSales FY21
Unicorn2,26,134 units
X-blade27,325 units
Hornet 18032,771 units
Total2,86,230 units

Quick Analysis

  • Honda has managed to hold onto its sales in this segment in the last financial year as compared to its FY20 numbers (total sales – 2.92 Lac units).
  • Unicorn sales have also remained almost flat when the overall two-wheeler sales have declined.
  • Unicorn still continues to form a major (almost 80 percent) chunk of sales in this segment.
  • Hornet 180, despite its higher price tag is outselling the X-Blade consistently.
  • Since September 2020, Hornet has outsold X-Blade in each and every month till March 2021. Somehow, X-Blade is simply not clicking for Honda.
  • X-Blade is one of the lowest selling 150-160cc motorcycle in the segment.
honda 150-200cc motorcycle sales
There is a special craze for Unicorn, despite its age…
  • Despite multiple shots in this segment, Honda has not been able to find a proper support for Unicorn. In fact, Unicorn has also not worked in any other format, apart from the current one which has been dragging since 2004 (with an engine change to BS6 last year).
honda 150-200cc motorcycle sales
New X-blade was offered with higher torque and new features. However, sales are still below par…

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Unicorn Dazzler, Trigger, older Unicorn 160, X-Blade – none of these models have been able to provide cushion to the original Unicorn’s sales. The brand Hornet has also not yielded desired results but it does look promising in its new 180cc avatar.

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It will be interesting to see how long does the X-Blade continue in the market and what plans does Honda have with it.