Scooter Sales FY21: Only ONE Maker Sold Higher Number of Scooters

Scooter sales FY21 report brings in few interesting trends in the market. Hero is the only gainer with Honda being the biggest loser…

Scooters have been finding wider acceptance in various markets. But like the overall market, their sales have been dropping for the last few years. Scooters formed almost 24 percent sales of all two-wheelers that were sold in India in financial year 2020-21, slightly down from the preceding year. Let us take a look at their absolute numbers…

Scooter Sales FY21

55,65,684 units44,79,848 units

The drop is 10.86 lakh units or 19 percent.

Total 2-Wheeler Sales FY21

20,827,958 units18,047,029 units

The drop is around 27.80 lakh units or 13 percent. That means that scooters have fallen more than other segments of 2-wheelers. Now, let us take a look at how scooter manufacturers performed last year as compared to their preceding year numbers.

Scooter Sales FY21
Hero’s focus on Destini is working for the company…

Scooter Sales FY21 – Manufacturers

MakerFY20 SalesFY21 Sales
Hero MotoCorp4,02,676443,458

Hero Doubles its Sales in 151-200cc Segment in FY21

Here are a few quick pointers…

  • As you can see, Hero is the only maker which witnessed growth in this segment. It sold 40,782 units higher which is a growth of 10 percent.
  • Honda continued its sheer dominance but it registered a fall of over 8 Lakh scooters which is a drop of 26 percent – the highest among all scooter makers here.
  • TVS also lost 1 lakh units (about 10 percent less) but it was among the better performers here.
  • Suzuki registered a sharp drop of 1.53 lakh scooters which equates to about 23 percent. This is a cause of concern for the maker as Hero, with its increase, has now inched closer to secure the third spot.
  • Yamaha also lost almost 47,000 units which is a drop of 16 percent.

Hero to Launch First Electric 2-Wheeler in Jan-March 2022

Though the overall standings remain unchanged for this year but if this trend continues there may be a few changes in the top 4 in the times to come.

Note – Sales figures depicted here are sourced from SIAM and are factory dispatch numbers..