Unicorn 150 Outsells Uni 160 + Hornet + XBlade Combined, Handsomely!

Unicorn 150 sales comparison against its own siblings combined will definitely leave you surprised!

There can not be a clearer example of how weirdly India buys! You don’t know what can click and if something clicks, even its upgrade will not work, ironically! Unicorn 150 was launched back in 2004 and it has been 15 years since the motorcycle is in the market (with the exception of some time when it was not on sale) in exactly the same look and specs.

Heck, it gained tubeless tyres only two months back (along with ABS) – here is the launch story. In a natural progression, Honda offered India its upgrade in the name of Unicorn 160 but it has been completely shrugged off by buyers. In the meantime, Honda introduced many relatively modern motorcycles like Dazzler and Trigger in this space but they bombed and were discontinued from the market.

Unicorn 150 sales
Unicorn 160 – This was supposed to be the replacement of Uni 150, however, it, itself, is on the verge of discontinuation…

Sportier Hornet and XBlade have been the recent additions from Honda in this segment but it is big time surprising that even the combined might of as many as three more modern and technically superior motorcycles have not been able to break the monopoly of the lone warrior – Unicorn 150. Here is how the sales tally stands for these models…

Unicorn 150 Sales vs Uni 160 + Hornet + XBlade – Fiscal 2018-19*

Unicorn 1502,76,338
Unicorn 160 + Hornet + XBlade1,44,565

*official SIAM sales numbers

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At this rate, Uni 160 + Hornet + XBlade will take almost two years to sell the number of units Unicorn 150 sold in the last one year. When compared in year-on-year movement, Unicorn 150 saw ~30,000 units increment whereas sales of the trio declined by ~16,000 units – further increasing the gap.

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If you are not surprised, what, according to you is the reason of this skewed sales distribution?