Bloodbath: Honda Loses Half of its Sales in March

Honda vs TVS sales – despite a decline TVS has snatched second largest selling two-wheeler maker tag from Honda in March 2019!

It has been a particularly bad month for Honda, this March 2019! The Jap registered a massive fall of whopping 1.95 Lakh units in the domestic market which would probably be their steepest fall of all times!

In March 2018, Honda registered total sales of 4,17,380 units and they have reported total wholesales of only 2,22,325 units this March – a loss of 1,95,055 units, corresponding to a decline of nearly 47 percent or almost half of their sales of last year. Production was down by 67 percent as they manufactured only 1.77 Lakh units in March 2019, according to official SIAM sales data.

As compared to 2.65 lakh scooter sales, Honda could only manage 1.58 Lakh sales this month. Motorcycles fared even worse when only 64,000 units were wholesaled as compared to 1.52 Lakh of last March! They suffered massive loses in each and every segment under 200cc where they operate in.

Honda vs TVS Sales March 2019

CompanyMarch 2018 SalesMarch 2019 SalesGrowth/Loss
Honda4,17,3802,22,325– 1,95,055 (46.73%)
TVS2,65,1662,47,710– 17,456 (6.58%)
Honda vs TVS Sales
Will Honda’s reliance on Activa reduce in the coming months..?

This also presented a change in tally of the highest two-wheeler sellers for the month of March 2019. Despite a decline of 6 percent, TVS, with total sales of 2,47,710 units outpaced Honda to grab the second largest two-wheeler maker in the month. This also gave Bajaj a chance to catch up as they were only 2000 units behind Honda (Bajaj sales – 2,20,213 units).

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Not only Honda, most of the top two-wheeler makers were in red predominantly because of the lack of positive buying sentiments which have been propelled by the meteoric rise in the price of motorcycles and scooters – a resultant of mandatory five year insurance and the ABS/CBS ruling.

TVS has gained a place in the top rankings despite a decline

Don’t Rejoice! This is NOT the Activa 6G!

How will Honda – known as a very shrewd seller, turn around things in the domestic market after this jolt? Will Activa continue its dream run of selling in millions despite the absence of very basic features like telescopic shock absorbers? What is the future of Honda’s 100cc motorcycles after continuous failures? This will be a very interesting year for the brand…