Not Retron, Not Zeppelin, TVS’ 6 July Bike Could be Called As…

It could be TVS Ronin launch on 6th July according to a latest revelation. There are many new updates that have come up including the possible engine size, power, torque, etc…

It is widely known that TVS is preparing a new bike launch on 6th July in Goa. Now that is all what is official! That means there have been various speculations which are trying to identify the bike by joining the dots.

From what we believe, it will be a retro themed motorcycle. It could be a scrambler, classic or even a cruiser. The leaked headlamp with a ‘T’ shaped DRL emphasized on the word Retron that looked more suited. Where does this term come from you ask? It has been patented by TVS for some kind of a bike.

Many portals have raised possibilities of the bike being called as Zeppelin but we have been skeptical of this because we believe Zeppelin will be a more modern power cruiser based on what was showcased at the Auto Expo 2018.

Next up is the latest update wherein a portal is claiming to have leaked the exact name (along with the font) of the upcoming motorcycle – TVS RONIN! TVS had also patented this name back in 2020. As we had reported that time RONIN means “a wandering samurai who had no lord or master” in Japan. Notice the term ‘wandering’ and that is the theme TVS may want to build onto with its upcoming model.

TVS Ronin launch

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Further, the portal claims that TVS Ronin may be a cruiser motorcycle – a first for the company. Moreover, it says that Ronin may come with a 223cc single cylinder engine that may churn 20 bhp of power and 20 Nm of torque – that may come paired with a 5-speed gearbox. All of this – the high torque output – 5 speeder, etc fits in the puzzle of a retro themed motorcycle – which could probably be on the lines of the CB350, Classic 350 and others.

There are claims that Ronin may come with upside down front forks along with dual-channel ABS. TVS’ 6th July launch is getting interesting as we come closer to the day. Would a retro themed roadster/cruiser do…?