REVEALED: Headlight of TVS’ 6 July Launch – RETRON?

Is 6th July TVS Retron launch date? Or is it the Zeppelin cruiser that is coming? We have a new development on this. Let’s quickly discuss…

Ever since TVS Motor dropped the Block Your Date invites to the media about its 6th July event, things have been on the boil. We now have a spy pic of a circular headlamp emerging on the internet. This headlamp has ‘T’ shaped DRL that is exactly like the ‘T’ of the invite. This confirms two things –

  • That the new launch will be a motorcycle (as this does not look like a scooter part)
  • This looks more like a retro-themed headlamp, fitter for a classic-styled motorcycle

Before proceeding further, let us strike out a few possibilities that you may read on the internet…

TVS’ 6th July launch will NOT be

  • Naked version of Apache RR 310
  • TVS’ version of BMW G310 GS
  • A scooter
  • An electric 2-wheeler

With this sorted here are the two possibilities that I can think of – RETRON or ZEPPELIN

With this headlamp design I am more leaning towards the retro-themed motorcycle (that could be called as Retron based on the various names that TVS had patented in India). That ‘T’ emphasizes the word ReTron and the event being in Goa and the hastag #NEWWAYOFLIFE furthers my belief.

tvs retron launch date
This is the TVS motorcycle that has been snapped testing many months back. Is this Retron…? PC – Rushlane

Zeppelin, I believe, will be a modern cruiser with flashier bits – similar to what was showcased in the 2018 Auto Expo.

Race-Spec Apache 310 Achieves Top Speed of 201 km/h

It is not known what engine will this upcoming motorcycle sport and TVS has this knack of surprising us. A relaxed, near 300cc engine would suit a retro motorcycle. And it can then also compete with the current crop of models like Jawas, Classics, Honda CBs, etc.

6th July may or may not be Zeppelin’s day…

With this I am putting my bets on the Retron (basically a retro motorcycle that could be anything – scrambler, classic, roadster) more than Zeppelin (a cruiser). However, I may be completely wrong. I am sure we should be getting more sneaks before the event – stay tuned…

Headlamp pic source