First Spyshots of Upcoming Scooty Zest; Neo Pics Come Free Free Free :)

Mom, I am off to the tuition!

What Xerox is to photocopiers, Scooty in India is to scooterettes. And our damsels have loved it and loved it immensely. All they wanted was a distress free motorized ride for their innumerable errands about level town roads and the Scooty smoothed itself along to fill the need.

TVS-Scooty-Zest-Neo-Pics (2)

Most of them the Scooty customers when asked what is its BHP would think a pony out of a circus or a ‘tonga’ is being referred to. They knew that they are supposed to sit on the saddle so, and twist the throttle so to propel the vehicle forward. Simple, ain’t it? Will do for me, papa. Please buy me one. And papa did it too, for it was easy on the wallet to own and ride.

Scooty has been doing good despite all the competition it faced from similarly speced vehicles and TVS has kept on tweaking and dressing it up to keep it in tune with the mercurial moods of its intended customers (Remember the 99 colors promo!). The latest effort is being called the New Scooty Zest. TVS cleared that a new Scooty (Zest) will be launched in early 2014 during the launch of its flagship Jupiter.

TVS-Scooty-Zest-Neo-Pics (1)

Apparently, they might have tweaked that puny little engine to deliver more zest into the drive. We don’t have the numbers to corroborate the specs right now but what we have are a few rain-swept, grainy photographs from a member of

I was kind of expecting that LEDs might replace the usual lights all around but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The lassies would have loved it. Anyways, what we have are comfy saddles for two (and storage space underneath), low ride height, and everything that endeared it to the girls all these years.

TVS-Scooty-Zest-Neo-Pics (3)

The other two-wheeler you see in the pics is the TVS Neo. It is not for our markets and we have exclusively spied it many times. You can check out its earlier spyshots here and the Neo 150, here

TVS has promised to launch the Scooty Zest this January. If you are from TVS reading this, introduce those LEDs, and a 12V charging point with a gizmo holder and your New Zest will zoom. If you are not a TVS guy, steal the idea 😀

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-By Sufi