Rejoice!! Confirmation & Details on BMW-TVS’ New sub-500cc Bikes Soon

Word is now out that iconic German manufacturer BMW will usher in a host of bikes with engine capacities below 500 cc. These will be built in India in partnership with Hosur-based manufacturer TVS.


Pictured above is the BMW G650GS, for illustrative purposes. The bikes in question could be naked bikes, with a slim probability running towards adventure bikes too. The engine capacities could be hovering around 250cc, or even lesser. These statements have been made by Lee Nicholls, BMW Motorrad’s UK head of marketing.

The statements were made at the press event for the uncovering of BMW’s new 1200cc naked bike, the NineT, in Munich. The NineT is designed to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the bike-cum-car maker from Bavaria. It is expected that concrete announcements about these sub-500 cc bikes will arrive soon. Meanwhile, the statements made by Lee Nicholls could usher in a new wave of excitement for fans in the subcontinent.

The BMW-TVS alliance has been making its presence felt on the web for some time now. It began with a speculation, and was then followed by an official declaration from TVS. BMW, on the other hand, had been tight-lipped so far. The alliance is seen to be a win-win situation for both the manufacturers. Indian manufacturer TVS will stand to gain from BMW’s technical expertise as well as the longstanding experience in designing higher capacity bikes. Currently, TVS offers a 180 cc bike as its flagship offering in India.


BMW, on the other hand, will benefit from TVS’s low-cost manufacturing setup as well as the experience in designing smaller capacity bikes. BMW’s smallest offering is the G650GS, with an engine capacity of nearly 650cc. Evidently, there is a yawning chasm left in their portfolio which has become even more glaring in the recent times of turbulent economic conditions as well as spiraling gas prices. These factors have led to a surge in demand for small capacity bikes around the world, especially the Duke series from KTM.

The deal will also ensure both the manufacturers to reach out to a wider customer base. It was earlier speculated that the bikes manufactured jointly between both the manufacturers will have different brandings. The TVS branded bikes could possibly be sold only in India, whereas the BMW branded bikes could be packed off abroad. It also isn’t clear if the BMW branded bikes would be available for us Indians or not.

Keep tuned to us as we try to unearth more official details.

Source – VisorDown