[More Pics] Spotted: 2017 Apache 200 BS4 Reaches Dealerships; Is There an FI as Well?

A video posted by MotoTuneTM reveals that TVS has started shipping Apache 200 BS4 models to dealerships. They have caught a consignment of brand new wrapped Apaches with clear BS4 stickers confirming that after Jupiter and Wego, the Apaches have been upgraded to meet the stringent emission norms which will become mandatory from 1st April 2017.

There are two Apache 200 models shot – one of them, the matte grey, is, for sure the carburetted variant with a BS4 sticker at the engine underbelly cowl. It also does NOT get the headlamp on/off switch which confirms that it comes with AHO (automatic headlamp on) feature, again a mandate from next month.

Update – More pics of Apache 200 BS4 have surfaced from a dealership. (Pics credit – Wheels United)

Apache 200 FI?

However, the other gloss black Apache 200 is a point of contention. It is claimed to be the Apache 200 FI variant which has been elusive even after a year of its launch. They say, instead of the carburetor (which is clearly visible in the grey coloured model), the black Apache 200 was equipped with a fuel injector. We have the following few doubts though…

  • What is that grey coloured pipe doing out there? The FI variants which we tested one year back did not have that pipe running across. Here is a pic from our media ride of Apache 200 FI one year back…
Apache 200 FI unit from our media ride…

Now notice this Apache 200 from the video and check the points marked in 1 & 2..

Production Apache 200 claimed to be fuel injected…
  • And since the Apache 200 FI was born BS4 compliant, why would TVS alter anything?
  • There is no D-FI-Logic sticker on the cowl which was the only difference between the carb and FI variant visually.

Nonetheless, there, appears to be a difference between the two models caught on camera at the back-side of the engine and it may, well, be a fuel injector (on the black motorcycle) as claimed. If it indeed is, TVS has kept its promise of introducing the Apache 200 FI ‘soon’ (more details).

Apache 160 BS4

The video also pictures the smallest Apache 160 with a BS4 sticker confirming that it has also been upgraded. However, for some reason, it features a headlamp switch on/off button.

2017 Apache 200 BS4 Video

If you get any confirmation about the Apache 200 FI from some dealership or the official specs (power and torque numbers) or its brochure, do share it with us and stand a chance to win goodies. With this, we await an official announcement on the same along with price reveal…

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