Now Earn Cash & Goodies by Sharing Spy Pics & Other Leaks With Us

Spotted a test mule or have some sneaking bits related to motorcycles? Share it with us and get rewarded with cash and other goodies.

Spy Pics

Before a motorcycle is launched, it is tested on our public roads for various validations. You need to snap them up and share the pics with us…

  • Generally, test mules have red or yellow number plates.
  • They may or may not be camouflaged.
  • Test mules can be found anywhere – in Leh for high altitude testing, busy streets and on highways.

Couple of example of how test mules may look like..

But Remember…

  • We will NOT accept images which are NOT yours. The pics should not be copyrighted either.
  • Do remember that the images you share with us should NOT have been used elsewhere. Also, the pics you send us should not be shared with any other portal, before or after the confirmed deal.
  • We will quote an amount based on the importance, frequency and clarity of pics (or information) and only if you agree we will proceed with using the pics. It is obvious that first time spottings of exciting motorcycles will yield more money.
  • Payment will be made within seven days of the pics/article going live.
  • Once you give your nod to use the pics, those pics will become BikeAdvice’s property and you can only forward them with our watermark.

Alternatively, you can also share first (impression) reviews or (any significant information which is not known yet) of newly launched or about to be launched motorcycles and win our BikeAdvice Tees. Example

Where to send pics?

If you happen to snap some test mules, share the pics with us at

Few Examples