Update: Exactly after a couple of months of this article we asked TVS about an update on the Apache 200 since they promised its introduction in two months. The company tells us that – Apache 200 FI is still NOT being shipped to dealerships but it will be available soon! What you can have now is the 2017 Apache 200 BS4 Carb!

We rode the Apache 200 (both FI and Carb) in January 2016 and were assured of their launch in the coming few weeks by company’s top officials. However, more than a year later, the Fuel injected Apache 200 has still not made it to showrooms! Yes, the Apache 200 FI, despite being BS4 from day one, has still NOT been launched.

We connected with TVS to understand the official reason of its delay and by when will the motorcycle be available for all of you who have been asking us questions on the same. TVS informs us that they are full with the demand of the carbureted Apache 200 and so far, they were focusing on supplying the same to all those who have booked them. Here is the official statement…

“There is high demand of the carburetor version of Apache RTR 200 currently and we are trying to complete the supplies for the same.”

Here is the Apache 200 FI

It is actually surprising because we are NOT talking months, it has been a year and TVS should have planned their production beforehand. They were not able to sort out production of two variants of the same motorcycle for 12 months is something which needs attention if they have to launch the even bigger (and more complex Akula) in the promised time frame (of early 2017)!

Apache 200 FI Deliveries

However, at the same time, they officially informed us that deliveries of the the fuel injected Apache 200 should begin in the coming two months.

“..However, the delivery for the FI variant is expected to start in the next couple of months.”

Ideally, there shouldn’t be any major price increment in the already announced price tag of Rs 1.15 lakh for the top of the line Apache FI (with Pirelli tyres), since it was already BS4 compliant (Apache 200 carb was BS3).

Apache 200 – Videos

Apache 200 Walkaround

Apache 200 FI vs Carb Exhaust Note

So, now with Pulsar NS200 re-launched and Apache 200 FI coming back – which one will you grab?

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  1. TVS Marketing Is Garbage, They Booked Celebrities For Their Advertisements But They Don’t Know How To Satisfy Customers. Look At Bajaj , They Have NO Celebrities But Their Recently Launched Pulsar 200 NS Is A Star In Itself. Pulsar 200 NS Is Much Refined And Powerful Than Apache 200.

  2. I read elsewhere that 200 FI model has excellent demand overseas. It is way more than what TVS expected. The production line limitation was able to cater only one market. TVS decided for overseas for FI and keep carb for India. This is how it went for the year. TVS is now reportedly almost sorted out production line constraints probably by adding new one. Hence the declaration thay the deliveries in India would start shortly. Now only God and TVS knows what happened later.

  3. September is also ending but still no FI variant available. I wonder what TVS has to say now? “Couple of Months”, “Shortly” everything is over long back. I dropped a mail to them but they are not responding. Nor they are replying in Twitter. Very strange. I enquired in all the showrooms nearby and they are saying that they have no idea about FI variant and they are pretty sure that carb variant with optional Pirelli Tyres is only available now. They are saying demand for carb variant is too much and hence TVS is concentrating on that.
    Very very poor planning by TVS. I have been waiting for long time to get a positive news. Now I guess I’ll go with my second option, FZ25. I can’t wait forever for RTR 200 FI.


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