Apache 200 FI vs Carb: List of 8+ Differences

TVS has launched the new, biggest and the most powerful Apache 200 in India. The motorcycle comes with both – a carburettor as well as fuel injector. So what are the differences between these two versions? We list all of them in pointers – major or minor, for your quick reference.

  1. Emission Compliance: While the Apache 200 FI confirms to BS4 emission standards, the carbed Apache still remains a BS3 machine.
  2. Power Difference: The Apache 200 with electronic fuel injector churns out 21.0 PS of peak power, 0.95 PS higher than the carbed variant. Both come at the same rpm of 8500.
  3. Weight: Apache 200 FI weighs 148.5 kg, 500 grams more than Apache 200 Carb.
  4. Power to Weight Ratio: As a result of these differences, power to weight ratio of both the motorcycle variants are – Apache 200 Carb – 138.5 PS/Tonne & Apache 200 FI – 141.5 PS/tonne
  5. Carb/FI Brand: TVS is using Keihin CV carburettor whereas the FI is a closed-loop system sourced from Bosch.
  6. TopĀ Speed: The carb Apache can do a top whack of 127 kmph whereas the FI is good for 129 kmph – both claimed by the manufacturer.
  7. Performance: TVS claims a 0-60 dash in 3.95 seconds for the carbed Apache whereas the FI can do it marginally quicker in 3.90 seconds. 0-100 kmph is claimed at 12 seconds for both the machines.
  8. Different Exhaust Notes: The exhaust note of the FI is crispier and each beat can be heard individually. Here is a video trying to differentiate between the exhaust sound of FI vs Carb.


Apart from this, there is a sticker “D-FI-Logic” on the engine cowl which differentiates the FI variant from the carb. There are no other visual differentiators between these two machines.

On the Road: While we will talk about this in detail in our review, the Apache FI is decidedly crispier in power delivery and it responds to throttle inputs quicker.

TVS-Apache-200-Pics (4)

TVS has not revealed the official rated fuel economy of both the bikes, but we expect Apache FI to be marginally better than the carbed variant.

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So, that is it! All of you who wanted to know the differences between these two variants of Apache 200 but the information was scattered – we have brought all that at one place! Now SHARE!