Royal Enfield Confirms All-New Motorcycle Launch Next Month

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 launch planned for the ‘end of June 2020’. It will be the first motorcycle under the Royal Enfield 2.0 strategy…

Despite the fact that interest in its products has waned in the last few years, Royal Enfield still remains the preferred choice of the majority. In fact, it is so massive that it holds an almost 90 percent market share in the segment it operates in. That is a gigantic number and others can only dream of achieving that, even in sub-segments!

To add customers which are out of its realm, the company is going ‘modern’. Not in the sense that it will start producing extremely fast, full faired supersport kind of motorcycles. RE will continue to make classic motorcycles exuding, what it likes to call, the ‘evocative’ aura but it has introduced Royal Enfield 2.0 strategy which will go aggressive in expanding its market.

The next in line, as we all know, is the Meteor. Meteor has been ready for the last couple of months but the COVID-19 led lockdown has delayed things. However, Vinod Dasari, the new CEO of the company, has confirmed (without naming) that Meteor is scheduled to be launched by the end of June this year ie just next month.

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Meteor 350 launch

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He added that it will be an all new 350cc motorcycle which will be significantly better. Here is his quote..

It is a new 350 cc, which is a significantly better feeling, significantly better in terms of the ride, so I want to leave something for you to hope for, desire for. Hopefully, by the end of June, we will be able to do that.

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The motorcycle will come with a lot of personalisation options along with a host of accessories. The customization will go to the level of having your name etched on the motorcycle. We have discussed the Meteor in this story further…

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