Royal Enfield to Launch 650cc Scrambler [Rumor]

Latest speculation claims Royal Enfield 650 Scrambler launch soon. We hope it is not as drastic as the Trials which has been discontinued…

In order to, kind of, reboot its overall operations, Vinor Dasari, the new head of Royal Enfield, is working in all dimensions. Apart from upgrading the existing ones to BS6, a part of the strategy is to launch many all-new motorcycles. A recent report suggested that as many as 14 new designs were presented to the higher management (more details).

In a latest, an online rumor claims that the Chennai based brand may be working on a new scrambler. This scrambler, they say, will be based on the 650 platform which currently spawns the roadster Interceptor 650 and the Cafe Racer Continental GT 650.

Now, we have had horrific memories of the last scrambler Royal Enfield tried to make. The extremely weird looking ‘Trials’ were soon discontinued after launch (see them here) and we hope the speculated 650 scrambler does NOT go that way. It has to be a proper grounds-up approach rather than a make-shift arrangement of the last time.

Royal Enfield 650 Scrambler
The scrambler is touted to be based on the 650 platform which also spawns this Interceptor. Click pic to read our detailed review of the extremely VFM motorcycle…

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With a (proper) scrambler in the range, Royal Enfield will have a comprehensive lineup of motorcycles catering to a lot of different tastes. They already have the popular Himalayan for ADV lovers, the CGT for cafe racers, Interceptor for people who prefer simple, versatile machines.

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But before this scrambler (if it actually is under works), Royal Enfield is almost ready with its Meteor Fireball 350 which has even crossed the promotional shoot stage and is expected anytime soon (see spy pics & price leak).

Source – Bikewale