Royal Enfield NOT Making KX Bobber V-Twin…?

Waiting for Royal Enfield KX Bobber launch? We have an update and a disappointing one that is!

Royal Enfield stunned everyone by showcasing its KX concept back at the 2018 EICMA. It epitomized the bobber by using a tagline – ‘the last word in luxury motorcycling‘!

The modern day KX was a tribute to the ‘KX’ of the 1930s which was actually a production motorcycle. On similar lines, the new age KX was equipped with a V-twin engine. It was touted that the engine capacity was 838cc based on the ‘838’ badge on the concept motorcycle.

There were a lot of similarities in design including the bottle green color. However, the new-age KX also carried some modern bits like an all-digital instrument console, twin disc brakes, alloy wheels and LED lights.

Just when we, and probably the whole world was waiting to hear something about its production plans, we have a disappointing update from Mark Wells, who is the Head of Product Strategy and Industrial Design at Royal Enfield. Mark says that the KX was

just sticky-backed plastic, bottle tops and string… and some slightly more advanced forms of prototyping. But it’s certainly not a production motorcycle.

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Royal Enfield KX Bobber launch

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While everybody was expecting that based on the extremely positive response that the concept received, Royal Enfield would take the bobber to production – as, probably, its flagship motorcycle. However, this latest statement takes us back to square one!

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But what we do believe is that there will definitely be design inspiration of the KX concept on Royal Enfield’s future product(s).

Source – Bennetts UK