Classic Pegasus Controversy

Royal Enfield Classic Pegasus controversy will hurt the company in the longer run…

Rather than new model year introductions or brand-new products, Royal Enfield thrives on special editions and limited-period models to remain in the news.

In July, they launched Classic 500 Pegasus Edition which carried a massively long wartime history (which did not have any Indian connect), unique manufacturing numbers and a few more cosmetic differences. Royal Enfield spent real big amounts to promote and market the Pegasus edition which was limited to 250 units for India – the complete program was created to promote ‘exclusivity‘. It also costed over Rs 30,000 more than the regular Classic 500.

Classic Pegasus Controversy

Barely two months later, they followed it up with another special edition called as Classic 350 Signals, which again had some armed forces connect, unique make number for each unit and very similar design. But what it had in addition was ABS – something which the Pegasus missed!

Pegasus comes with panniers, helmet, t-shirt with logos etc. Click pic for details

This is what has backfired for the company – not the model or the motorcycles but the Classic Pegasus customers. They say that the Classic 350 Signals Edition looks very similar to the Classic Pegasus, has got ABS and costs significantly less – so, where is the exclusivity as promoted by the company!

According to a report at Rushlane, owners are furious over this decision by the company and they have gone onto the extent of dumping their motorcycles in garbage. They clearly feel cheated and blame the company of minting money in the name of ‘paying homage’ and false exclusivity.

This is the Classic Signals Edition with ABS. Notice the similarities. Click pic for details

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They are also asking this question that – if the remaining 750 Classic Pegasus units for the world are shod with ABS, why is the Indian model devoid of this. This has clearly amplified after the much cheaper Classic Signals was introduced with ABS. Royal Enfield has received the grievance and they tried to justify the Pegasus by still calling it unique (without a lot of basis).

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This is not the first time Royal Enfield has done this – recently, they introduced the Himalayan Sleet edition as a limited edition model which has now been converted into a regular model. This is sure to hit sales of Royal Enfield’s future limited edition models!


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