Himalayan Weight

Himalayan weight has seen a ~7 percent increment since launch. The number is probably the highest for any motorcycle ever in India…

History tells us that apart from quality control the other thing that Royal Enfield doesn’t pay heed to is the weight of their motorcycles. At the one end of the industry we have manufacturers which are doing every little bit to save even an ounce to improve the overall efficiency of a machine and at the other we have Royal Enfields which are the heaviest machines in their respective segments.

So, when Himalayan started at 182 kg it was good news. Not that 182 kg is less by any standard, it is ‘less‘ when you factor in that other motorcycles in the company’s portfolio weigh/weighed over 190 kilos; yes, even the 350 ones as well!

But, chucking all of that, when questions were being raised on breaking side stands, broken chassis’ etc, Royal Enfield probably went for the old school formula that has, so far, kind of, worked for them – add more metal!

From 182 kg as its original launch kerb weight, Himalayan has gained, wait a minute… as many as 12 extra kilos in all these months! From this transition of extremely unreliable BS3 to BS4 Himalayan gained 9 kg (it weighed 191 kg) and now dual channel ABS has added 3 more kilos to the motorcycle (price and details of Himalayan ABS). It now tips the scale at 194 kg which, in every technical book, is called as ‘heavy’ for a machine of this engine displacement and size.

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Himalayan Weight Gain

Launch 182 kg
BS3 to BS4 transition 191 kg
Addition of ABS 194 kg

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The though process at the camp, it appears is, that every added kilo increases the masculinity of the motorcycle! But then who buys Royal Enfields for technology? 😉