Price Announced – R15 v3 Overshoots CBR150R in Indonesia: Indian Price Analysis

After opening bookings in Indonesia, Yamaha has updated its website revealing the official price of the new R15 v3.

The biggest point of interest for everybody was what premium will Yamaha charge for all the technology that has gone in to make the new R15 v3 supremely desirable. If you are unaware, you can read New R15 v3 – Five Biggest Changes. According to their official website, R15 v3 is priced at IDR 34,500,000 on road Jakarta (equates to about 1.7 Lakhs in INR).

R15 v3 Price Pointers

Here are a few pointers for you to know..

  • The older-gen R15 v2 was priced at around IDR 30.0-30.5 million (OTR Jakarta) which means the pricing increment is nearly 4 million IDR which is about 20,000 in INR.
  • Like in India, ever since its launch the CBR150R was always costlier than the R15 in Indonesia. But the new iteration – R15 v3 has overshot the Honda CBR 150R for the first time. For reference, top of the line CBR150R costs roughly 33.5 million IDR.
  • The Suzuki GSX-R150 walks away with the crown of the most affordable sports 150 cc in Indonesia. It is priced at only ~28 million IDR. However, these are introductory prices and they will see a revision in the times to come…

R15 V3 Price in India: Analysis

This presents a clear reason why Yamaha India does not seem too eager to launch the new R15 v3 in India (other than the ones we have mentioned earlier). Apart from everything else, Indonesia was already producing that 155 cc engine (on another scooter) but here in India, Yamaha will have to source it from scratch.

The swashbuckling R15 v3. Click image to open pic gallery…

Price Analysis

R15 v2 currently costs Rs 1.19 Lakhs in India. The age-old CBR150R which is sold in India still, is priced at Rs 1.24 Lakhs (also note that if Honda will introduce the real new CBR 150R its price will increase).

The price increment in Indonesia is about 12-13 percent. Extrapolating a similar figure to the India-spec model, the price comes to ~Rs 1.33 Lakhs. And considering a few other factors which Yamaha may face here, R15 v3, whenever it is launched in India, could cost between Rs 1.35 to 1.40 Lakhs, bang in the region of Dominar 400 (non-ABS) and way ahead of the 250cc FZ25!

*all prices ex-showroom in Delhi

So, the question now is – will you buy the R15 v3 at this price in India. Understand, we are talking about on-road prices of between Rs 1.50 Lakh to Rs 1.65 Lakh (in various cities of India)!

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