New R15 v3 – Five Biggest Changes

Not only does it look ravishing from outside, it is comprehensively updated from inside as well. The R15 v3 just takes the game several notches higher for sure, in terms of what a thorough-bred sports 150 cc can offer… Let us list the biggest changes of the motorcycle, followed by the minor ones… Also, do note that these are the Indonesian-spec R15’s we are talking about…

R15 v3 Changes

Major changes

Bigger Engine: Instead of the 149 cc older engine (which was also a gem), R15 v3 gets a bigger 155.1 cc liquid cooled 4-valve motor. It remains SOHC (both GSX-R150 and CBR150R come with more advanced DOHC setup) but gets VVA (Variable Valve actuation) which shifts between intake cam lobes for lower and higher speeds (at particular rpms). In simpler words VVA helps in crispier throttle response and linear power delivery.

Power Bump: There is a power/torque increase in the new motorcycle. It now produces 19.3 PS of power at 10,000 rpm and 14.7 Nm of max torque at 8500 rpm. In comparison, the Indonesian-spec R15 v2 churned 16.58 PS of power at 8500 rpm and 14.5 Nm of torque at 7500 rpm (yes Indonesia-spec R15 v2 was slightly lower as compared to India-spec motorcycle for reasons not known). So, there is a major power bump and a very minor torque increment and in essence, the V3 appears to be more of a high-rev hungry motor.

Slipper Clutch: The new version also gets slipper clutch. How does slipper clutch work? Check here.

Wider Tyre: R15 v3 gets broader tyres – both front and rear. It comes with a 140/70 – 17 rear tyre as compared to the 130/70 – 17 tyre of version 2. At the front, the v3 gets a 100/80 17 tyre whereas the older version came equipped with 90/80 17 incher.

Upside Down Forks: R15 v3 also comes with premium upside-down forks which appear to be chunkier, however, their dia have not been shared by Yamaha so far.

Other Changes

LED Headlight: After Dominar 400, R15 v3 comes with all LED headlamps which, Yamaha claims, spread more light and are durable. The new tail lamp also continues to be an LED unit.

All-Digital Instrument Console: Instead of the analogue-cum-digital instrument cluster of the R15 v2 (tacho was analogue whereas speedo was digital), the new R15 v3 comes with an all-digital console and it also gets a shift timing light, informing the rider about the optimum point when he should shift. However, we have always been lovers of ‘needles’!

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New Swingarm: Yamaha is also offering a new design aluminium swingarm which is lighter on the V3.

Bigger Disc Brake: R15 v3 also gets a bigger 282 mm front disc brake which should result in better braking. The older v2 came equipped with a 267 mm front rotor.

Hazard Lamp: The new motorcycle also gets ‘Hazard’ function which means all your four side blinkers will be functional upon a press of a switch/button, as is very common in cars.

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The R15 v3 continues with the very potent deltabox frame along with the versatility of the motorcycle that we have known it so for. Indonesia will be the first market to get the motorcycle – and its price announcement is expected very soon.

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