OPINION: Why FZ-X & Why NOT the R15-Based XSR155 for India…?

Why XSR155 launch in India is not taking place and why has Yamaha taken extra pains to develop a cheaper alternate based on FZ…?

Yamaha has made a lot of different products on its extremely popular and very potent 155 platform. Apart from the R15, it has only launched the MT15 here in India. It has the retro styled XSR155 as well as the WR155 off-roader on similar engines and platforms.

It is the XSR155 that looked really suitable for India and had a lot of interest as well. Internationally, in Thailand and Indonesia, the XSR155 is placed very slightly below the MT15 (priced at around Rs 1.40 Lakh mark in India). So, at around Rs 1.35 Lakh (or even RS 1.40 Lac), Yamaha should have considered it for our market? Then where is this FZX coming from…?

Let me put my thoughts forward…

Sales! Potential sales is the biggest reason which I believe compelled Yamaha to take the FZ-route for its neo retro motorcycle. If you look at this exclusive BikeAdvice report between sales of 150cc FZ range versus the R15/MT15 you will notice that against the overall market trend Yamaha has been able to increase the market share of its 155 motorcycles. However, sales of the FZ range have declined considerably.

Adding another motorcycle (XSR) to the 155 platform would obviously have added to the overall tally, which we believe is more profitable. But more than that it appears that Yamaha is concerned about the FZ range.

XSR155 launch
This is the upcoming FZX which takes design inspiration from the XSR but is based on FZ’s platform. Pic credit – Iamabiker.com

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It thinks that adding an XSR-like motorcycle in the conventional 150-160cc range would help it increase the falling FZ’s sales and market share. Second reason could be – that Yamaha would have believed that popularizing another branding (XSR) would have been time consuming and hence the renowned moniker of FZ is being used. And third – chances of a 1.10 Lakh 150cc motorcycle selling higher number of units are more than a 1.40 Lakh bike.

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No matter how logical or illogical this may sound but I can think of only these reasons why Yamaha took extra pains to design a motorcycle specifically for our market. I still believe the XSR155 (with Indianized bits – like conventional telescopics, etc – like it has done for the R15 and MT15) would have made more sense…