FZ vs R15/MT15 – How Yamaha’s Models Stack Up: FY21 Sales

Lets talk FZ vs R15/MT15 sales distribution in Yamaha’s portfolio. And how many units are the 250cc FZs adding to the overall motorcycle tally…

So, Yamaha has exited the entry level commuter segment to let the big four fight, and it now sells motorcycles in the 150cc and 250cc space, apart from scooters (which we are not talking about in this story). In the 150cc segment, it has conventional models like the FZ range and premium, sportier 155-platform based motorcycles like the R15 and MT15.

Let us list sales of these models and do a quick analysis on how are things going for the Jap…

FZ vs R15/MT15 Sales

ModelsFY20 SalesFY21 Sales
150cc FZ Range1,77,9011,71,504
155cc Range – R15 & MT1584,2501,08,919
250cc FZ range50714619

Quick Pointers

Almost all of its sales are coming from the 150cc segment. The only other segment it is present in – the 250s, comprised only about 1.6 percent overall.

Among all the segments, it is only in the premium 150cc segment that it has shown growth. The other two segments have shown declines, as per the overall sales trend.

As we have been talking about, Yamaha’s persistence with MT15 and minor changes to its strategy have worked for the brand and the streetfighter is now doing good sales.

FZ vs R15/MT15 Sales

As a result of growth in the 155 platform motorcycles, overall motorcycles sales for Yamaha registered a growth of almost 7 percent.

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The 155 platform now comprise over 38 percent to Yamaha’s tally now, up from 31 percent in FY2020. On the other hand, the contribution of the 150cc FZs have shrunk from 66 percent to 60 percent. This could be one big reason why Yamaha is bringing its FZ-X here, very soon.

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The 250cc platform may be worrying for Yamaha. It has fallen from 18,745 units in FY19 to under 5000 units in the last fiscal. Even the introduction of the new sportier ‘S’ variant – basically a replication of the success of the 150cc FZ range, hasn’t helped.