Xtreme 160R vs Apache 160 vs Pulsar NS160 vs Gixxer vs FZ: Price Comparison [Updated]

Xtreme 160R vs Apache 160 vs others – let us see where does the Hero stand in comparison to other motorcycles in the segment. There is a shocker in store!

If you haven’t realized, the 150cc motorcycle segment has gotten divided broadly into two sub-segments. The first one is the entry level models like the standard Pulsar 150s, Unicorns, etc and the second one comprises the premium sports models, most of which are slightly higher (around 160cc) in displacement.

The launch of the Xtreme 160R intensified the competition in the premium 150cc segment because, unlike previous times when Hero’s motorcycles were utterly commuterish, Xtreme 160R packed in a lot of punch.

Let us quickly list the prices of the most important models in this segment and see how do they stack up…

Xtreme 160R vs Apache 160 vs Others: Price Comparo (Updated)

Yamaha FZRs 107,200-1,12,200
Xtreme 160RRs 1,11,610-1,16,460
Apache 160 4VRs 1,11,565-1,14,615
X-Blade BS6Rs 1,10,839-1,15,229
Pulsar NS160Rs 1,15,091
Gixxer (naked)Rs 1,20,200
*all prices ex-showroom Delhi (last updated – 29 Sep 2021)

It is surprising that Yamaha FZ, which was once considered an expensive motorcycle, is now the most affordable in this list (though it comes with muted specs). It also recently received Bluetooth connectivity.

Honda’s X-Blade, which was, once the second most expensive motorcycle in this list, is now the second cheapest (on the starting prices). It has seen better specs with the BS6 upgrade.

Xtreme 160R vs Apache 160
FZ has become the most affordable motorcycle in the premium 150cc range…

Apache 160 4V, which is one of the most fun to ride motorcycle in this segment, comes next. TVS is not sitting on its laurels and appears to be making another powerful Apache 165 (leak here).

Pulsar NS160 is one of the most powerful motorcycle in this lineup and has been priced accordingly.

However, the shock lies at the Hero camp! Xtreme was launched at under 1 Lakh, however, with multiple price hikes, it is now a fairly costly motorcycle. In fact, it is the second costliest motorcycle in this complete line-up and outprices the much better Apache 160 4V, X-Blade and even the Pulsar NS160!

Gixxer is at another pedestal. It continues to be a costly preposition!

Xtreme 160R vs Apache 160
For some reason, Gixxer is the costliest motorcycle in this segment…

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After Hero started gaining some traction in this segment, it appears, it has become slightly overconfident with its product. No doubt it looks great and has good specs to show, but frequent price hikes will definitely hurt its prospects.

It will be interesting to see if Hero can finally manage to make a mark in this segment which it created with the magnanimous CBZ, way back in the 1999!